Official Trailer: Lord of War (2005)

An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased by an Interpol agent. Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller | War Directed by, Andrew Niccol Produced by, Andrew Niccol Chris Roberts Nicolas Cage Written by, Andrew Niccol Narrated by, Nicolas Cage Starring, Nicolas Cage Jared Leto Bridget Moynahan Ian Holm Ethan Hawke Cinematography, Amir Mokri Editing by, Zach Staenberg Studio, Entertainment Manufacturing Company Ascendant Pictures Saturn Films Distributed by, Lions Gate Films Release date(s), September 16, 2005 (United States) January 4, 2006 (France) February 16, 2006 (Germany) Running time, 123 minutes Country, United States Germany France Language, English Budget, $42 million Box office, $62.1 million

Amazing movie, but this trailer makes it look like a shallow action flick.
Forgan Mreeman
i hope they fired whoever made this trailer. It's awful.
Quentin Len
Such a bad trailer , this is one of the best movie i've ever seen.
i loved when Nicholas Cage said " i supply every army but the salvation army =]
Lazy Perfectionist
"I would tell you to go to hell, but I know you're just going to find more customers there."
path finder
This is such an amazing and underrated movie.. Watch this movie once and you will understand how weapons manufacturing companies want urgency of war an stupid governments who are busy arming to the teeth.
Aytac Guley
one of the great and best movie I ever seen.
all of u complaining about the trailer. I prefer have the trailer being bad and the movie being friggin awesome instead of the other way around.
ShrekDaddy445 V2
Plot is being recycled to make War dogs
Joshua Aragon
This film was based on current events in 2005, in 2019 nothing has changed.
Who is here after watching Pakistani guy's video..???
Jacob Cooley
I'm very interested to know, after I'm dead, if a member of my species has acquired enough power and wisdom that the are truly satisfied. then again while power is not based solely on perspective, happiness and fortitude are.
Watched this Movie last night on SBS 2. Love Nicholas Cage he is the Best.!!
Budget: 50 million US-$, US domestic box office income: less than 25 million (24.xx), I think around 72.5 million world wide, making it a not "terrible" catastrophy but a heavy flop, in Europe the movie was more liked or in Russia, but the US people do not like movies like that? :> Also the US Army for example helps out with real tanks, helicopters, firearms for filming if the movie is "okay", but the US Military only gives this stuff away (otherwise an very expensive renting is needed, there are only a hand full of companies which offer modern heavy weapons like tanks, jets, APC's down to assault rifles, caliber .50 guns on pickups, RPG's of Soviet and US origin, for the tanks and helicopters of course they are not armed really, but the tanks are real, an M1 Abrams tank.... here this would be only a limited help since the amount of captured soviet weapons brought to the US is almost zero since like in the movie said the US usually even do not take their cheaper weapons with them if they leave a war place, at least the cheap mass produced assault rifles and some heavy (weight) ammo is left for the first person who pays cash to the guys who should keep an eye on such guns... However, a good movie, I had a wrong link yesterday when I watched it, and since german dubbed Walking Dead will not come before 8 p.m. Central European Time (USA are always 18 hours ahead with 8 p.m. New York = 2 a.m. of the next day in CET), I got a link to "12 rounds", I think I saw Matt Damon? He has this nose^^ Maybe I will check this, but its sad that the US people do not like to watch such stuff, same with Michael Moore, the overwhelming box office for Moore and his US critic cinema movies comes from Europe and more and more from North Africa + Arab oil producers + Iran and Asia at all (oil producing Asia, not oil producing Asia, except few exceptions like North Korea and maybe Japan almost every economy in Asia is growing, alone because of the population increase... China is losing more and more non-weapon export per cent because of the high wages, I mean how else could they sell ~22.5 to 23 million or more cars per year?! Only through the increased wages, the cars are Joint-Ventures from European and US car makers with Chinese companies and factories.... Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam are the 3 new countries where Samsung, Sony and even Panasonic a bit (they make much in Japan, parts in other Asian states, that is why they are the most expensive... but for accus for example they lead through research in low self discharging accus ("LSD-Accus")
Monique Rich
Going to BEST BUY tomorrow. this is a movie you've got to own.
Jack Rhino
a great movie! , ak 47<3 :D
Leo Brazz
this movie is a cover up for hilary clintons gun deals in africa.
karma bad
This movie is brilliant and terrifying at the same time.
Katrina Slomczynski
Sad but true.
Great, great film, made even more epic with Nic Cage, one of my favorite actors....
ruho Saq
india pakistan people watch lord of war
Bomb Diggity
Love it! Amazing channel! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.
ty toyshow
Keone Ramos
this movie has the best movie intro ever made
agentseacow 11
I'm just here for Jared Leto xx
Don't let the comments influence you, It's an amazing movie. Watched it again last night
Prashant Samlal
Nic cage did some bad movies but this one is so good and he is brilliant in it!
Kc N
The alcohol and tobacco
King Ijaz Malik
Here for Ak47
The trailer does not justify the movie.
Ace Alderman
Does any body know the name of the music tracks in this besides "Money" by The Flying Lizards?
This trailer was nothing like the actual tone of the movie.
Ali Koksal
Such an underrated body of work back when Nicholas Cage wasn't taking any movie thrown his way to pay off his debts.
King Ijaz Malik
fqn 3
Crappy War Dogs brought me here.
Joseph Caskey
Great movie
So basically it's Jormungand just not as good.
This film embodies the true character of America, it is the Godfather of the arms trade in the world, they are the ones who make conflicts to market their weapons and ammunition. A day will come and your war will be transferred to your homes.
P. B.
Grand Crit
Џон Мастерман
What a shit trailer lol, awesome movie..
Alexandre Pradel Leclerc
Juste excellent même la musique est bien choisie....
Bullet holes look so fake
Frederick-Nrunk Kamara
Great movie
Ann Young
An American viewpoint
Natalia Portal
Jared 😍😍
I would tell u to go to hell,,, but I think u are already there.... lol...I would like to say this to Hillary/bill Clinton and Obama. 😄
Róbert Èvi
6.5/ should have been 90minutes max. I swear I was tearing my hair out at how much filler there was. Watch it for Jared Leto speaking Slavic tho.
Jace Desengel
damn, pretenders. using refugees to defect. anyway, if they ever just shot refugees for trying to defect instead of letting them land or sending them back. they would never send them again. maybe you should fight for your country, not run away for a free house, vehicle bursary, and free money. we have homeless they dont get that. i have lived here my entire life, they didnt give me a free home or car. etc. even a 7 year old can use an assault rifle, seniors too. so?
Mike Hunt
War Dogs is better.