War on termites

Antz memorable war scene

Volcy Thoughts
"Why don't we try to influence their political process through campaign contributions" Lmaooo oh man, as a kid I had no idea what this meant. Now that I've voted a few times and pay attention to politics, this line is absolute genius
alex flores
This movie is waaaaaay darker than i remember
Chris Zapiain
"Why dont we just try to influence their political process with campaign contributions?"- I about lost my mind
Kenos Entity
This is back when shit wasn't so snowflaked :)
Vietnam War colorized
Francisco Gonzalez
I can't believe this animation still holds up after 21 years!
Lil crust boi
Rare footage of deleted scenes from the bee movie.
Thomas Weeden
Damn, and he was 3 days from retirement too.
Nixon reviews
RIP BARBADOS 2003-2003
Ants : Total War
harrell tolentino
Is this based on a true story?
I watched this movie as a kid.. now.. today.. seeing this.. I must say.. this movie is dark.. damn
Laurence D
Antz is WAY better than Bug's Life
Miles Arroyo
*We all need a barbatus in our lives R.I.P😢*
little Maleficent
"Don't follow orders your whole life" ..! "Barbados"..
Antz portrayed the corruption in the military. (Kill or be killed, sacrifice, power.) Bugs life portrayed the corruption of the government. (Slavery, freedom, revolution.) So they're both neck and neck.
Ryan Phelan
"Don't make my mistake, kid. Don't follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself." - Barbatus
Gadget Jazzby
Man this movie is Underrated
My mom randomly picked up this film when I was 10, and I remember watching it and being surprised at how dark it was. But I think I actually appreciated the maturity.
Carter Gates
Now that i think about it, this reminds me a lot of the Klendathu drop scene from Starship Troopers.
Barbatus is like that coworker that gets you through everything black Friday shoppers throw at you, and sacrafices his lunch break so you can take a 15 and cry and smoke a cigarette.
SilvaZilla 88XO
When a 90s animated film targeted to kids managed to portray the horrors of war accurately. I remember thinking Barbados’ body was buried underneath all the rubble, but the fact they made it just his head really pushes the dark aspect
Jack Buchanan
Its all good and epic until you realize this was a menacing strategy by the General to take out military forces loyal to the Queen in order to gain an easier path to power.
Don Corleon
23 years later. I named my son after the Big Barbaetus
Stephen's YTP's
Barbadus was so sweet. Shame he died so early.
Marcus Fenix
Oh my god the hole army was dead except the great soldier is Barbadus was a good Soldier, rest in peace my dude I'm gonna miss you dude 😟😟😟
Zach Kellner
"Why don't we just try and influence their political process with campaign contributions?" This cartoon literally spelled out american corruption on the dot.
Gabriel Arquillo
Imagine a person just passing by sees this and uses a bug spray 😂 it will be like Hiroshima
Alfonso Gutiérrez
For some reason Ive found this scene so dark and sad since I was a kid, now I understand the full meaning. For some reason I find this like a reference of WWI where lot of soldiers died in horrible ways cheated by an honorific adventure in the army.
"I can't feel my legs" I should probably find that funny but the death of Barbados is just so sad.
3:32: Wait..... win by overwhelming numbers? It looks like there's just as many termites as there are ants. And with the size difference and the acid spraying working in the termites favour.... RIP Ant army! :(
Chaos Triumphant
Imperial guard vs tyranids
Mugiwara Darwin
Wow, Command and Conquer: Generals looks great!
The Dishonored Coward
Mean while to the termites this was a unprovoked attack.
Kron Hertz
This scene sort of messed me up when I was a kid. I remember thinking..."Where's Barbatus body? Why is he buried?" When Z picked up his head is when I realize his body is separated/chopped clean off from his head.
Ruben Garcia
I think because of this scene, I prefer Antz over Bug's Life
They mentioned that they used to be on friendly terms with the termites, does that mean they were just having casual conversation with these gigantic monstrous acid spewing beasts? Discussing trade, borders, etc?
Linus Lindberg
for anyone who wonders, the real song is called "when johnny comes marching home" or "johnny i hardly knew ya" if you want the irish version. it is an american civil war song from 1863 and its about a 13 year old drummer boy who participated in the war.
"Don't follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself" I felt that.
I love that slow pan upwards toward the night sky when they sing "We're off to face our destiny! Hurrah! Hurrah!" It's a really great juxtaposition between the ominous marching and the serene night sky coupled with the low rumbling of air cavalry . Like fate itself is looking down upon the ants. Great directing,
"C'mon you Antz, you wanna live forever?!" - Antz, 3:25
I didn’t know there was a Netflix adaptation of a bugs life..
René Casaña
I use to see this kind of movies when I was a kid. Now I'm 23 and I see that there's so much teachings and meanings I didn't understood back then.
"Don't make my mistake kid. Don't follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself" Those are deep last words.
Justin Y.
Think about it. Xbox Live. The faulty hardware. 13 billion dollars worth of sand. Microsoft is run by ants. Dreamworks, you guys know Dreamworks right? Shrek? Madagascar? How to Train your Dragon? Microsoft was actually founded by Microsoft's founder Paul Allen. What was Dreamwork's first movie? It was ants. I rest my case. ~ Dunkey
A way better film than A Bug's Life
IS Orange picture
For some reason the antz remind me of the grunts from halo Or unggoy they know they’re gonna die, but they seem cowardly and brave enough to attack the enemy, like how they were badass during the grunt rebellion... think about it for a bit Chow
Brendan Johnson
This is basically a kids version of ww2
"The ants go marching one by one, (hoorah, hoorah) We slaughter termites just for fun, (hoorah, hoorah) The ants go marching two by two, (hoorah, hoorah) We'll all be dead before we're through, (hoorah, hoorah) The ants go marching three by three, (hoorah, hoorah) We're off to face our destiny" This movie was dark af.
S DeFelice
When he said "Be straight with me, am I alright?" I really wanted him to say you've lost weight 😂😂😂
So much better than A Bug's Life
Jonathan Crayford Author
Barbados. The first one in. The last one breathing. Aside from Z 🤣 And he took down a termite all by himself! What a beast.
The Indiana Jones Show
I don’t think termites are green. Also one question, How could Barbades talk and breathe without his lungs and just a head?
Barbados: "Don't be scared kid." Me: "Their just Termites what's so scary." Termites appear Me: "Damn those guys are scary up close."
Baxter Rhodes
Deleted Hunter x Hunter Chimera arc.
Imperator titan: Ira
abhuman conscrpts attack tyranids
Zaid Ahmad
This is basically "A Bug's Life" meets "Saving Private Ryan".
Oh they were termites ok i thought they were slugs btw this movie was awsome also the sort of type of graphic make makes me feel my past somehow its hard to explain but this movie reminds me something
Aracely Guerra
When looking at the aftermath of the battle, I understood that if weaver didn’t switch positions with z, Weaver would have been killed as well, so in a way z saved weaver’s life by doing so
Oshoveli Steve Shipoh
Ants being sent to their death... this scene always gives me the chills
Jaime Buan
Sees barbadus' decapitated head "barbadus you're gonna make it, just take deep breaths"
Further proof my generation had the best childhood
T-rex king of the dinosaurs!
1998 antz dreamworks. 1998 godzilla tristar.
Cloud 9
Ants are smaller than Soldier Termites but just as strong 💪🏼 in real life.
(Dramatization) Klendathu, 3000 BC: The Arachnids establish themselves as the dominant Bug of the planet, paving the way for their expansion and eventual conflict with Humanity.
Proud American Anti Rurry
Rare recreation footage of the battle of Vienna, ottoman defeat
The Ants from a bug's life should really take note to this shit. If they did the grasshoppers wouldn't have been a problem.
BBQofThe South
This was before Pixar and Disney went absolute cotton candy soft
Anonymous Guy
"just like the simulation" Never mind wrong movie.
Much better than A Bug's Life even though I like that movie a lot too.
-SKY- of Wonderland
Though Barbados was just a side character, I do like him a lot than the main characters and I was sad when he died.
Saving Private RyANT
2:19 How the Soviet Union beat Germany in WW2
Eli Mui
Battle of Asculum (279 B. C.) colorized.
Jack Murphy
This film came out one year after Starship Troopers, in case you're wondering.
Борис Бритва или Борис хрен попадёшь.
My sergeant and I on the first day in the army xD 1:39
Marcelo Gutiérrez
Barbados - Don't make my mistake kid don't follow others your whole life... think for yourself.
LoveYourselfBTS Answer In ROBLOX
Remember the flint from a bug's life? This is him now. FEEL OLD YET
Justin lumbago
Rip Barbados 7 weeks
oi they should remake the film keep evrything the SAME change now words or nothing JUST THE 1080 HD thats all mak eit clear like it was back in 1998 HAHAHA then i will go see it on the BIG SCREEN YAY!!!!! BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!!!! THE END ::))
Gladiator Gaming
J.K rowling reveals they were gay all along
Jordan TRusso
Never noticed that antz was an anti-communist film, presenting plainley the evils of collectivism and the absolute importance of individualism, Mandible is basically Vladimir Lenin, and they sound so much like each other.
Kyle Bennett
Imperial Gaurdsmen embark on their crusade to defend Vigilus from the forces of Chaos.
alvaro 248
1:20 ah I see a reference to the america civil war song "when jonny come back house marching" (Im sure thats is not the name and that I misspelled 'jonny)'
I remember crying to this scene back when I was kid. :(
Wow…if these termites looked this mean, god forbid what those Japanese Giant Hornets would be like to these ants.
Michael Benedict
Battle of Verdun (1916, Colorized)
Gummy Gaming
2:17 When you pick the People's Army option (Mass assault doctrine)
Miles Arroyo
*Top 10 saddest anime deaths*
In reality ants and termites do go to war, but the ants usually win, easily. Lol
Emilio Hidalgo
Seriously, how did Dreamworks go from this, Prince of Egypt, How to Train your Dragon and the Kung Fu Panda-trilogy, to the baby-ass-obsessed Boss Baby?!
Chris Welcome
Look... I understand what I look up on Google and Youtube will at some point be analysed to throw specific shit in my direction from time to time.... But I did NOTHING other than think about this for a few minutes the other day. STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!
"Don't follow orders your whole life", inspiration
Sergyman Sergyman
*Jeez, I'm really bad at word games.*
Miles Arroyo
*They really should make a stand-alone movie about a the insect war with a young barbatus as the main character 😢*
This scene was used as a sample in a Jedi Mind Tricks song.
Aeyen The Lobster
so I'm guessing PG ratings were different back then
Wyatt Goulet
Happy 20th Anniversary! 1998-2018Happy 30th Anniversary! 1998-2028Happy 40th Anniversary! 1998-2038
Chopper V
Hahaha, what a little coward 🤣
Man I would love to see the rest and the end of the battle. Where the Antz get extra reinforcements (Alphplatoon goes into battle first so there be other units) and try to finish off the rest of the Termites. They push the Termites back and there are only a few ants left. The ants are tired and beaten up and it's now a battle to the death, the last man standing. And the last Ant destroys the queen and he is tired and dies from loss of blood. The battle ends and Z comes out looking at the battle field..