Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Before You Buy

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest AC game, bringing a larger world, the return of ship combat, and more RPG stuff than ever. Is it worth playing? Let's take a look. Subscribe for more: *Jake's twitter: *Instagram:

9 minute video and we still couldn't cover everything - the new mercenary system, the ability to steal stuff, and the photo mode are other things worth checking out.
Ron Swanson
Yeah mom... i chose the hot leather clad assassin woman because of the voice acting...
30 plus hours? More like 100. Be honest guys, this game is B I G
sosa kun
not sure why im watching this when i already bought it
Carl Loc
Next year we will see Assassins Creed Primal
i think the entire story about the animus died with desmond , at first it was interesting but now its whatever
D Terminata
I know its a little late, but for anyone that miraculously finds my comment, the combat becomes much more fun when you focus all your stats, and engravements on one specific area. Like maxing out your assassin damage, fire damage, or hunter damage. Everyone dies a LOT more quickly and they won't feel like damage sponges like they seemed in the video.
They need to make an assassins creed game with Ninjas and Samurais. And make it about espionage and family/clan feuds, etc.
I love how they are going back further in time, we don't need to be anywhere near the age of gunpowder, also i think going to ancient china or japan for a future game could be very interesting
Mr Dub
Odyssey looks really good to me, but i haven't played an AC game since black flag and I don't know if I'd enjoy it again. Thoughts or recommendations anyone?
Just got the game, it was $20 off, gotta love Black Friday
RkGreekMania john
The game is actually really good
Phil The Thot Destroyer
idk why i always watch these after buying games
Munther Asad
Ezio......every time i see AC game i Remember him and get so sad
Dan Garwood
30+ hours minimum? Try 60 - 70 minimum. Game is enormous with soooooo much to do it’s insane and you get more than your money’s worth when compared to other modern games like shadow of the tomb raider which took me about 22 hours to beat. I just got it used beat it and returned it to gamestop. That’s not an option with this game if you actually want to beat it.
Luis Gonzalez
Ubisoft will most likely make an ac game set in Norse mythology since they made one in Greek and Egyptian mythology
Pickly Boi
I do miss the old assassins creeds but I still love the new ones
dembolical k
I am absolutely in love with this game is it perfect no but damn near. It's insane to me that so many people cant recognize how much this game has that still makes it assassins creed. You can go 100 percent stealth if you want just build your skill tree in that manner, the story and background still revolves around the ac universe, there is still sycronization spots, you're still an assassin (mercenary is the same thing) and the game still has some historical facts yah alot is just for fun and to work for the story. My point is this is still assassins creed it's just been reinvented to create something so much better. This game feels like a mix of ac, black flag ac, the witcher. Shadow of war and skyrim. You can see influences from many rpg games, while still creating there own that has so many unique qualitys of it's own. Sailing vast seas and exploaring ship wrecks and ancient temples while fighting sharks, Being hunted down by mercenaries, a massive story with tons of options and choices that acctualy impact your world same with side quests, bounties and assassantions along with being able to go to war and choose a side, tons of hidden caves and things to explore in a gigantic map, a skill tree that let's you play how you want and really customize your character, an arena with a horde style mode, tons of gear and wepon choices, being able to customize your boat and upgrade it along with so much more. The fact is this game deserves a 9.5 to a 10 people are made they changed the formula and will talk out there ass to make it seem bad. 90 percent of player reviews that are negative I have read have been total bs and they have not even played the game. People talking about them forcing you to buy micros is bs I have never felt even slightly inclined to do so. The fact is gamers love to hate and bitch about everything anymore even when it's a fucking amazing game like this.
LiL Boud
Im on 91 hours of gameplay and still playing ... what a game ! Massive
We need ASSASSINS CREED BEYOND THE BLADE It should take place in Japan
Howl Gordon
First time i saw Hippocrates,Alkiviadis,Perekles, a Game. As Greek i was playing this game with Tears* of joy to see these Titans building democracy,medicine,history for Greece and the world. Great Job Ubisoft and mostly putting Greek voice actors. ( Alexios has good voice acting btw )
I personaly think the game is the best creed. After 2 of course
Aafaq syed
Bought it on blackfriday sale and having a blast Incredible story and gameplay
8-bit Blade
I was kinda worried when they made AC into a RPG but after playing Origins I really like the style of it and I think I might pick up this game too because I really enjoyed Origins RPG like system.
So if Origins was the origin of the Assassins Brotherhood, isn’t this game just the origin story of the Templars? And also is just there to expand on the 1st Civilization? My 1st AC game was Origins which I loved a lot, is this good?
Amino Jack
I wouldn't blame Ubisoft , for the so-called identity crisis, since us fans asked for something new and they gave it to us.
The same people complaining that the game isn't "Assassins Creed" are the same people who complained that assassins creed became boring and repetitive. I'm down for the change, welcomed with open arms.
Zui Delantivo
If you want to wipe out everything on the map: takes 250 hours.
dizzy seargent
June 2019 and I'm still deciding if I wnt to buy
Aaron Waters
The game is so fucking good. I love it. Like all AC games the story made me fall in love. The game is just good in general.
Raiders of the Lost Arkatin
Who is excited for the possible upcoming AC game set in the Vikings age? It's possibly going to be called AC: Kingdom if it's legit
I wasn't sure if i should buy this game or not. But after this video i finally know what to do... I'm going to play the Witcher 3 again.
Monolaa Srisomphou
This is better than fallout 76
Peter Griffin
He said bc it’s ac 🤔 and if I’m wrong don’t point out my dumbness
i have 60+ hours in and there are lots and lots of content and they are adding more on this game
Naved Shaikh
bro it was a witcher 3 clone lul
I personally don't have an issue with Ubisoft trying something different since the AC games were getting repetitive and stale, but they could've just made it a new IP instead of just calling them the next Assassin's Creed only to try and get more sales based on the franchise's popularity and the AC name. But, it's possible I'm just being overly cynical.
avi dez
20 dollars at GameStop!! As of Feb 21 2019
Ah yes, another before you crack video xd
Yerson Arias
Only 20$ it cost me super flashy sale 😂
Simply Zusters
Considering it got all 9 and 10's from game players. I'm enjoying it and I love the harder levels. I like going back in time
Otoskire The great
The people saying this isn’t an AC game are the same ones who complained to Ubisoft to change the game up after unity
I pirated it lmao
jotinder singh
I played it for almost 200 hours. Its breathtaking. I thought RDR2 is the best game yet but It has certainly changed my opinion. Definitely recommendable.
VB iron
With the main story quest and side quests I easily spent over 100 hours in play time.
Cuba G
The game is really good, like most AC games the story and world grow on you.
Ryan Harper
At least Ubisoft still releases games with content unlike *cough* *cough* EA *cough* *cough*
Javed Hussain
I was literally on the starting island of the game and I was thinking wow this is still quite big turns out that was like the smallest island region of the around 15-20 regions so yeah the map I s huuge
deer hunter
This game was fucking awesome one of the best I've played
Wise Tiger
I bought the game yesterday it's actually really good
Kenny bolo
Better than origins ?! 🤔 maybe not
Its sort of the middle Because it gets away from its roots of assasins creed but some people accept that Like me
this game is great! i chose to play as kassandra and her character is very likeable. i also love how you're able to choose your love interests and sexuality. the combat is pretty cool and the game is GORGEOUS
Bree jordan
I LOVE that you can re-skill yourself. After playing I realized I’m more stealth when I thought I’d be warrior.
kazuya mishima
never played one before but picked this one up today cus I like 300 and Troy
Got it for 30$ on pc. Looks great, runs well, super fun(rx580 and ryzen 3 medium/high settings)
Karan Raika
I played the game, it's fucking awesome
Raging JuicyjTTV
I love Alexios voice you pissed me of now
If this game run on my pc, it will goes kaboomm
LongLiveSkinny 23
Just bought this game for $30 bucks on Black Friday 🤘🏼
Luke Thompson
I'm completely new to the Assassin's Creed series, and coming for the Wither 3 i'm really excited
Cash Money
I haven't played AC since rogue and black flag, so it took some getting used to, but it was really fun
I fucking love this game, might be my favorite assassins creed
Isaac Ezekiel The color blind guy
3 hour opening man that makes me think of AC3 lol
Bogdan Ristea
I agree with you, I'm also a fan of the creed games which are set around 1700s to 1900s.
I've put 20 hours into this game, not even a quarter way through the campaign yet, tons of content
James Cross
Haven’t played this yet but from what I see I love the series new direction towards the genre
chris R.R.
Aaron McCullen
Love this game. Also you are one of my go to game reviewers. You give some good personal impressions, give good facts, and gameplay footage. It's a good description of games
Robert Wozniak
Got the game and it can't even load at start screen. Always stuck at "Checking for additional content" even though I bought none of that! Can someone help please
I havent played assassins creed since black flag..... 5 YEARS, and i played all the others on launch growing up. I saw origins last year and it looked cool but didnt pick it up. I got Odyssey on the 2nd with the three day early access and my god. I love it, it really feels like assassins creed but extremely modernized and i love the ancient Greece setting. I will be buying AC on launch now like the good old days. Feelsgoodman
Me: bro before you buy i wanna tell you something Bro: what? Me:Its good buy it🙂
When I first hear alexios' voice I was so disappointed... Just doesn't fit. It is growing on me tho. Also 5:30 was amazing!
TBH gameranx is startng to deserve more subs
bruuuuhh hwhat with the low pixel gameplay jeezus
I'm with Rad. A Samurai-Themed Assassin's Creed would be pretty lit.
Holy sheet that gamechanging. There's Children
Cer Luigi Dela Cruz
Bought this on sale just recently. 😊
Decepticon_ CK
Already 48 hours in without doing hardly any side quests. Best AC I've played. I might play but origins after beating this.
spoon man
I'm sorry man but I can't help correcting the fact that you said "deers". The plural is still "deer" mate
The worst part is that this game looks good enough to stand on its on, there was no need whatsoever to call this AC. No hidden blades, no creed, no templars, no desmond, no the robes, not even acting in the shadows wend the most heavily advertised feature it's the war battles. What's the point of pretending this is AC
Ethan Emter
BYB fan tip: The saving system is kinda broken. I just lost 6 hrs of progress
even LESS modern day? is that even possible? origins was a massive let down on that end
"Assassin's Creed Odyssey - After You Buy" title. is fixed.
C&B Lay
One of the Best games I have ever played.I love this game!💙
From my experience its pretty good and at this point they should lose the "Assassins Creed" brand.
Joshua Tyler
30 hours? More like 100+ to do everything.
Davorn Uryn
Ubisoft: Thank you for testing Origins, now buy it again.
Tlot Pwist
The warrior tree is prettymeh. Hunter/assassin way above
B & P XD
Its great but it cost to much for me
I really wish they'd just make a new ip instead of clinging to the AC title. I lost interest in the AC lore after 3. Just call this game Odyssey and go nuts.
Furkan Turfanda
I want a more cohesive story arc across games, and I want a return to historical accuracy/realism. Other than that, I think it was inevitable that AC turned into an RPG series, and I enjoyed Origins (and will later this year purchase Odyssey). The Ezio trilogy will always be the best though (and Black Flag, because... pirate ships).
Loving this game, already got 10 hours in and can’t wait for more :P (Only got it Friday night)
Joel Mathew
Already got it for free from project stream
llxAsap Godxll
Its 20$ rn in the ps4 store still dont know if i should get it smh Edit:i got it☺didnt play it yet tho
TTV iMaBeasTi
I might be the only one, but I’m having a lot of fun with the game.
tek serivo
actually loving it, does remind me of witcher 3 and dragon age inq(but better) never played any of the others, glad i got it though
Ares Viveros
I waited for black Friday bought it for $27
Cant forget that for pc players, this is poorly optimized lol
Juan Carlos Mendoza Carcamo
Luv it, gonna buy it on sales C: