How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta

We've all been there. A douchebag at the bar tries to pick a fight with you or even worse lays a hand on a lady. But what's the best way to react when the moment moves to live action? ► Learn More About Onnit: />► Shop Onnit Supplements: /> Professional fighter Roger Huerta has seen his share of these moments and has the tips & tricks to make sure you can defend yourself. | Total Human Optimization | ► Onnit Foods: />► Onnit Training Equipment: />► Onnit Apparel: />► Onnit Academy: /> #Kettlebell #Fitness #Workout #Strength #Training #GetOnnit #Onnit ========================================­===== | Connect with Onnit | ► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Twitter: />► Pinterest: />► Google+: /> Our mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. Combining bleeding-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, we are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being we call Total Human Optimization.

Kin Slayer
imagine if two guys watch this clip then they meet up at a club, get into an altercation, both do the head butt at the same time and head butt eachother lol
I have been working on a piercing scream that stuns my enemies as i run away.
Won my last street fight by 200 metres.
Dan Thomas
I find that if I not only take off my shirt but my pants and boxers too that most guys will just run away
David Mohr
Street fighting turns into knife or gun fighting you never know what can happen so avoid at all costs unless you have to fight for your life.
Josh Magda
Just start taking off all your clothes and wink at him.
Zachary Laid Finding Freedom
Aubrey Marcus vs Roger Huerta MMA fight 2020
He would be the one to explain how to win a street fight 😂
Ubong Umo
I tried the headbutt on a guy with BAD OVERBITES. Still can't find his teeth in my skull......thanks😥😫
I'm changing a school the next year so I'm watching just in case someone had a problem with me :D
ragnarok Glasgow we do that as a friendly greeting. I also find in Glasgow that t-shirts rip very easily
Baymond Rell
Just say: "Wait a minute, mister I didn't even kiss her Don't want no trouble with you And I know you don't owe me But I wish you'd let me Ask one favor from you"....... "Oh, won't you give me three steps, Gimme three steps a-mister, Gimme three steps towards the door? Gimme three steps Gimme three steps a-mister, And you'll never see a-me no more For sure."
Will Charlesworth
Right that's fine but I'm 6 2 and most angry men are 5 2 so the spear headbutt ain't cutting it.
Everyone got a plan till they get punched in the face.. mike Thyson
"POCKET SAND!" enough said.
Geoffry Feinberg MEd.BA.AA.
Best move is using a loud commanding voice with a non back down glare coupled with situational awareness. Pop him then only if absolutely needed. Lastly if you control the head you can do much to remedy the altercation. Avoidance is best.
lee great
Street fighting is not an art form it's literally getting that punch to the nose and then you go
Kyle Rubdie
"Once he's down don't get greedy and jump on him" So just let him back up and let him recover from the one trick you remembered from a YouTube video.
I had this once.. Dude grabbed my shirt and give me a headbutt knocked him self clean out.... GG
Michael Miller
I think Roger Huerta could use about 5,000 improv classes.
Skyler and Ellie channel
When he goes down if you buttfuck him he will never forget that fight.
art arispdo1
I think I” ll start practicing this on my little brother! Thanks guys!
Tw Iw
As I’m getting older, I’m finding that the absolute best way to win in a street fight is to not get into a street fight 👍🏻
Mucking Fuddler
I'd reverse your E-Honda head butt with a swift Hadoken and then finish you off with a Shoryuken!!
J Smith
"actually most of the timeS something does occur so..." then it's you, not the timeS
Phil Anderson
I'll tell you how to win a street fight, coming from Renar Gracie: walk away.
Jewwy Jones
"That's my purse, I don't know you!!" - Bobby Hill
Gregory A Hawkins Jr
I used this advice on a bully at my school and got fired....
Jason Voorhees
you cant predict a street fight. ever
If that wasnt the most awkward, unplanned and uninformative video ever lmaooo
30 seconds of training, 7+ minutes of yabbering , blah blah blah
Matthew Hawthorne
Step one: pretend I'm not armed. Step two: pull out my Glock
J Rogers
Took 8 minutes to say headbutt and shirt grab. Cool bro, thanks
Derek Howard
if the tall guy would SHUT THE HELL UP this video could have been decent. thx for the head butting idea tho.
Edge of the Danklord
Nah just tip your fedora, pull out a katana, and proceed to teleport behind your opponent. Works every time.
Foka Lor
Sweep the leg Mr. that gonna be a problem!?
what if my opponent watches this video ..
Anyone watching YouTube to learn to street fight should probably just walk away.
Lightup Darkness
+Palm strikes so you don't damage your hand as much
Jim Wilkins
I feel like I learned about 5 seconds of information in the last 8 minutes
Lanna Diamond
All i wanted to do was adjust my back but this was interexting
Kevin G
Situational choices. If you choose to be out at 2am drinking around others who are drinking, your odds of encountering a belligerent bro are going be high. Because reality.
User 277
why is that dude licking his lips when roger has his shirt off?
Gregory Clark
Good stuff. Check out Bas Rutten's vids as well.
7:13 "This is not going to tear off easily" The exact reason I started wearing clothes bought from a sex store. Well there's that reason and the fact that I once painted my body green and bought some velcro clothes from said sex store. Walked in on my girlfriend who was in bed, tore my shirt off to see my green body and said "Hulk Smash" as a joke. She absolutely loved it so now it's a thing.
Dan Sich
These two have great chemistry. I can't wait for a full-length movie.
Adrian Garcia
"what I like to do is..." how many street fights do you have monthly?...
Instructions were not clear my head ended up in my opponent's ass.
Reza Mahmud
Watch this without volume. It looks like 2 guys who aren’t sure what do with each other. Then look at you every so often as though asking your opinion on what to do next. 🤣🤣
Bryce McCool
"Once the shirt comes off..." And things get weird, That's when you switch channels to watch Bas Ruten-
sick of liberals
I was always told to run from a fight so you can live to run another day, and never sneeze when your hiding, two pretty good rules to live by
Heavy G312
I specialize in the ancient art of-running away! haha
Slappy McPunchy
Break the wrist and walk away. Break the wrist, walk away.
The tall dude could diffuse a situation by just using his normal dork talk. Good grief
Darrell Brock
Talk? Not good. That head butt is best done with the legs. Peripheral shooter is always my worry in a robbery. Bad location? What was I thinking? Thanks dobbie!
Ah Umm
A professional fighter is NOT a streetfighter! Streetfights are NOT fair! 🤕💀❗Class dismissed!
Alex 10,000
The best was to win a street fight is don’t get in one. These guys act real tough but dont be surprised if a day later you have the cops at your door cause this big baby you just beat up went and pressed charges.
Ferrous Aradicen
"How to win a street fight" Pull out a gun.
Fela Buchio
your mouth is the best thing that can save you in the street. you believe can fail you
Brian Frumps
As s forner bouncer one we were never caveman..ok jre clone. U start w a nice calm voice dont start at 11
Fredo Corleone
Never bring a headbutt to an gun fight.
Thank You
Nut shots seem to work really well too, and doesn't even leave you with a sore head a potential head ache, just shin on soft balls, success every time
D Black
1. Situational awarness 2. End the fight quick 3. Reses the situation 4. Takes shirt off to get knocked out Ps. For the reals its a good idea to avoid the ground and be smart about your environment.
One more nice thing about this type of headbutt is that most witnesses would not recognize it as actively headbutting. And if the other guy simultaneously tries to headbutt the ordinary way he is really in for it.
Fidel Molina
The shirt advice is will not work that well if they got a button shirt on.
John Aquino
Take your eyes off your opponent so you can take a look around and get attacked when your not looking. Then, put your back to a wall to corner yourself and cut off any potential for escape. Got it.
p mor
ever heard the one , the only winner in a street fight is the street , but if you gotta fight be proactive strike 1st strike hard then run away ;-)
its on like donkey kong none to business
What if your a wimp to fight but they hit you and you do nothing? Lol heres another question,whats it mean when your angry at the person and your heart starts pumping? man i need more courage.
Guitar Overkill
I always thought it was a front snap kick to the balls. Head butt just pisses someone off.
Steven Nelissen
Step 1 show your tribal tattoo
P North
If you are over the age of 12, you shouldn’t be fighting in the street with anybody.
tough guy: oi you me : what is it tough guy: *puts up giant fists* you dont talk to me like that so you need a lesson in respect. me: *slowly pulls out kusarigama (chain sickle)
"Lets say you're with your girlfriend." So being with your girlfriend is reason enough to get in a fight rather than walk away??
Pistol Crockett
I learned how to properly protect myself by watching Moe, Larry, and Curly.
Psalm 144:1 Romans 13
Psalm 116:8-9 8 For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. 9 I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.
Eon Lee Music
Thanks. Now I can finally defeat my pet turtle.
Anthony Mehmet
If You are wrong than apologise If you are right than apologise as well . This will usually win . Wisdom is the greatest martial art !
Sari Musallam
You need to consider the pre assault indicators and the real attack simulations.. like what if he hit you first .. check combatevolved and you'll understand what i mean
Flash Gordon
Lol unless you train to fight dont expect to win a fight. Practice makes perfect ;). Head over to your local bjj school and spend 6 solid months training hard then you'll have some perspective.
And this is why you should never go outside.
Elbows are also extremely effective when close and less chance of you damaging yourself. Too many small bones in hands to break.
First strike gives a huge advantage in any street fight. If your going to put your head into the zone you've got to know what your's not easy to headbutt effectively!
Phill R
Oh Yeah, Forgot... Roger knocked out that NFL Linebacker.... after the NFLer punched a girl.
If somebody head butts me and I end up getting the better of him I'm giving him a kick in nuts after hes knocked out.
High pitch scream hurts their ears and confuses them. I'm sorry, did that 6 1 230lb guy just scream? WHAM, finger bent throat punch or crotch kick. Double "sandwich" slap against the ears - USING PALMS for air flow & good TWOCK seal.
ruined the man's shirt
eson moon
Too much talk but lil action how i understand that...
ItsGaigeTho -.-
Most of the time you don't have to 🤔 unless you frequent the fun neighborhoods 😂
Bheesham Baletha
Roger Huerta ,king of the cool ,like the original King Steve McQueen
Manuel eagleman
I had to use the advices from this video many times in my school, because of the amount of bullies. But than one day I got enough, and stayed in bad, and told my mom I'm not going to school anymore. But then my mom said; be responsible, and go to school, you're the principal and all. So I have to use your advices again, so thanks for them.
Manucho Noya Quintana
I take my advices from professionals only. And as Mater Ken said "Stomp the groin" and "Restomp the groin".
Dow Daddy
Become the re-incarnation of John Gotti. Say, "Hey Nunzio. Ya Wanna talk to dis guy challenging me?"
keith sherbaugh
Grab the shirt and you lose a weapon. He has two hands free to strike and defend. You have one
David King
This is not the best way military combat defense that's where it gets real . they doing sport
Randy from the Trailer Park Boys takes off his pants when he's really serious about getting into an altercation.
real street fights rarely go as planned. that's the way it is. good luck with these dreams.
Don’t forget the Loser Calls the Cops. Winner goes to jail or Prison.
Santos Meza
I was in the streets and got in a fight with lots of confidence and got my ass beat 👊by a 13 yr old, I'm not watching these videos ever again didnt work out for me LMFAO 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Biggie Smalls
How to win a street fight *****Pulls out gun
john connor
I double clicked the like button twice because I liked this video so much