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Get „Unfaithful“ now: />Preorder “Rhapsodies in Black” - Deluxe BOX: />Preorder “Rhapsodies in Black”: /> Exit Eden – Rhapsodies in Black Four musicians from four different countries with four entirely different biographies, yet all stemming from the world of Rock, now united in one band: EXIT EDEN! The all-female four piece band unites all attributes ascribed to the new millennium: cosmopolitan, self-confident, independent and ready to do their very own thing. Despite their diversity, the four singers Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner blend together personally as superbly as they do vocally with their very diverse vocal tones and techniques that go from opera style to raspy rock. This constellation created extraordinary and powerful ideas and it became their unique plan to raise EXIT EDEN’s very own edge: to show the world that almost every classic song can be transformed into a solid metal-rock song. Find Exit Eden online: Homepage: Facebook: />Instagram: />YouTube: />Twitter:

Exit Eden
More than 100k views! Thank you SO MUCH for receiving "UNFAITHFUL" with wonderfully open arms, you guys rock big time! <3
Victoria Victoria
Pior coisa é ir ver os comentários desse cover MARAVILHOSO e ver o pessoal reclamando porque é o cover de uma música pop. Não vi comentários criticando a versão delas em si, apenas pessoas indignadas apenas por se tratar de um cover de uma música pop. Me pergunto se essas pessoas pararam pra ouvir mesmo ou apenas descartaram ao ler que é um cover de uma música da rihanna. Me pergunto se essas pessoas que estão reclamando sabiam de antemão que esse é um projeto de covers exclusivamente de artistas pop. Procurem ler sobre os projetos antes, assim vocês não correm o risco de se frustrarem dessa forma, já que é tão ofensivo que artistas do meio heavy metal façam covers de músicas de artistas pop. O público do metal é verdadeiramente um pessoal muito cheio de frescura, se acham os machões fodões, mas qualquer coisa que fuja da tr00eza é motivo pra muito mimimi.
Pop Tibi
this sounds a lot better than the original song.
Came here not expecting much, this being a rihanna cover, but gotta say im pleasantly surprised how good this is, especially the chorus.
Pop to Symphonic Metal! Love it! 😍
Gen Searcaigh
This is absolutely beautiful. I'm not a fan of Rihanna's genre, but she has talent. You ladies are amazing and talented. You make this song sound great no matter how good or bad it is. Thanks for blessing us with your beautiful voices! The band is also amazing, you guys did a great job covering the instrumentals. Also for the people who are hating because they're covering a pop song from a mainstream artist, grow up. Music mixes and is shared, you're not special or superior for being a metal purist. Support them in trying something new because honestly they did a fantastic job!
Phantom Elite Official Channel
Proud of our Marina! :D
B o r i s s l a v
I think they should do a collab with Northern Kings.
I am in love with this cover. So beautiful, so many great voices... <3 I love the idea of this project, since I love pop and metal. :3
Brenda de Godoy
Clementine and Anna voices!! <3333
Patrick SilverRose
This so much more epic than I was expecting it to be! Can't wait for the album to be released!
Júnior Vieira
Amanda always wonderful
Pasties McCool
I love this song and this band. I need a follow up album
Dark Nico
I love metal and pop music. This is amazing ❤
Genesis Lopez
I don't get why some people don't like this cover. It's really catchy, sounds well and they did are really good job of adapting it.
Sâmya Mesquita
great song, great performance, great voices. you're amazing! Amanda and Marina, we love you!
Dscvry Dave Judd
I don't like most pop music. But I really like rock and metal covers of pop songs. This was awesome. Can't wait for the album.
Robbie Coker
Amanda Somerville and Clémentine Delauney together ..... HELL YES!!!!
Marina and Amanda are awesome...
Nathan Laird
These vocalists are really good. I will have to check out their other material.
Oh my god.. Anna and Clémentine are so beautiful. Anna's voice is so special and perfect, she is the best! ♥ But the oders are also awesome. I love this cover and waiting the album!
Daniel Kumar
I've only really heard of Amanda Somerville - i think this is a great way to get to widen my musical knowledge! Plus I love this song and video!
Some of y'all in the comments are so lame. This was cool! Try investing in the music instead of the label that's put on it...
José Ricardo Bertolin
Que banda legal... Acho que aqui no Brasil poucos conhecem ainda...
had no expectatives, ended loving it, and now I want MOAR (and I totally love Anna's voice ♡)
Stephen Addeaux
Amanda Somerville is always a great choice!
Iván de la Torre
I dont know if somebody will agree with me on this but the version is SO gripping. It's been haunting me all day long and it will go on doing so in the days to come... OMG, this is SO perfect. Thanks so much. The acting was awe-inspiring and I'd like to highlight Amanda here. I'm so thrilled about this new talent gathering.
Heliodoro Faz
This is waaaaaaay more of what I was expecting. Amazing!
I think this cover is AWESOME.
Psycho Mask
Awesome, fantastic and epic. Those words are describing the song and the band perfectly
Evanlyn Lee
lovet it, cant wait to listen more of this project <3
Russell Ngo
I actually loved this. Wonderful singers they got there (^.^)
Isma RM
Fucking amazing! I can't wait for the album! <3
Angelo Guardia
don't know the original one...but this one sounds very nice! great job!
Tal Mizrahi
one of the best things I've heard lately. As if this song was meant to be symphonic metal song!
Grim Reaper NZ
damn it all this song just whips the original song in everyway... its just so damn good compared to it
Andrew Jones
I keep watching this. Omg Anna 😍
Von Ray
Who is the sexy drummer?
Absolutely dunno who they all are, but this is quite interesting.
Eszter Jurancsik
Amazing!!! Marina <3
rodrigo mota
Incredible cover!! The best singers together in a band!! :) The best regards for everybody from band especially Marina La Torraca!! Its wonderful have a brazilian singer in a master band like this !! congratulations!!1 Bem vinda Marina !!!Brasil tambem no cenario do metal!!! :)
Natanael Vieira
Marciano Stramari
Que tirooooooo no meu coração!!!!!! Amei esse cover!!!!!!
Douglas Bedin
Amazing... ❤️❤️
Lady of Anthrazil
I think that was fantastic :) <3
Steffo yo.
I'm positive suprised... I like the original very much and rihanna is absolutely great even if it's not my favorite genre but this cover is great!
Does anyone knows the name of the drummer? Cause damn he's hot!!
Jaque MoraesOfficial
Mais não entendi pq estão dando tanto deslike em um cover perfeito desse, povo nao entende nada de Metal mesmo né, vão aprender o sentido das coisas primeiro antes de reclamar, sou compositora de músicas de estilo metal e pelo meu entendimento sobre estilo metal esse cover matou a pau.
yamil I
this is just plain awesome love the different vocal styles, dont listen to rihanna or anything of the like but i have heard this song before and i don't think its a bad song like some are saying but this version make it so much better haha
Isaac EvRock
Beautiful project! Love Amanda and the other female singers!
Marina La Torraca é brasileira!😊
Veronika Samu
This is the best cover for this song I heard so far :)
Joseph Freese
It's pretty great to be honest. I'm a fan. Because guys love when we get cheated on. It's science!
Thanks to you I finally know how that song was called. The original and this one are both good. Nice cover.
Vasilys Kanavogiannis
It's AWESOME !!!!
Justino Puntel
Marcos Izidoro
Come to Brazil !!! 😁😍
Josh Cavaradossi
Amanda has so wonderful voice! I like the dark tone... great Job!
After such covers and the original you do not want to listen
wellington pereira
that song save my day! OMG THIS IS AMAZING!
I hate the original song, but this is a masterpiece.
Miamato TR
this band is one of the best findings for last year at least :) Girls are amazing and have great voices. They can make everything sound like metal!
Céline Le Vu
This is amazing, the voices, the music, the video, I had chills during the whole song !
Lita G
É isso ae brasileiros Marina, Amanda sua linda!, as outras são incríveis também, quero shows pelo Brasil meu povo.
Luis Cedillo turunen
OMG!!!! its so wonderful!!! beautiful voices
Erika Lutaru
Tbh I thought this was the original and I was mad searching for it wondering why only Rihanna showed up
Caz Digital
I tend to love everything Amanda Somerville does. She's amazing. This included. It's so epic. Can't wait for the new album :D
Sally Thunder
They're going to make all the artist run for their money, because they just slayed this music with epicness 😍
Please, don't be so rude with your judgement. I think it's a cool project and I really like this arrangement of the song! I'm so curious about the album! And don't say "it's a shitty song", "pop is not a great music genre" etc etc... Let's love the idea of the project! PS: Proud of you Amanda <3
Metal Maven
WONDERFUL!!!! I am really looking forward to this new album!
Luis Velasquez
Un video muy bien hecho._. Y una letra reinterpretada hecha una obra de arte por todas las vocalistas.. Increíble
This is really cool! Having a sort of supergroup of symphonic metal singers is a really great concept, and I like that each sound distinct and have very different vocal styles. And when they all sing at once, their unified voice is amazing!!
When the cover is far better than the original !!!
Dylan Mahadoo
This cover gave me goosebumps 🤘🏾❤
Persephone Black
Man, you guys friggin rock. I'm so glad I found you!
Noah Servilican
SLAAYYYYY QUEENS ❤❤❤ The nostalgia is intense 💀
Poe Pleasure
it' awsome :O i love it! Marina La Torraca's voice is amazing...:O
Pavel Naumenko
William Oliveira
gente chata do caralho que fica reclamando só porque é cover de musica pop! ficou mt foda, e elas são fodas!
Can't stop watching/ listening to your music. Absolutely love it. Looking forward to more from you.
grate reccording qality ! good vocals. !
AJ Federowicz
Awesome !!!
Stamatis C.N.
awesome ;)
Oh my God, I didn't expect it to be THIS amazing! <3 :D It's awesome, epic, your voices blend perfectly and it rocks! <3 Will definitely buy the album! :)
Trino Ages
the chorus is awesome :3
Fabulous track
Christian Reschke
The only thing I love more than a great song is a cover that surpasses its origin. Amazing work!
sanek mkl
кавер превзошёл оригинал !!! ништяк просто!!!
Amazing cover ! I love it when metal bands resurrect old songs into such epicness x
Tamás Stegmajer
I really like this project :) Hope to see them live too, and can't wait for the whole album :)
Carlos Opazo
Victor Martins
Yeah! It's a great song and you gave more power in your version! Keep it up! <3
The world needs more bands like this. I'll definitely buy the album too when it's out. Wish you long and prosperious career and let's hope this won't end up another one album project!
Doctor Nico
I just wrote a review of the album for a French webzine. It's purely amazing, my album of the summer ! I love the Bonnie Tyler cover <3
Leo Mendez
What´s the name of the guitar player? I need to be unfaithful! XD :3
Miriam Lisa
Isn't this the original version? ;) Love it!
Troy Hoffman
This is great. It kind of sounds like they'll be a female version of Northern Kings, which would be awesome. I can't wait to hear what they do with "A Question of Time."
Barry Filter
I was very curios about this and all four woman are amazing talents and I love all of their previous work and projects. However on this song apart from Marina they all sound the same and it is really not what I was expecting.
AndiRoseSixx6 Andi
Holy crap.... I got chills for days 😅