Darling in the FranXX「AMV」- Love and Honor

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Ritsu AMV
► Anime: Darling In The FranXX ► Song: FFH - Undone ► Watch in HD 720p! ► Like, Comment and Subscribe! Redes Sociales: Facebook, WhatsApp Facebook Personal: https://www.facebook.com/alexis.herreraguevara.37
Denis Milosevic
First anime that has big monsters and mechas and has done it right!
Wepolt Gaming
New favorite anime. I love this so much
Anime_ N3rd__
02 has the most beautiful eye color
ji un
Darling in the franxx amv lov...
Felipe ff
É bom de mas esse anime era pra ter segunda temporada 😍
Fallen Disc
The fact that 02 is dead now and all I watch is just a memory makes me unimaginable sad that I can't adore her anymore I wish they didn't kill that couple at the end and make a continuous series
Juan c 777
Te quedó súper legendario
Ritsu AMV
Following AMV 17 February Episode 6 ;)
la petite pandou
Qui l'a vu ? Perso je suis accro même si je l'ai finie ( a la fin j'ai pleuré)
Fran Cañada 22
zero two :)
Nesreen Mohammad
I love it so much <33 u r amazing
Peri Dorkster
How did she become more human looking
Vlogz With LoneWolfGamer
I can't because 002 died the ending broke me and I was crying so hard
My name ?
Season 2 announced ?
Alex Docouto
Thay poot a lot uf efert
Amang Harun
ZERO TWO :) :}™
x S1pChE x
THIs amv got me subbed to you xD
AnimeToonS HD
Holy hot
Stealth Dragon
Wrong title bro it’s actually called undone by FFH
Chihiro Hashimoto
0:52,soy yo o Hiro parecía celoso ',:v
Jarch4078 Mc5189
William Whitney
😢😍😇💖💖💖💖Lovely Beautiful WoW Honor in Love Forever
Ittipat Sanwang
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭T T
Erica Vásquez
perfecto 😊😊😊
Jheniffer Souza
Pedro segue
長寿Spark AMVs
good one
꧁༺Mateus_Lobo༻꧂ B•S
Vincent PH
i like the song pls let me be hiro i leave from japan
Basketball team
Это аниме ХИТ 2018!!!
Opa to na tela?
Павел Шияков Пр2
How to get yourself cursed at: I ship Ichigo and Hiro
ziben 545545290
Яв любися)))) в аниме
Night Tendo
oi mate this song is undone
『フェリペ 』Lipe Phantomhive
I love it
Maximo Ulises Colman
Ermoso 🙀
Just subbed from this song keep up the good work
I'm L
аниме cat
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Зауре Кожамуратова
wow it is nice
tossza2553 จันทร์หนู
Смбат Меликбегян
почему так больно при просмотре
สุรเชษฐ เปรมพรหม
جوادضراط المطي.الكبيث
Jo & Nik
I love this anime, thx for amv
arm ไม่มีอะไร
Mint gachas
TakiTam Polaczek
why we dont have sezon 2 ;-;
Trong Đức
phim tên gì vậy anh em ???
Даша Кулагина
The song is called Undone... not Love and Honor..
ybs Productions
I dont need to be the hiro tonight..
Sarah Rousseau
Merci pour ton commentaire oui j'ai vraiment été je te sur
Amang Harun
I LOVE ZERO TWO😘😘😘😍😍😍💝💝💝
Muy buen amv, excelente, y que buena canción! Congratulations!
List [GGx]
milton galindo
muy bueno te quedo
Cipsus Cipsus
fabian sanchez
Fue lo mejor:-):-):-)
Sorry but no song fits DITF better than "Kiss of Death"
Michael Musick
Awesome amv
Santiago Paglione
Está re bueno
Tio Fire
Tio Fire
leilu the ravinclaw queen
Is this on Netflix
gamers alliance, gaming-animation
good and nice ones\
ʜiяσ кυη
ยมทูต จงลงมาจุติ
phuong thai
Qwerty Qweert
Very nice
Faza Rabbani
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Yulia Hubar
Ben Arda
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