The Origins of the Order of Ancients - Assassin's Creed

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Geralt of Rivia
Hey I think origins has better graphics than odyssey I am crazy?
Jack Weafer
Is this man even ok........ so many videos "The mystery of Fizhy"
Imo AC Origins is 1000 times better than Odyssey. I found Odyssey to be a boring grind fest. I still haven't beaten it and I got it on launch day.
What if the smek Egyptian guy is the father of understanding?
sean k
Finally someone who has the sense to see the cult/order are separate entities Could you cover eagle bearers in a lore explainer?
Some random person on the internet
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Big Gay
Ah shit I thought it was another interesting rdr2 vid but oh well. I'll watch this too cos I love the content
cow raiser Milton
Templar = may the father of understanding guide us Assassin= what the hell are you saying dude Templar = none of your godamm business
Josh Murrieta
Despite the changes Ubisoft has done for the Assassins Creed series as a whole, I'm actually digging the Order of Ancients tie ins, especially now with the Legacy of the first Blade DLC so far, it's helping make an overarching narrative once again. Really hoping they delve further into this for the next main title
you should make a video about cult of kosmos
Isaac McIlhon
Might be my favorite ac lore video
Broken Bridge
Loves it when you explained the origins of the Order of Ancients. Now it should be explained in some future game.
Jeremy Prinzen
I would arguably say that the Order of Ancients, after the Children of Cain, are the oldest proto-Templar group. My own theory on their history between Odyssey and Origins: I wouldn't be surprised that thanks to Alexios/Kassandra's disruption of the Cult and Aspasia's crazy dream of a philosopher-king to rule over Greece, THEN the Order moved into Greece since their rivals were more or less neutralized and possibly absorbed what knowledge the Cult's own discoveries on the Isu. Perhaps after Kassandra/Alexios left to travel the world or remained within Atlantis to safeguard it for a time, the Order, seeing their greatest rival disappear, moved in.Then between possibly assimilating or destroying the remnants of the Cult of Kosmos, the Order remained quiet behind the scenes of Greek society until the rise of Alexander the Great, seeing in him a potential way to further find more Isu artifacts and reconnect with the leftover Persian members of the Order back home - only that went awry when Iltani poisoned Alexander the Great and the four generals fought over the remains of his empire. After that time, I theorize the Order, seeing both Greece and Egypt as waning super powers under the Antigonids and Ptolemies while the Seleucids slowly lost their Asian territories, began to send members into Rome since the Roman Republic's power was steadily growing while continuing to draw on Greeks and Egyptians alike in Ptolemaic Egypt before discovering the Apple of Eden. After that, their most significant gains were steady consolidation in Ancient Egypt and murdering Bayek's father before the Egyptian rite of the Order was annihilated by the Hidden Ones, after which they rebuilt when Caesar defeated Ptolemy. That about covers the Order's history from after 422 B.C. - 38 B.C. If you read all of this, you are a trooper :P
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Purple Arrow
You hitting that 100k milestone soon mate.
Dan D
It just dawned on me what if Layla was playing as Desmond playing as Connor/Ezio/Altair all along how far could that go? Heh
Dillan Phillips
I kinda thought it would have been cool if Darius was a born member of the Order of the Ancients, and at first he followed it without question since it was how he was raised and over time he saw the countless atrocities and came to the realization he had to stop it
cheeseface mcgee
I am the Globglogabgalab, and I love books. That is All.
Troy Ruddock
Did you beat Origins? The Father of Understanding is explained by the end of Origins.
Chalice Jones
sick video bro!
Re rank the Assassins Creed Protagonists 2019 edition please
Josh K
Origins is still better than Odyssey no cap
almost 100k!! Congrats mate!
Cameron Baker
hey fizhy, do you "like" ezio?
Thanks Ethan, I’m glad you’ve explained it because Ubisoft don’t!
Turbochicken !
i just wanted to tell you... that this video isn't about rdr2
The Twin Rabbits
MaByE gAvIn Is ThE fAtHeR oF uNdErStAnDiNg!!
It's Seh-mehn-care (I think, I know I'm close but I can't remember the exact way to say it, I just know someone told me how to actually say it at one point).
King Smenk might be the father of understanding, but it probably is just an idea.
Crazy Gamer Markuss
you should have 1 mil - 100 mil subscribers right now
Mordor Reviews
COK and OOTA both influenced the creation of the Templars in my opinion.
Mitch Walker
100K before the end of the week
Fizhy has to do a leap of faith off big Ben when he hits 100k innit
Emerald Warrior
But if the cult didnt know about the order, than why did the oracle tell leonidas that xerxes would unite them?
coolboy plays
AN ASSASSINS CREED VIDEO? Danm thought you where accually done with AC vids
Ur AC vids are awesome
Happy John
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Jon Ruiz
Hey Fizhy! Between Odyssey and Origins events, The Order was supposed to control Alexander the Great, giving him the Staff of Eden to create his empire. I think it will be possible to see that somehow in a video-game or in any material related to the lore (like comics).
el paletero lad chungus
I thought this was a rdr2 vid
Branden Walton
I always assumed that the father of understanding was Julius Caesar, especially since he was proclaimed as such towards the end of origins while playing Aya/Amunet.
The Cosmic
Can you do one about the Cult Of Kosmos
Epicgamer1715 1
Finally something other than red dead thank you
WhoInitedLag 67
It was started by Gavin
Dalton Sherrod
I find the Cult to be more confusing and their motives to be less clear than those of the Order
Razorwolf24 Wolf
where did you learn this???
Leonardo Ferreira
What's the name of the song in the intro?
Agent X
I think it'd be really cool if they did an infinity War-like story where the Templars successfully control the world, and the assassins have to stop them. In this, we would see whether or not the Templars philosophies are indeed true or wrong. This would actually be a cool ending to the series
awesome Andrew
Did you leave out the hidden ones dlc that could have been something to add in the video
Hull Krampus
Fizhy fucks bayek
Dave Schreurs
Why didn't you just wait until Legacy of the First Blade was completed. Surely they will give us some more insights there. (Hopefully)
Chalice Jones
1:43 legacy of the first blade?
Nyb 127
So is this Eagle bearer thing a new lore point like sages?
Pablo Martinez Perez
King swog
Sinister •
What if the Templars killed off the Order of Ancients
Didn't the father of understanding originate from Julius Ceaser?
gabino hernandez
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Do you even sleep
Bring the game BACK TO EGYPT! RE-WRITE BAYEK! Give us CHALLENGING CLIMBING - - challenging, skill-based mechanics to make climbing fun...and give the potential for CONSEQUENCE of FALLING. Why does climbing have to be.. *turn off your brain, and hold a button?* Why can't there be timing, and skill involved? Does one not want to feel excitement, and "fear" as they climb the highest tower in the game, knowing the risk of falling to their death? Does one NOT want to feel the sense of adrenaline and excitement, as they time the next jump, grasp the next ledge, knowing it all could be over in single mistake? The ENTIRETY OF THIS GAME REVOLVES AROUND ... *CLIMBING* - - Yet, there is not a single breath, a single experience, or fundamental mechanic that presents the SLIGHTEST aspect of CHALLENGE, or SKILL. ALSO - Why can't TOMBS... be illustrious, thought-provoking achievements and discoveries, with puzzles that provoke an intelligent, thinking-mind, that provides the feeling of true satisfaction, within accomplishment - - not super linear, A to B set paths, with puzzles that an incredibly dimwitted mind could figure out in seconds. DON'T BE DISTRACTED BY PRETTY GRAPHICS. It was such a shame and disappointment to see Egypt be wasted on the most lazily, and terribly written story within the franchise, and be such a significant DEPARTURE FROM STEALTH - - the core of what makes this game, and created it's fans. You want to make this franchise/game an RPG - Okay! HOWEVER - that does NOT mean, that there has to be *3 incredibly fundamentally simplistic, and STREAMLINED class options!* < - - - - This structure of game design INNATELY DESTROYS THE .... **DEPTH IN HAVING ULTIMATE FREEDOM IN DESIGNING YOUR CLASS/CHARACTER HOW YOU WANT TO BE.** It DESTROYS any and all potential for the ability/freedom to tool your character to be entirely one preferred playstyle - - meaning, you are FORCED to COMBINE ALL PLAYSTYLES. The entirety of all their games of this franchise up to Origins REVOLVED AROUND STEALTH - and now, the entirety of all those fans are now FORCED to play otherwise? < --------- Sounds to me like the developers/publishers HATE THEIR OWN FANS. *BRING THIS GAME BACK TO EGYPT - GIVE US CHALLENGING AND SKILLFUL GAMEPLAY AND TOMBS - - AND RE-WRITE BAYEK... AS THE WARRIOR SPIRIT HE WAS.*
King Kearney
So is the good ending to ac odyssey cannon?
Wolf Kenton
Maybe we could see later in the odyssey dlc the order of ancients infiltrate the cult of kosmos because they acknowledge it as being powerful in the first episode of the dlc
I see you need that Add revenue
I like Assassin's Creed but not Origins i kind of think its boring. it has great graphics and lighting and all that but the storyline is kind of boring to me. In all the older Assassin's Creed games there was sooo much stuff to climb up and high buildings and then there is Assassin's Creed Origins with sweet F**K all to climb. I get thats not all to the game but i find it really boring. But love all the other games and love your content also sorry for sounding like and asshole on your whispering trees video for RDR2.
So oddysei does not matter ?
Didn't Septimius confirm at the end of Origins that Caeser was 'The Father of Understanding'? He said that during his fight with Amunet in Rome, right before Amunet assassinated Caeser.
Creed J
So the cult and the order of ancients are basically the same...
Ashton Brumit
Assassins creed hater
Cynide Pill
Make your videos only on red dead 2!
Xwedast Gamer
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