Beard Question - Dr. Bilal Philips Yusuf Estes

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Exactly - I would like someone to answer this question.
Does this have to do with masturbation? You could prove that you don't jack off by growing a beard.
let me get this straight... the SUPREME BEING, creator of the universe, omnipotent and omniscient, is concerned with the way men wear their facial furniture? sounds to me like whoever wrote that 'commandment' wanted to make it difficult for men to reject the thought control of islam. if god wanted to discourage me cutting my beard he should have put nerves in my facial hairs. dogma is desperation. it is unmistakable evidence of INSECURITY. please grow up and think for yourself.
@BlainePistolle try ur best and if u couldnt then thats ok, u didnt mean it :P bdont rush or it will make it look wrong.
Excellent humour! I think Islam would be more successful in its preaching if it had more people like Sheikh Yusuf Estes- people who still maintain their culture alongside their religion.
these indians never laugh at yusuf's jokes, coz they dont understand the american humour lol.
lol mashallah this means i have to try
Fashih Adam
+Jarrod Williams Listen to brother Yusuf Estes clearly... he points that out very well!
Walid Abd
HE is a fool and a liar.
Jai Lakshman
There is no evidence of Allah!