Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 8 - Team Four Star (TFS)

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Grant Nesselroad
So Dracula is actually kind and polite, while Alucard is the swinging troll... good touch.
zero mixer
Maxwell: we're here to save you! Random guy: yay, it's the Catholic Church. Maxwell: from yourselves!! Random guy: oh no, it's the Catholic Church. XD
David R.
TFS: * breathes* YouTube: * pulls videos*
Jeepers Scoob
"Don't weep for the stupid, you'd be crying all day" Words to live by.
Matt McCanty
Ironically, the only reason Alucard could sail right up the Thames to attack the Nazis was because they had already burned down London Bridge.
Sus Weeb
“ALUCAAAAARD” *Alucard from a distance* WHAAAAT? these never get old
Zash of The Kyobi
So a Vampire, a Werewolf, and Frankenstein walk into a bar..
Me halfway through my school semester: This is a deep pain... Looking at my grades: Oh, cool, it gets worse!
Glorious counterfiet
When hope is gone, Undo this lock, And send me forth, On a Moonlit Walk. Flippin’ brilliant
Karl Faucher
you'll Notice how as soon as Seras becomes a full-fledged Vampire, they (Everyone in the Hellsing Organization Including Alucard) all start referring to her using her real name instead of just calling her "Police Girl". Guess that means she's part of the Family now.
This is still the best episode in my eyes. Alucards entrance is legendary and unforgettable.
Le Trublion
"Ohhhhh~ I have an idea~ Why not write down a formal protest~ You can mail it to his door~ Like a Protestant~" 2:07 *legit my favourite Intregra quote from this series LOL*
Aaaand... episode 9 just got taken down... Goddammit YouTube ! Edit : And episode 10 aswell ! Thank you YouTube for handling your platform so well ! *sarcasm*
2:37 Seras ' why don't u try sticking it in me again, I might like it this time.' Is it me or is she a million times hotter now she's a fully fledged vampire
James Bearss
seras victoria's little giggle after Dracula rubs her head is just the most pure thing in the entire world
Joshua Galvan
Anderson: "would you like to speak to him?" A few moments later.. Alucard: "aahh f#@k me he wasn't kidding"
Well well well...I leave for a year and...The Copyright Bots are Crusading and NBChannel is invading...
Joshua Galvan
12:54 "you all know you're Naruto running right?" XD
"Don't weep for the stupid; you'd be crying all day." Truer words have never been spoken.
What I find funny is that Anderson knew that Alucard was Dracula the whole time, and apparently thought it was so obvious he never told Maxwell.
Abby Nicole
Mega Man M
I just heard Alucard sing Alexander Hamilton... My life is complete.
You stole my heart... F*cking come on man.. . :,(
"Is it racist to say it sounds better in Arab?" Holy hell, that's funny.
*I Like Dogs*
9:59 absolute cuteness in this show somehow has been found
Trey Bryner
15:53 Can we just talk about how Alucard just made an omnipotent, eternally patient deity actually FRUSTRATED?!
Mason Jellison
The Hellsing crew singing a Hamilton parody I can die happy now
Saucy Wolftaco
19:50 is the best parody that TFS ever made mostly cuz the original song is so badass
JP Fragoso
"Its been only 2 days, but it feels like years".... i see what you did there, TFS
Rowdster Rex
Honestly, Alexander is THE best improvement of this entire abridged series. His accent here is way better than the original.
I just realize that “God is great” is the flush translation of “Allahu Ahkbar”. That puts the scene in such a different context.
"Ninja Catholic suicide bombers. What a fun day"
Russell March
I just noticed that when satan is on the line, “don’t deal with the devil” is playing. *slow clap*
Rain Wolff
19:01 "Alucard, I hate you. But I understand you." I cried. The tone in his voice makes me sad as hell.
JD Nelson
When Alucard goes on an extremely enthusiastic walk
Daniel DiPilla
that feel when the abridged series does a character more justice than the original release. Rest in peace Alexander Anderson
angel labastida
I'm glad I saw 9 before it got took down
"dont weep for the stupid, you'll be crying all day." 10/10
Dracula: Alucard isn't here right now... Please leave a message after the beep
Me: Hey pope Francis take a look at this. Pope Francis wtf in gods name is this?!
LeoInfinity Games
When you know a badass is coming *starts playing like Kermit the Frog*
Alucard: This is a deep pain (face sets on fire) Alucard: Oh Cool, it gets worse! Lmfaoh! Love that bit!
Hooray it's the Catholic Church Oh no it's the Catholic Church
Mad Turnip
Okay, that was easily one of the most epic entrances I have ever seen anywhere. And entirely in Alucard's style - he'd totally use that song xD
Charlie Gustafson
Is that Alexander Hamilton at the end? Absolutely amazing
I BraveHeart
I actually like Father Anderson a lot. Dude's a badass in his own way.
Lone Wolf animations
I brought some friends Associates? Slaves I brought slaves
Madeleine D
"Mmhmm." -God, 2017
predator X
"I have a terrible guilt and rage inside of me that can only be quelled by the blood and subjugation of the unclean"
Amy McCabe
Base is secure. everyone's dead. Ate Pip. Full fledged vampire now.
"Get Ready to Die" is Alucard's song. And I can totally see him using it in other settings. Heck, just watching this makes me think of what would happen if Alucard had been in Fate/Zero.
Jarrod Alston
Hope you dont mind i brought a few friends, associates..... Slavesi brought slaves
Milos Ajdukovic
Guy: *GOD IS GREAT* Alucard:Ninja Catholic suicide bomber, what a fun day
Alex R0x
"It's a shame your blood sugar daddy won't be hear to see it" *Insert Blood Sugar Daddy*
I bet Alucard and Bayonetta Banged once.
Walter ruined a touching scene, damn
'Ooh La La you've got a nail with some savior juice on it." Amazing line
Guido Fedeli
2:53 The SECOND I heard those notes I was positively giddy and started screaming like a fangirl
Paul Yelverton
I should have known all this time. Prozd=God Our true lord and saviour
"Hey there, did you miss me?" "Like coke after Lent!" "Wait, are we talking cola or cocaine?" I...really couldn't tell which would have been the right answer.
Toll road
Alexander Anderson: Back for more what I gave you last time? Seras: Why don't ya try sticking it in me again? I might like it this time.... Heinkel: Father Anderson! Alexander Anderson: Context! Suuurrrreee context he says 😏😂😂😂
Ironically Schrodinger ended up getting Alucard to do what God wanted him to.......well mostly.
Jon Calvert
Damn it I was rewatching all of these why did YouTube take them down!!!
*"Alexander Anderson!"*
Jake Brown
Seras and Dracula moment was fucking adorable
Alex Delgado
Damn ep 9 got deleted
Trevor Abbott
To be fair I only realized alucard was Dracula spelled backwards because I typed an essay about vampires and wrote Dracula then Alucard right after and realize I typed the same letters forward and backword
A very angry Shagaru Magala
"hey can i get my dogs back?-" "NO THEIR MINE NOW!"
Carl Freericks
They picked a good song for Alucard entrance into world war 3
Jeremy Moore
I love alucard but "Dracula" was badass and I wish he lasted a little longer
Toad Boy600
14:33 (turn on captions) I’m watching this at night
amir riddle
Eps 9 and 10 are gone now I'll just have to watch the others to fall asleep to.
Caramon Majere
Ok, I just binged episodes 1-8. Now I can finally watch episode 9. Thank You, Team Four Star!
Don't weep for the stupid, you'll be crying all day... Love that quote.
Kenny Kenken
"Is it racist to say that sounds better in Arabic?" Well consider me dead
One-Winged Angel
God be like. "I have a plan Alucard. I just need more faith!"
Inferno 79
what's the music playing at 17:42?
Anderson’s crucifix symbol with his bayonets juxtaposed to Alucards upside down cross with his guns was brilliant. Especially considering what’s about to happen
David Smith
"Did you miss me?" "Like coke after Lent!"
why did episode nine get taken down? *Edit* I'm glad I saw it before it got wiped though
This might be the best video from tfs. Just pure gold.
I love how the last word in the video is “WAAAALLTTEEERRRR”
A latverian vampite, English vampire, frakinstein monster, Nazi werewolf, cyborg nazi, vampire nazi and a walking anomaly. What a fun day.
Alucard's entrance was absolutely glorious.
Austin Joyce
I DIDNT GET TO WATCH EPISODE 9 or 10 before it was deleted
Inferno 79
So, I can't seem to find the original comment so if anyone knows who did this little idea of an edit first let me know. Anyway, it would have been great if the full line would have been: The Catholics Are Crusading, While the Nazis are invading, And I can't keep myself from saying, This is truly amazing.
That ready to die part was the greatest intro ever.
Loki 666
This episode has all the best quotes from this version of hellsing my favorite is the god is great bit along with alucard commenting that it might be racist
Blue Tracksuit Gamer
Anyone else got chills when Alexander forgave Alucard?
Vincent Williams
I'm getting mad DANTE vibes with all the Bad-A$$ AWESOMENESS, The Ebony and Ivory Guns, The Long & Flowing Red Coat & Demon Powers And the Most STYLISH Way of Killing Sooo MANY While Having It Look So Effortless BRILLIANT ! ! ! ! ! 😎 😍 😎 🤩 😎
Elijah Bradley
18:50 it's from Genesis 9:6, for those who are wondering like Alucard
Conner Ingram Black
Coke after lent. Wait which coke we talking about here? Both Alucard, both.
shino tenshi
"You were a good boy Maxwell pity you were such a shit man" what a great line
Pikerber -Inception
Gamer Veztrex
Every time I watch this T-T Anderson!!!!
Gentleman Dog
7:13 Poetic Justice, or just good irony?
ka bobas
When any type of music that is slightly annoying, you know alucard is coming.
Ana Collins
“You were a good boy, Maxwell. Shame you were such a shit man.” Deep