Evil Bike Co. Presents: The Black Collars

Kyle Norbraten, Mike Giese, Graham Agassiz, Paul Genovese and Bubba Warren break out in their first Evil Bikes edit as the Black Collar crew. Watch as the crew hits some of ultra buff flow lines on the trails around San Diego, California. The crew also test out the Evil Park Bikes for the first time on some legendary local jumps. Watch, enjoy, and learn more about the bikes and the Black Collars at: /> If you like be sure to click the "thumbs up" and subscribe buttons to keep up with Evil Black Collar crew. Graham Agassiz rides: Evil Following MB - />Evil Insurgent LB Park - /> Mike Giese, Kyle Norbraten and Bubba Warren ride: Evil Offering - />Evil Wreckoning LB Park - /> Paul Genovese rides: Evil Calling - />Evil Insurgent LB Park - /> #mountainbike #4k #pov

So sick!