Cloud Atlas - Official Trailer [HD]

/> />In theaters October 26th. "Cloud Atlas" explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future.

Sam Henri
Transformers had a budget of $130 million, and grossed over $700 million, while Cloud Atlas had $130 million but barely grossed over this amount. I guess people much prefer to see CGI robots punching each other in the face than a thought provoking film.
One of the greatest movies ever made.
hugo holder
Great Movie, and yes, you do have to use your brain, but its more than that.... You have to open yourself emotionally to these characters, and let the story lines draw you in.
one of the best movies You could watch in your short life..... I just cry when movies like this comes out.... proud for a while to be a human being
Its just insane that something like this exist. A perfect masterpiece.
3 years later and I'm still wishing, if only I can unwatch this movie just to watch it again for the first time... Such a braingasmic eyegasmic eargasmic emotional journey inside a dark cold theatre.
Matt Nastasi
How this is not the most popular and award winning film in history is mind-boggling. A complete triumph.
Naturally Gina
I just got the chills watching this trailer. I'm going to watch the movie right now. :)
Edward Cahill
This movie was brave in that it dared to try something different and that in itself is worth commending. It isn't about a single explanation, but rather overarching morals and ideals that humanity has persisted in preserving overtime
I am just a designer. And I was lucky enough to have worked on this film right after school. To this day- there has been no other project that has topped Cloud Atlas. This film is beyond its time.
Lorenzo Martin
Heard about this & decided to download it & watch it online through a stream link. Watched the first 5 minutes, went to the nearest Best Buy & bought it (on sale for $6!). Now it's the best movie I've ever watched. Best $6 I've ever spent. I actually want to give more money (& I'm the cheapest person I know) If you're debating watching it, watch it. My favorite film was City of God for the last 10 years. It's finally been dethroned.
I don't care about the harsh critics of this film.. for me is a masterpiece... 10/10
Some people prefer other styles than others. This! I do love. I've watched this movie like probably 6 to 7 times not sure lost count. Each time I see it l learn something new. These days a lot of people prefer watching transformers than watching this style. I say screw it. I enjoy this kind of movies, it's deep moving captivating in its own way. That I never get tired of it. It's amazing that's all I gotta say. And amazing movie and work the actors and crew worked upon.
Armand Hoxhallari
One of the best movies ever, if u havent watched it, go watch it and u wont see the world with the same eye!!!
This is one of my favorite movies, seen it many times. To tell this epic story is nearly impossible and they pull it through! It has depth, it's intelligent and entangling. That this movie didn't even get nominated for any Oscars makes me think it's all political and I don't know where the negative comments come from - perhaps it's because it's a bit anti-capitalistic and flirts with buddhism. Anyway, this film is brilliant :)
Jesse Bond
I'm glad I saw the film before I saw the trailer. The trailer does no justice to the film, and it gives too much away, I feel.
This movie is epic! If you didn't like it there are only two explainations.. You are eighter completely apathic or a simpleton.....
I don't think liking or not liking some movie has much to do with someone's intelligence. People just happen to like different things, get over it. Personally I liked this movie very much, because of the idea behind it that everything is connected and even small actions of individuals can greatly influence the lives of other individuals in the future. Makes you thinks about the big picture of existence.
Just rewatched this movie and it is wonderful.
Toby Seraph
Reading the comments make me realize how stupid people are. This movie was too hard to figre out? Go watch your transformers and turtles movies, I think they're on your cerebral level
crys vio
Thomas Bergersen - Sonera, Cloud Atlas - Official Trailer.
Wow, I never imagined so many people watching and disliking the movie. Cinematographic-wise it is top-notch, the directors' work is flawless and its storyline has so many genres smoothly combined (Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance,...). It makes it impossible for me to understand why anybody would actually do the hater on this piece of art. However, two thoughts are making me feel better about this: 1. It doesn't exactly fall into the category "Brainless Cinema"  2. Great pieces are (almost) always received very controversially. For those judging from the trailer - go and watch it, you may fall in love with this one. And even if not, your time is not wasted either. Promise!
The Media Store
i watched cloud atlas and thought it was a very ok movie, but the more i think about it the more i want to rewatch it again, this film has a strange effect on people, gonna pick up the dvd sometime
Victoria Hess
Watched it for the about the 8th time tonight since it played in theaters, I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a thought provoking, all-in-one movie experience. Brilliant movie. 
Best movie of the decade, no doubt. And also best soundtrack of the decade.
David Caubergh
Hard to believe this stayed under my radar for so long. One of those absolute gems, with a compelling story. One of my favorites.
my life was headed to one direction.
This movie was really good
Ladan Mohammadi
This movie was so beautiful. And in a way it stands for what I believe in. It brought tears to my eyes. For those who say it's sh*t, I feel so sorry for you guys. 
k7Lid Al
 one word "wow"
I LOVE this movie
this movie left a very strong impact on me, i thought about it for a very long time. 
Spirit Cinevideo Thailand
For me it is an absolute masterpiece! The more times you see it the better it gets. Amazing! So sad that so little people get it. Maybe because the subject matter of reincarnation does not fly in the west. But probably mostly because the form of story telling is not casual in this movie....and the audience has to make an effort....
Made me cry...
Marvie Nicole Uy
Only people who understands "Life" will love this movie. I was about to close the movie but it was recomended by a friend I know that has a beautiful perspective about life.. So, I decided to continue and finished it. It was.. The best movie I've watched. Really #mindblowing it was 12am and still didnt had sleep because of the feels.. It made me think.. really deep about life.. Really.. All those bad reviews are made by peoole with narrow minds. I put 100/10. Different lives, different situations but same decissions,.. Maaaaaaaaan...
Philip Knudtson
My favorite thing about this movie is how it uses multiple storylines. Usually you only see that style used in novels. I think the fun of this movie is figuring out the puzzle and finding the meaning that all the stories share. I think that's a really refreshing way to make a movie. I think people didn't like Cloud Atlas more exactly because of the way it's story was told. It was very different and unexpected. I think that's a good thing, but apparently most people don't. If this was a more common and popular way to tell a story I think people would be more open to it.
Mee soO
ahh, best story, phenomenal acting, perfect so far
First Martian
Best movie I ever watch , THANK YOU so much for making this masterpiece!!
This movie is surely one of the best movies ever.....It's like a gift to mankind...and it's screaming...WAKE UP...!!!!! 
"I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And I'll be waiting for you there" Such a powerful line. I will use this as my last message to my twin flame, my unrequited love, moments before I die 🙁
i just love it. it is like nothing else
It's beyond a movie, love from India...
sataporn treeratana
One of the best film
Kevin Porter
a movie as beautiful as its trailer. simply wonderful
Antonija Stanić
Excellent movie! 
Noe Sanchez
I forever will love this Film! What a masterpiece! The acting, directing, score, etc!
L Em
Why do I love this trailer so much lol
kevin chavez
An absolute classic! If I was ever so lucky as to meet Mr. Hanks, I'd thank him for this movie.
Armando Bolanos
What the name of the song at the end?
Making it the most expensive "independent film" of all time. Budget of ~102,000,000
Random, yet ordered so well... Sad, yet so joyful and happy at the times... Mysterious, yet more revealing than you'd ever expect... A mess, but a marvelous one. You can go on and on about this movie and still there would be no end to it. Cause ending is just like death, and death is only a door.
Debbie Metke
I really didn't like it - until the end!  Then I cried and was very moved. Now I have to watch it again, though I kind of hate to.  SO weird.
RobbieCFC1888 W
In my top 5..absolute masterpiece
Kevin Lindgren
Great movie that wasn't portrayed well in the trailer
Heidi Ledbetter
So do you believe in reincarnation?
Jānis Stiprais
Tom Hanks killed Hyu Grant! So SAD! :DD
Minaak SK
Bae Doo Na!! :)
Brad Welton
This is my All-Time favorite movie, it's simply amazing and it has a powerful message on every scene. But I hate when people ask me what's this movie about because it's really hard to explain on a way they can understand it, I normally suggest them to watch it.
Gareth Simpson
Karl Pilkington
I loved this shet. Fucking loved it 
Definitely the deepest, most moving movie I've ever seen
Sh. Osmanov
Just saw Blade Runner 2049 half an hour ago :). This is next.
Masterpiece. Period.
Indeed a great movie, cast, plot etc.... One might accuse people of being stupid, in case it would increase their ego ... but I'm not gonna lie. I had problem to get pieces of this puzzle properly together. And what I truly find needless is a switch among the story lines that occures every 2 and half sentences. Occasionally it was on point but ....
Music: Sonera - Illusions (Thomas Bergersen)
Charles Kim
Watching the first time, I was distracted and confused. The second time around I was awestruck! Completely brilliant!!!
one of the best film. wondering why it is not popular.. it was able to convey its purpose.. I just feel like something's lacking, maybe the editing or sequence of events from one story to another made the plot draggy/flat.. overall, its one of my all time favorite movies.. :) sometimes overthinking kills... and you end up realizing nothing
Tanned Willie
Here's a little tip for you, Sara. You should never try to watch or read any plays by William Shakespeare, the greatest author of all time. Your puny brain would obviously melt.
Tanned Willie
Are you serious? Are you really that shallow? Or are you just a racist? I didn't hear you complaining about when they used makeup to make the Asian actress look WHITE. Go look up the definition of the word reincarnation, you fucking moron.
Alexander Rodriguez
it happen to me too.
Can't get enough of this movie. Sadly, everyone I've recommended it too either falls asleep or turns it off after 30 mins, calling it "dumb". So many people with ADD.
Robert Larsson
All trailers show too much of the movie.. I already decided i was gonna watch it at around 1 minute. Now there's even extended trailers up to 10 minutes.. crazy.
The writer used words you never heard of before just like folks from 500 years ago never heard of Twerking, Google, SNL, and Youtube... it's a common progression of a possible future, especially in the realm of language, vernacular, and speech in general. It makes the movie that much better and the writer that much more genius.
and the reason why it didn't get an award cause this movie is actual fact on observation and it's currently heading there as for the human race being one color...remember russle peter was joking about that.....and until we accept that we are all interconnected we are still gonna be ignorant and have the blind lead up to problems.....WAR is the biggest one's not natural at all
Jaime Ann Graham
I have to respectfully disagree there. While the make-up did somewhat detract from the performances (only in the slightest for me) it was a crucial part in the films theology. The point was that these reincarnations could be anyone; any gender, race, culture, economic background, etc. That the human soul transcended a physical form. The use of yellowface, whiteface and blackface in the movie served the purpose of expressing this, to challenge its audience to look past appearance.
Hong Lin
Best movie ever
To all those people who don't understand the movie/book, here's a very brief explanation. - SPOILER ALERT - All but one of the main characters are re-incarnations of the same person. This is shown by the comet-shaped birthmark on each of these characters. The story itself is actually about the greedy and power-hungry nature of humans. Humans waste themselves with their Smart, hundreds of years from now. Our own human nature brings our own demise. The way the story in is told is amazing.
Anete Rudāne
I love this film!!! One of the best mindfuck ever!!!
Fabian Grip Rösth
Why is this movie so unheard of? The actors are great and the script is amazing
Honestly, they should've kept the white actors white-looking instead of opting for yellowface. It would've made sense for white people to be populating an Asian country, assuming the world of the 2100s is more globalized. Even ballsier, they could've made a subtle commentary on the effect of Westerners permeating, controlling, and perhaps perverting Korean society.
Not to mention the black actress (Halle Berry) playing a Jewish woman and a white (Asian?) man, as well as a white actor (Hugh Grant) playing a very Native-American-looking tribesman and another actor (Hugo Weaving) playing a fat old woman.
Paul Russell
so you didn't notice the Asian actor playing Caucasian?
Jenny Andreasson
not shit?
Not a lot of people know about this film, and that's really upsetting. It breaks your sense of control, direction and leaves you feeling vulnerable to forces within this universe that we have yet to even comprehend. Once the movie ended I felt an overwhelming surge of emotions that left me completely dazed for hours. To put it simply, it has changed my life! :)
Scott Nibert
An absolute masterpiece.
John Tuscan
you don't understand it. if you don't understand something doesn't make it shit
Véronique Lépine
This is one of the most amazing movie i ever saw...
Mateo Michaela
the whole movie is better than trailer. full preview at
sankar sai
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i wish this movie turned out to be good....
Khimby Malunes
Cloud Atlas at
*going in blind don't enjoy it as much as I do. No questions asked when it comes to the soundtrack though. If the main theme doesn't entrance you then there's probably something wrong with you!
I do love this movie, but I know the book off by heart. When I was growing up my mum insisted that I never watch the film version of anything before reading the book version, and I mostly agree with her, but when I look at something like Cloud Atlas, I wonder if I'm missing out, because I have no idea now whether I would love or hate this film as a stand-alone piece of art. I do feel like there's a lot I wouldn't grasp if I hadn't read the book first, and so maybe it's no surprise that people
Doctor Boffin
Be that as it may, the Avengers was great fun. But it is nothing compared to this.
A masterpiece indeed.
destine child
Cloud Atlas at
Josh Miller
this movie sucked a big one, worst anticipated movie of the year...I feel bad for tom hanks for having to be in such a flop of a movie.
Sorry -John 10:34. "Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law (scriptures)(quoting God) 'I have said, you are gods'? And it's Lana and ANDY Wachowski. Check out Reality Shift . c om. "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot, for starters. Who do YOU THINK you ARE?.../havé been? You DO Know.
I will automatically trust the Wachowski "Bros" NOW Lana and _____?Wachowski- whatever! movie they make, I'm there. I love how they Love Women and - does anyone know whats their thing with toilets? ("Bound", Matrix, here in the trailer) A SOUL, as an "extension" of "God" -as gods (Jesus refers to "gods" in John 34:10) want to Experience Everything! -Different races, times, religions, genders, sexualities, dis/abilities, etc., etc... STILL THE SAME SOUL. NO RACISM INTENDED.