Sport Clips

Jason Davis from 103.1 The Buzz recently visited Sport Clips. Here's what you can expect in a hair cut at any Sport Clips location.

Hasani Milner
I always wanted to check this place out but I never see any brothers in the commercials
2:23 One question, What ARE THOOOOSSE
It's funny because most of the clients that come into the shop I work at (Sport Clips) prefer it to their old barber shop.
That's why they are doing that free haircut promotion. The haircut sucks. Barber shops are much better and they do all the extras for free.
DJ Kittrell
How did this cost?
Would be nice with bikini babes dancing, instead of the for little kids only theme.
Tray Phaff
GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how much is a buzz cut here?
Joe Hargrove
Can Black People Come Here ?
jake mcmuffin
I went there a couple of days ago the treatment is unbelievable it's awesome
Carlos Amador
his hair didnt turn out that bad
Mike Radish
How much was the haircut and massage?
Paul Reel
what a lovely lady Id like her to be my hairdresser
Rob Campbell
Awesome Concept. I love SportClips
Nice job sports clips
Prop Paper
I agree with you up to a point I HATE the building , the layout and the flow, ...that is the most uncomfortable environment imaginable As soon as you walk in, and sit in the waiting room with the stadium bleachers seating your back is against the main wall of windows from the parking lot and the street staring at an unimaginative huge wall , the ceiling is 12 To 15 feet tall and painted jet coal black, and no tiles, all the way to then tin roof, exposing all the mechanically and cob webs, the lighting is florescent and LED and badly placed, and suoer super harash. the wall colors are harsh lots of black and blood red coloring, the floors are slick and shinny so sound ;ounces like crazy and echoes, the main room is HUGE and open and the booths are in a circular fashion so your constantly looking at other men in the mirror or directly in the eyes, the technitions all wear uniforms like applebees servers... not casual relaxing everyday clothes... and you have to move around from one spot to the next for different services Combine that with the services that are a bit intimate and it's a recipe for get out as soon as possiable and the whole place trys to look like a locker room from Jr and senior high school, NOT ONE OF MY MORE FAVORITE MEMORYS as I got the Jesus kicked out of me on more then a few occasions 30 plus years ago It's just to open and vast, lots of wasted space that just over powers you, and I feel way to vulnerable... just to much stimulus to relax, to much a scence of unpredictability. But... I loved the staff, they did a great job and knew what they were doing and I would have loved the extra services like the massage work, hair scrubbing and pampering. But it was just ruined by the building environment its self...I just never could relax, just felt like I had to always keep my guard up for what ever came next ... esp a scence, of competiton or maybe an impending feeling of combat with the other dudes in the room... and you can feel the vibe from them as well... the eyes of everyone about 3 of us were like the movie the good bad and ugly, just dancing back and forth from one person to the next If you were athletic,, popular and enjoyed the shower rooms as a young teen boy ... then you may find sports clip to be a great place... but if you were awkward loved science, math and music weighed less then 100 lbs and was going to collage for 4 To 6 years ... sports clips IS NOT THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE. , expect to dradge up those old memories Prop
Mary Ann Johnson
himi/youoyby oo/yoou
I think they gave him the MVP treatment which might cost the most. He should have been able to buy a product to use at home afterward too. Great video, thanks!. I just applied to work there and am doing my research.
crappy place to work
Wilder Lopez
17 bucks, and the worst haircut i have ever had. i have to wait two weeks to go get a real haircut from a barber now. it took two people to do a bad job on my hair. they should have warned me before i sat down "i dont use clippers as much as i do scissors" not after the hack job was done. i would have gone somewhere else
lose the goatee