Yngwie Malmsteen Motherless Child Cover

I always wanted to cover this song. Stacey Donahue was kind enough to throw down some KILLER guitar work for this and my youtube friend SpinPhoenixQ was cool enough to give me his drums/bass/keys track. Thanks to both. As always, I did the vocals. Enjoy!! See more of Stacey here: /> See SpinPhoenixQ's awesome instrumentals here:

yusry yusof
wow amazing....did u hav this backing track
John Talmage
badass sir!
Max Power
This my favourite song from the Eclipse album and you sound very close it, well done awesome.
yusry yusof
where u got backing track..awesome
Dang Kevin! You can still belt out the vocals!  Not to mention Stacey plays the hell out of that guitar! I certainly can't compete with like likes of Stacey et al, but, if you ever feel the urge to collaborate on an more BLS or whatnot, just give me a shout. My guitar has taken a back seat to some of my other hobies as of late, but, I'm getting the urge to bring it out of retirement :)
AJAR Project
very well done
Andres Garcia