The Road To Utopia - Utopia

Live In Columbus 1980

Dave G
were all those vocals just those 4 guys ?
Utopia was at the top of their game in these years... only YES, and perhaps KANSAS had more refined arrangements and vocal harmonies than Todd & the boys.
Craig Martin
I saw this tour when it came to San Jose, CA that year. To this day, it ranks in my top 5 all time favorite concerts.. From beginning to end, the show was killer. A few selections from Hermit was included... They opened w/ Road to Utopia, of course.. Todd's voice sounded trashed in the first few bars.. and then, miraculously, he was fine... Great band.
TP Radottr
Todd Rundgren..... Totally a freak.. but such talent.
William Prieto
When they played at the Greek Theater the drummer had a drum set that looked like a motorcycle and it spun in a circle!
If this was the Dec. 28 show at Vets Memorial ... I was with about 8 of my friends at this show.
California Rocker
Unless you were lucky enough to see this band, it's hard to imagine how truly great these Utopia performances were.
Donde Merlin
Nice little bass run by Kasim right before the guitar solo!
William Prieto
Thanks for uploading....saw them in southern California in 1980 at the Greek Theater!
Vets... West Broad?
HarryRunt danu
@DaddyClb You Betcha My Friend...more to long as they let me live in here...Take Care Bro...
Ahhh, I remember it well. What a show it was. Thanx, Danu!
1980 Edwardsville Il, Willie had that octo /motorcycle set ...Great show with Ambrosia opening. Saw Todd about thirteen times since.......Big Todd fan!
Utopia on tour 2018
Ted Rood
Saw this show in Des Moines in May 1980, CAN NOT WAIT to see the reunion tour May 9th in St Louis!
Thomas Selston
And may i bless the issness for firstly finding todd and also keep on keeping on the road to utopia forever in todd we trust
sara cheri
So wonderful! luvmesometodd!
TODD is the best musician to me.
Todd Fan
Just love this song and band!!!
Hask 2112