LORN - ANVIL [Official Music Video]

The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network "Anvil" is released. A fusion of both Japanese and Belgian comics inspirations and sensibilities, such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira or Peeters & Schuiten's work. "Anvil" invites us on a journey through the eyes of a young woman in her final moments on earth. Artist: Lorn Title: Anvil Label: Wednesday Sound Directed by GERIKO (Hélène Jeudy & Antoine Caëcke) Design, Script & Animation by Antoine Caëcke & Hélène Jeudy Character Animation by Anthony Lejeune & Manddy Wyckens // Links // LORN /> /> GERIKO Contact: [email protected] /> /> /> VIMEO LINK : /> SXSW OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 SEEYOUSOUND OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 RSC SHORTFILM FEST OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 ART FUTURA OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017

Eric Peru
Something I find terrifying: Dying and realizing I should have payed a few bucks more for the commercial free version of the afterlife.
I took this video and then watched some acid
Luke Hassenkamp
Feel like this sort of animation would have done well in an episode of Love, Death and Robots.
Evan Amo
Wouldn't it suck if it was just a scam and people were willingly walking into suicide machines but there was no actual digital afterlife? That's a scary thought.
A Duck
I need this song tattooed in my ears
It's just sad that she had to die that way.... She didn't even flinch walking in there to submit herself to death.. I have so many questions for her... "The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network "Anvil" is released"
Why Popcorn
Me: *opens the exam paper* My brain: 1:59
i just discovered Lorn tonight..... holy shit hes got some good tunes
Laura Schlieselhuber
Welcome to San Junipeiro.
1:28 i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
If its thicc, I click
Jon Mandelbaum
They should expand this to feature film length and keep Lorn onboard
Dmitrij Berlinskij
This clip is NOT about future. Its about TODAY. We give up our real LIVE lifes to be present virtually.
So, in a world where your death is scheduled even if you're young, you are left with one choice to make before taking the plunge:Death with adsDeath without ads for an extra fee
Travis Cahoon
All she did was choose the nachos :/
This needs to get to cyberpunk 2077, that will be a good trippin ;D
This makes me feel irrevocably depressed
Bleeding Skies
Lorns music is something else. This track is dark and ancient sounding. I want to say that the underlying hymn gives it some sort of religious overtone. The visuals and story of "Ana Cassini" give a bleak outlook on our future that matches the songs tone. It feels like the video is speaking to a deeper unconscious societal issue that we'll face in the near future.
Ricardo Gonzalez
This song was ahead of its time. Flumes new mixtape is engineered much like this song
Canthro the Canthro
there is a world deep within my mind which i have not yet discovered
Silver Hoof
amazing dude brought be back to this acid trip I had once lol great job on the visuals lol
lucas amter
Seemed like suicide through abstraction... Maybe its my negative POV.. but it looked sad to me...
Seems like a transhumanist-social media ai upload into the techno Mark of the Beast system. No thanks i'd prefer to die in the redwoods and return my atoms to the earth while my soul migrates to heaven.
Now this is the sort of video I would like to experience in VR.
joel swenson
This gets me pumped for cyberpunk 2077, anyone else?
I had a great idea while i watched this. Life, death, and an endless cycle of rebirth, only to discover one day that you gave up life for a digital existence in an effort to prevent overpopulation. I am alive. What if im not? What if who i used to be made this decision, and through countless lifetimes i changed to become someone who would never abandon life, and this struggle and realization shatters my mind. But in this digital existence there is no end, there is no escape, so it all just begins again. You can pay me royalties if you make that movie, i think itd be a good one.
M Musashi
Somehow, stumbled onto this in a playlist and have to say: "what imagination". I had to stop what I was doing and pay attention to this wonderful video, thanks to whoever created this delight.
Mikhail Pacheco
I'm just thinking maybe she killed herself, she was 27 years old...
L Pharmer
I want to colour this in like a colouring book
This video both frightens and entices me at a very primal level that I don't understand, as if experiencing what was and what will be at the same time
Tato Noot
I cant stop watching this. Its just amazing.
A physical morgue with a virtual afterlife. ☠️ 🔜 💻
"This Is the end oscar, I hope you enjoy this"
Julian Niedzwetzki
0:35 Harry Potter flashbacks! And later in the video...: Ghost in the Shell
Rob Bradley
It's all fun and games until somebody gets uploaded.
Peter Young
those urns contain the cremated remains of people’s bodies after they’ve been uploaded
N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s
LORN is life
What's wrong with idea to become digital incorporal being? Ah yes! Did you notice, how laggy is that form of being? Barely you should become software, until you have some power over your hardware.
Марсель Пруст
The strongest thing of LORN
Literal Jesus
Its a dystopia, the once place we wish to be but at the same time we dread it.
I have no words just wow😳😳😳😳 but it was truly amazing great work guys the song and anime just. wow
i'm on the right side of youtube again
Jason Jackson
Film clip more than inspired by the film clip for Trent Reznor's Happiness In Slavery
I've listened to this song at least a thousand times in the last couple months.
Seona Pink
The character looks like MOMO from TWICE😳😳😳🤔
Eris Aesel
That face when overpopulation is still just a myth, lmao
Lorn for stranger things 2 soundtrack
El Chico de las Pestañas Largas
Master Piece. 👌💛🙈😍
Josh Ripple
well, this was fucken beautiful.
WTF is this, other than, amazing?! Thanks for blowing my mind, and introducing me to some amazing new musik.
Steven McDougall
was like a trip on dmt
Mulan orders nachos then dies.
I watched this when I was trippin balls, what an experience damn
Mike Rogers
Fathoms deep music for the soul right here let’s get philosophical thank you
I believe it's called colonizing Mars? Or the Moon? No? Suicide it is then. Unless this an allegory for social media, in which case it makes a lot more sense.
Zozo Games
*I stole this* Man logging into facebook looks a lot harder in 2100
John Smith
I was wondering. What if a program accessing your brain could release you into a malleable, dreamy virtual world of your choosing, while at the same time making you forget about your real life, and even your existence as a physical entity. Where you just become a bodiless being, totally free of pain and mental suffering, and perhaps filled with sensuality. It would be like a powerful escapist drug.
Gor Mor
Feels like Soviet animation of 70 - 80es.
Another Lorn video that makes you feel dead.
why did this bring tears to my eyes
Real Radix
This track has a very strange effect on me. It pulls very deep strings of my inner world. It's so disturbing and relaxing in the same time. Listening to this is like to be on the edge between dream and awareness, like single moment separate me from discovering something incredible fabulous and unthinkable. Something that I forgot when I was born.
Tegan Wilkinson
Sick game trailer, whens release?
the homing beacon
suggestive & evocative. I appreciated it...
Computer tentacles - It is ingeniusly!
i will get 10k subs with videos
The visuals remind me soo much of Samurai Jack. And the audio.....the audio is fantastic
That moment when you realize it's not VR, it's a form of euthanasia.
alus nova
If it were only that beautiful and symbolic to choose death..... 💀 🥀
Ballsack Teebaghard
This is the matrix the way I've always wanted it.
I want to see more of this city; the billboards are dope af
Christoph Tasch
Months ago, I had a Dream about Hell. A world so silent and calm, filled only with black and white. Seeking for forgiveness. Sooo eh, thanks Lorn. For the Soundtrack to my so calm but beatifull Nightmare 👍
mr lordsaif
oh i get it, so shes sending her mind to the virtual world and at the same time killing herself?
Joey Mulligan 904
Damn the places my bipolar psychosis takes me.
Kekistani de Venequistan
This unironically is terrifing
Man Made Tristan
this song gives me ghost in the shell vibes. GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I just discovered LORN today, his songs are just INCREDIBLE, especially this one, it appeals to me as a MANGA reader. NICE ONE!!!. LOVE LORN<3
This is depressing af. It's still awesome though. A true work of art.
Savon Blanchard
Everything about this is perfect. The music. The animation style. The concept. Why haven't I found this sooner?
Idk why but I cried
Es lo que es
I'm really shocked about what you have achieved... can I ask some hint of how you did it, cinema 4d+someting more? I will love just a hint. Abraxas Ø
B leck
This totally sounds like daft punk samples being reversed.
Kayex Beats
This is a cardinal synth of EDM right here
Frederik claeys
Dark, but enlightening at the same time
i get a strong Aeon Flux vibe from this, very artsy
Paul Pat loyal
No I didn't Love you! But what I know is I love you still!
Probably not Faputa
Music, don't creep me out please
Duncan Swart
This is undoubtedly my new favourite song, the music made me feel like I was there with her. Nice job on both the animation and the track.
Dark and disturbing, yet beautiful and strangely comforting. I will never forget this video.
Fernando Estevez rodriguez
Only she lived 27 years, that's so depper and make you reflect about your life and think what the hell ate you foing with this only live we had
Play this song at my funeral.
Рональд Секвейра
True DMT real-time expierence
Salem D.
Look's like a suicide machine and it all ends in a cinerary urn. What a Future 👍 And..... Great Art, more please 😎
This animation was fascinating, is emotionally controversial ... the transcendence of the human consent to the virtual realization. I love it!!!... visual Art!!!
puff 4puff
I listened to his while on green and I had the craziest out of body experience ever. It was crazy and terrifying.
Oscar Thorpe
what genre of music is this?
athena christine music
This is such a beautiful composition
Boo Radley
People in the 1950s thought the modern world would resemble this in year 2000.
Spent half an hour in full screen mode screenshotting wallpapers, time well spent.
Raphael Yaghdjian
This song, over a glass of whiskey. You and your own thoughts. Feels like a drug.
X23Evo Gaming
Ok, so this is nearly an identical concept to the anime from early 90s called "Serial Experiments Lain". Probably one of the best I have seen which also is said to have had an inspiration on the popular film "The Matrix".
little sad vibe about this canopic jar reference awesome
I dont know why but I really like this track there is something mysterious in him