My venus flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) incredible growth!

Hi all, thanks for the views! I just set up a photo gallery about macrophotography. My shots are a stunner! Please check it out here:

that white spider is stealing all the protagonism.
BlackBean Stew
oh god mario's worst nightmare
The equivalent of a deathstar to flies
Admiral Fyyar
(buzzing) "That insect is still... <•_<• 'buzzing'. (more buzzing) Won't get away... ⌂_⌂ Anyway..." I laughed at that part. xD Beautiful mega collection you've built up there, that is certainly one healthy pot-o-screams!
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*2017 UPDATE* PLZ?
Elias Lemus
What material is your pot?
Amiel Maharaj
i want an audio clip of you saying dionea muscipula to give to all my lady friends to get their juices flowing
Derk Nizotts
Did i understand you correctly?  You're one original plant produced all those traps?  If so brava.
Please do a 2016 update!
Essie S
2018 update please!
Tony Aragones
will you do a care video?
The red means they are healthy
In-Depth Gaming
Thats a living minefield wtf
Kenneth 209
Usually when the leaves are red that means you have good humidity
Pentothal 999
I am not able to understand how you have that incredible pot of VFTs and are showing a squarish spider. I mean, it is nice, but.... You should do a repotting video. I bet that will be INSANE. Flytraps everywhere...
Well thats a pretty dumb looking squared spider.
what's up with the white spider scene? btw would venus flytraps keep my garden cleaner from insects?
Honey I Shrunk the Kids' worst nightmare. :D Truly an amazing plant you've got yourself here, sir. Is it still thriving today?
Mark Healey
Nice video and great song. One of my uncle's met Pete Jolly after a concert many years ago. Love the music and you sharing your magnificent plants.
Never seen such a beautiful spider. And I planted Venus fly trap today 12/26/14
Charles Maunder
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Your English is excellent, don't be silly. Please post more videos.
Russ Quibuyen
Hello sir! Thanks for sharing your video. I was wondering if you could update us on your plants. Please make another video, thanks again!
Beautiful pictures and video.
Floyd Robinson
awsome plant bro! i just got one, hoping to get something simular going on. thanks for posting video.
Zsolt Mezei
wúúúúúúúú! oo!
These are a few of my favorite things.....!
you have so many!! very nice i just planted some seeds i bought :)
Dante Cardamone
did you feed the spider to the venus fly trap if not how come?
Tom Morris
That is an AMAZING plant!
How is the climate ? Are they in a green house or in the open?
I really like the photos of that spider. It has so much character.
Daz Pleiadi
What happens if a trap bites another trap
UGH IM JELIOUS! Im having so much trouble growing mine!
David Bransky
Moto Bene! Grazie.
wow you are the flytrap king
It's an awesome plant! it must have like you said a lot of other plants living together, great video, i'm gonna buy a dionaea Muscipula, hoping someday it will get that big, create an update video for your plant!
Carni Leaves
Quanto è cresciuta nel mentre...?2 ettari?
How often do you change the soil? Yearly?
Steven Byrd
Love fly traps!! I want to grow one. What kind of soil are yours planted in? Thanks for the video.
Fun 2 3 Stop animation
Ok it's spring now!!! Lol where is the update you said you'd do on the Venus Flytrap?
Roy To
Wow that's a beautiful plant
Brien Hoyle
What kind of soil do you use? Thanks!!! Beautiful Plant!!! Great JOB!!!
MC Mystic Messenger
What is the best thing to plant a Venus Fly trap in?
Oh, it's so beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! :)
Wolfgang Dibiasi
Wehre are you from? 😎
Nano Experiment
Hi! What type of soil do you plant them in? They grow so well! Thank you!
That plant is fuokews awesome!
Kaka krabby patty
take off the classical music now put 2016 doom music makes the fly trap look like a big threat
Stellan Jara
What soil do you grow your VFT in? Could you give me some growing tips please?
Rodolfo Emmanuel Prieto Flores
how many years have your plant
Best I’ve seen. Amazing. Goals.
Chase Alander
I need a name for one. Thx
Jasenka Mada
Gosh more than 300 traps there. Oh and your leaves become red if they are a bit older
dam dthats amazing! how do they all stay fed?!!
D&R Diamond Co.
do you still have them on 2019?
Cilena Durston-Slane
What music is this?
Rod Spalding
I just bought a dionaea and I need tips for its care plz
amazing! i just got one today !!! i hope i grow it like yours!!:)
Glen Byrne
how long from planting the seed, does it take for it to start growing
taleandclaw rock
What is your husbandry and conditions for this beautiful plant, please? When and how do you repot?
Jam r
whats the scientific name for that specific fly trap not fly traps in general
Irving Merino Espinoza
WWOOOO!!! and the crabs spiders!! is so amazing!! CONGRATS
Farm the Corn
if all those were combined they could swallow a human
zayd ashraf
how do you keep them alive like that???????
Amiel Maharaj
Fokews man, fokews on der leaf!!! Lol sorry, your accent is awesome. Nice pot of traps btw. They're different colours because they're seed grown (I think) so they all express different genes, if thats the right word
There could be over 100 different plants in that, you might wanna start splitting and replanting.
Jaarondavis ADHD
Pretty cool/God has made very beautiful things all around us.
Ciompec D
Hi,how old have?Very nice plant
This is the video that inspired me to grow my own big pot of flytraps.
Video Bryan
Let's get a 2017 update!
Kendahke M
That is an impressive plant. I would be interested in an update. I've just started growing mine, so I'd like to see how you wintered the plant.
Wow. Fantastic photography. The stills are amazing, and that white spider shot belongs on the cover of National Geographic. I wish I knew your secrets to raising such a healthy plant; I'm just getting started with a single healthy plant.
Thank you for posting the video of your Venus fly traps. They are very healthy.
Warren Lyon
You need to show us what has come of the venus fly trap (sea o teathl
Glen Byrne
cheers kyle
I once heard the redder the better
Marko Stojanovic
How do you feed that thing? How long does it take?
Yury Gitman
Very very nice. I'm inspired by how many you've grown. Cool wide layout for plants.
William Albert
You definitely have a green thumb when it comes to cultivating D. muscipula.
countessarcadius Ty
Beautiful..... Both the spider and the plant, I can't believe how ,many heads you have
Kelsey W
The traps get red when exposed to lots of sun light which is good
Alejandra Montenegro
vogliamo un nuovo video!!!
You only planted 1 plant?
Kenneth Reyes
A giant pot of DC XL! You need a pot of those!
Piranha Plant
Fun fact: That is a lot.
Umang Gupta
please please can you tell me how can i grow this venus fly trap from seeds herby request thankyou
Žderka biljka mesožderka
How do you transplant this thing? :)
freedom dove
A lady working at the store where I bought my VFT said that the pinkish red traps are the newest ones formed. Idk if that's true or not; this is the first VFT I've ever had so I don't have any experience with them yet.
Update video please
Cassidy Sauer
whenever I buy them they dieeeee !!!!!!! I don't touch them I water them with rain water I don't change the soil or anything I've watch so many videos on the to look after them and it's confusing cause one channel says to put them in full sunlight others say in shaded spots. so I don't know what to do if anyone can help me pleaseeeee. any tips I need to know or that cause I love these plants and I want a pot this big and full of the plants like his. but they die in the first week :( please help me. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
99 problemz
that is awsome
wow what a great trap and a beautiful looking spider
Crafty Aims Workshop
That is awesome! Beautiful!
pedro londoño
how much time with this plant?
real man show
2018 update please
mmmmmmm yummy ,where's the thousand island dressing
Steven Matheson
August 2018 update please !!