Data - One in a Million (Redial Remix)

Song: One in a Million Artist: Data Remixed by: Redial ...For a limited time only.... watch the prim and proper learning process. and the massacre of multiple respectable dance styles haha.

Oh my god...I can see how much you've improved from this. It's insane!! But, I still think that you did good in this one.
i love how when he makes a mistake and he drops he just lays there for a few seconds
How does he even manage to lift his weight with only one hand? His hands are so skinny.
Brutally Honest Car Reviews
Good moves bro, I could do that id I drank 1000 cups of coffee and was not faty
This whole video is adorable with you giving the floor so many hugs. And then it hit 2:27, and that was cool.
Anna Pórszász
2:54 it is dead again?:D
I am amateur, but I do better shit.
Richard Hoang
Richard Hoang
rba guy
respectin' dancin'
Kevin Choi
holy fuck you'd learn bboying so fast if you spent all your time to it...
Hamza Alioua
1:01 it is dead ?
Sidney Le
And thus Guile was born.
cool! but that soft carpet is awesome :)
it is amazing how much energy you find in music. BIG UPS!
alexander avalos
jajajajajajajjajajajaja this fun
Jay Posival
you rock bro, keep up the good work!!
Olivia Schubiger
yeeah man, you rock!! :D
Samuel Wanner
Batman Pose at 1:20
David Meeker
so fucking cool haha I'm terribly jealous of your style(:
Zennith Weiss
lol this guy is fucking awesome i love how he just plays around for a while
You gotta respect this kid, total props man.
ur a maniac keep smashin it!!!!
dan dewbar
@ThePewpie yeah for 0,02 second he was thinking, damn i fall and the other 3 seconds, he said, so what, like a real champ!
you make it look so effortless.... good for you! keep dancing man!
Florent Martin
TEcktonik !! O my god !
@secretdesires to show that you don't always land it on the first take. it takes practice and it shows that it isn't always as easy as it looks. And not every video on youtube is supposed to be people being amazing at something. I respect him, he's not just doing it to impress.
@secretdesires to show that you on always get it on the first take and that its harder than it looks. I respect the idea
Overall pretty dope n 4 those peeps who don't know breakdancing can wear u out in a second I'm surprised he managed 2 pull 1/2 da stuff lol...props
Lmfao!! why would he post this on youtube?? couldn't he have rehearsed this first or cut out the bad parts??
lol, keep pressing 6
@skalphon thats right!!!
I bet he gets all the bitches at the club
Patrick Walston
ya bro good luck trying to pick up if your doin shit like that at a rave or club. just sayin its not a dance off its a place to get a booty call fucked up.
Thibaud Gerard
2:25 ..........
Thibaud Gerard
2:03 ............
Waiting for all of the trash talkers to post a video of them doing better. Amount of people who have made a video of them doing better: 0.
Brittany Davila
The only reason he lays there for so long is because he's trying to catch his breath. JUST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW.
Brittany Davila
Sexayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!(;♥ Lmao.
the windmill looks hard =P
I think this video is him practising new things he learned, don't be to hard on the guy, this shit is hard. Plus if you see some of his new videos, he's really good.
youre to cool for the world
Kristina Petrova
Are the FAIL moments on purpose?! o.O
Adam Nemčík
dude f***k haters, dance if you wanna i like your style
LMFAO! 0:59!
Bro ur awesome fuck all thoses haters there will always be haters in the world no matter what. haha Sick ass moves grat Tecktonik with some mix of break hahah
Arpy sZ
@thepixelninja1 nahhh do fuck off :D....let him do what he wants
Rick Ricky
Not at his best, but still he IS the best.
:59 secs was a Fail....-_-
this is the only sign i have ever seen that you became tired and weak... but it still kicked ass!!
i love he falls and keeps goin, he's like " fuck, might aswell keep goin with the rest of it"
Stephen Mc Grath
baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahah!! almost a face plant lol.. good work man love the vids
Remi Lbl
LOL to 0.57s
Izzy c
this is amazing
Merrilee Garrett
haha the fall was awesome!! just to awesome, good moves man
@graecoromanus lol, if I didn't know better, I would have said it was planned. But this guy is too good to fall like that I think. It would still take me a few centuries to get this good, so I am in no position to judge :D
perfecting the 'play dead' freeze is see there...
Harry Ritchie
hahahahahhaha 0:59 gonna take a rest buddy?
Could need some practice on the breakdance :D Not gonna say it's easy to do and therefore hard to miss a few times!
Daniela Zerlauth
you're even awesome when you fail ^_^ thanks for sharing your learning process!
Sharona Jina
you should go on america's got talent
Agnieszka Wróblewska
amazingly funny guy :)
This is so damn funny, kind of how I look like when making fun of things :D
I don't think most of you get it... Read the description, this is him in the learning process seeing what works and what doesn't So the fails are in there on purpose...
George Alaveras
did you watch yourshelf before the uploading??trololol!
@youmakemesick94 I will you see, making this first time!^^
Róbert Kiss
Maybe the "fail" is the part of the coreography.
pedro ramirez
hahahahaha 0:59
Dub Repvblik
why doesnt he breakdance more :/ ? more breakdancing-foot work,power moves,waving, tutting, popping, etc in your vids adds to the awesomeness
I laughed at 0:59 but I think that was intended, he would've took it out overwise? Dude, they're some sick moves! Keep it up!
David Bundy
nice astro-turf carpeting you got yourself there
Chelsea Callaway
I love to watch you dance. You are really AmAzInG.
I want more bboy vids <3 You're awesome.
XD Love how you recovered. Good dance nonetheless. Lovin' the energy.
when you fall the song says one more time! awesome!!!!!
Tseliso Campbell
was 0:59 a fail? or was that part of your routine?
lol 1:54-1:55
Nick Kooistra
@flyingvish xD
@FoxrotPs3 hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha­hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha­hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha­hhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhah­ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahah­ahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah­hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha­hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha­hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha­hahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahh­ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah­ahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah­ahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahha­hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha­hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha­
Nick Kooistra
Edgaras Benediktavicius
hahahahhahah ;D
Nezz zz
2:04??? O_o What is that move dude??^^^Cause it seems like it's on purpose!^^
Adriana Paola Enciso Alvarez
hummm 1:53 very sexy!
Jay Millzz
Keeping the fail in is awesome. Dude... mix in some ROBOT every now and then.
stick to tektonik man. looks nicer than your paralympic bboy moves.
Wyatt Hicks
Elviz Lugo
this is soo epic fail.. haha aand funny (: ***
Irakli Gasviani
Romain Patte
He didn't fail at's part of the choregraphy!
hahahahhaha this is so great!!!! you're still such a natural!!
So natural! *loves*
lolol classic reaction "well fuck it I'm already down here.... what was next again?" xD
Ieuan Mcleod
Michelle R
james sproule
13 sec in man you got a mean right hook!! if this dancing craic dosent work out take up boxing!! I reackon you should go pretty good...
Cool vid!
Jacqueline F
Hehehehe, you just lay there after you fall. :P I admire that, I would be wayyy to embarrassed to do that.