Big Box Of Toys Challenge! 80's, 90's, 00's Whats in there?!

Holy box of stuff Batman! Make your Box Of Stuff video and post it here or at Transformers & Such FB group

i have some of these bins but less and less because i organize my stuff as it piles up and then have to get rid of the older stuff!! I just seen that same BK R2-D2 at my value village, I was wondering what it was from, the batteries were also dead!!  i need self space to display all my marvel legends...and when i say all my marvel legends, i mean all marvel legends!! i love how when you're done showing us a toy you just toss it on the table with the lot of them..."ok, I'm done, lets move on" i'm looking to get a set of those Commandrons ...had them as a kid...been looking to get them again!! you love the heart foundation!! great showing|!!
Nice box of Tutt you have there. I'll try and do one of these myself if I get the time.
Tony Auletta
All kinds of surprises in this bad boy. Challenge accepted brother. Let me see what I can scrounge up. Love the video bro. 👍
Tommy Static_Barricade
Haha Awesome man. I have that Solarius McDonald's toy still. It still walks and rolls bro. Great video man. Hope you had a Awesome Bday yesterday EH. See you this wknd to drop off RID Ratchet and Titans Return Gnaw. Have a Good Day EH!!
Mike Kaess
This is such a good box! Lots of memories! Kinda like when I did mine last year! I wish I had another to do!
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
RIP Ironhide, Weapons Specialist
Man this sounds like a fun challenge. I would so do this if I didn't throw away the toys I had as a kid. That was a time I was growing up and wasn't a collector. Born in the mid 90s and growing up in the late 90s and early 2000's there were so many cool toys. I think I had that McDonald's Jetstorm. Younger Transformers fans like myself had Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Great times of being a kid.
Mike Kaess
The commtech chips! You had to buy the commtech reader to get them to talk and they sounded like absolute shit! But they doubled as stands for the figures so I liked them. The Yoda and R2 came from KFC/Taco Bell (they were the same company) in 1996/7 for the release of the Star Wars special editions.
Joe Bowditch
I want that lighter I got a fire convoy one for Christmas
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
repaint them into decepticons
Beefatron Convoy
I find it funny a fire extinguisher came out right after you took out obi wan. Spray the co2 on anakin hell yeah! I had opened all of my stored toys these past few years. But I also packed some up and stored them in boxes. Will do a vid once I find something :) great one man keep it up!
Kragin Bush
Yeah you need the chip readers from episode one toy line
6sh0t & All in a Blurr
My brother, that is one sound box you have there again, I am jealous because I have no such box of old stuff laying around, all my old toys were given away by the parental units when I hit my teens, so I am having to get back things over time, which is way more pricey now than it ever was back in the day, but its so damn nice seeing people get out their memories and just reminisce the olden days, a more civilised time.