Top 10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond

Top 10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond Subscribe /> After Daniel Craig’s roles in Casino Royale, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace and Spectre, which actor will be cast as the next James Bond and sit in the famous Aston Martin seat in Ian Fleming's 007 spy movie franchise. WatchMojo looks at possible castings Eric Bana, Idris Elba, Mathew Goode, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Clive Owen, Damian Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, etc. Previous actors who have used Q’s amazing gadgets and reported to M (played by Judi Dench) in Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Goldfinger, Dr No, From Russia, With Love and Octopus include Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig. Could Bond be played by a woman? /> WatchMojo's social media pages: /> /> /> Special thanks to our users Glen Vloemans and Hagen Nelson for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at /> Check out the voting page here, /> Watch on WatchMojo: /> Get WatchMojo merchandise at /> WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

Best Actor would be Sean Bean. ( No one would expect the HUGE plottwist )
John Hillerman - He's Not British, but pulled off a perfect accent as Higgins on Magnum PI.
We need another Sean Connery.
Devi Parasar
I'm not getting the bond vibe from any of them.
beetle juice
PC brigade is strong in this video, James Bond is not black according to Fleming, so no Elba
I like Idris Elba. He's a very good actor. But he shouldn't be Bond. Let me ask you something...would you want a woman to play Bond? A woman shouldn't because that's not what 007 is. I'm not racist or sexist, but Bond should be a white man.
Alex Menyar
I’m not a racist but James Bond 007 can’t be black. Can we even imagine Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction as a redhead ?!!!
Brachial Plexus
and leonardo di caprio should play the black panther
bane banely
Actually now that I think about it. Clive Owen would absolutely crush that role. In a good way I mean. He's someone I'd love to see as Bond. Hes so smooth and calm and angry. Sin City ? "Im Shelley's new boyfriend...and im out of my mind..."
Tom Egelhoff
Clive Owen — Hands down — the rest are just wimpy pretty boy window dressing. Bond was an actual man until political correctness neutered him. That's how we got Craig. Owen is a real man.
the Revolution
I love tom hardy but I think he would be a better bond villain than 007 himself
Joe Cap
Sean Connery at 87 would still be better--
ricardo simon
None of them,and please not a black 007.
I don't agree with this list.
Maria Kroko
I would like Richard Armitage as JB.
Inzam Haque
clive owen
Abhishek Sharma
Age is not on his side but would've loved to see Clive Owen as bond.
Maybe Bruce Willis should play Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4. Let's test to see how well that would be received to expose the inevitably hypocritical backlash that would be showcased by the same people (Liberals, SJWS, and extreme progressives) that push for Caucasian characters to be black. Politics aside... Tom Hardy would be the quintessential James Bond actor. No questions about it.
User OBD
Clive Owen deserves a number 1 spot!
See? Those are your tears, man.
Armitage or Fassbender would be perfect
Top 10 actors who shouldn't play James Bond.
Clive Owen, then Cumberbatch and then Fassbender. My choices
At Hunkydory
I'd love to see Nikolaj as James Bond, such an underrated actor.
Grecia Valerio
Sigh. For years I always rooted for Clive Own as Double O Seven, but then Michael Fassbender was mention here and now I'm like.... Ugh.... yep. Fassbender for the win.
You lost me at Idris Elba... SMH
Barton Porter
MIchael Fassbender is my pick!
viraj sawant
fassenbender or cavill
davie partridge
James McAvoy Charlie Hunnam Dougray Scott Nicholas Hoult Gerard Butler the bad guy could be Rami Malek Daniel Brühl Stephen Graham Mackenzie Crook.
Karl Bonacua
Huge Jackman or Michael Fasbender 👌
Alfred Bennet
I don't think Idris Elba would be a good choice. A secret agent working in Europe has to be able to blend into the crowd. A Black man would stand out and be noticeable.
Reagan King
Henry Cavill.
Joost Hermes
Clive Owen, he will be Bond...
Stephen Nelson
Matty Worth
Samual Longhorn Clements, better known as Mark Twain wrote a book called 'Huckleberry Finn'. I think that Benedict Cumberbatch could be a candidate to play 'Jim'. Seriously, if skin colour is not an issue, as long as Benedict adopts a 'deep south' accent then happy days. It wouldn't be true to the book, but neither would Idris be to Flemings novels...
None of these should play James Bond. Ever!
Sad Keanu
Christopher Nolan's James Bond Christian Bale As James Bond Morgan Freeman As Q Michael Caine As M Marion Cotilard As Moneypenny Aaron Eckhart As Felix Leiter Anne Hathaway As The Bond Girl Gary Oldman As The Bond Villain Tom Hardy As The Henchman Leonardo DiCaprio As The Bond Ally Cillian Murphy As 2nd Bond Villain Ken Watanbe As The 2nd Bond Ally Guy Pearce As The 3rd Bond Villain Pure Christopher Nolan Casting
Baskerville Bee
Richard Armitage The voice. 😍
Zain Chupacabra
Ewan McGregor could be good, but at the end of the day maybe they should cast a new actor. You never know. After all, all of the people currently being bounced around just aren't that great.
M Molenda
Michael Fassbender Tom Hardy Jason Stratham Tom Hiddleston Clive Owen Any of these men would be an excellent James Bond
Hiddleston, Fassbender, and Hugh Dancy are perfect for the role imo, the rest are great actors but don't fit for the role
No Henry Cavill? For real?
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
Good options for the role: -Stuart Townsend -Jai Courteney -Luke Hemsworth
Henry Cavill is the perfect english gentleman to play 007 and he has the credentials.
Tom Hardy has always been the right guy since Inception. Tom Hiddleston is also on par. Both are the best for the role but it’s never that kind of actor. They will pick someone from a TV show in the Uk or someone in the background on the brink of mega stardom. That’s how they always do it. Maybe the guy who played Rob Stark? It will be someone like that.
Clive Owen would be the most natural choice frankly...
Clint Pot
Jason Isaacs (The Patriot), Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen would be my top 3.
Tom Ellis should be up in the top 10 for 007. He has class, looks like a male model and buffed out even though he recently turned 40.
Jan Pop
ummm...pretty much any english dude with an english accent can play bond. DUH
Silent Refusal
Clive Owen and Hugh Jackman's chance to play James Bond has long gone. My 2 best picks from this list would be Andrew Lincoln and Richard Armitage. Richard Armitage hands down the best.
Clive Owen would be awesome. Definitely my choice.
Yannick Bisson, Canadian actor and star of the television series Murdoch Mysteries, is my pick he has all the qualifications of being James Bond... he has the looks, and the star quality...he has been in show business for 30 yrs and is only 49 yrs old.... and he is a great actor....
Yutivo Reyes
Your number 1 is a complete miss. Nothing but a politically correct choice. Bond is Caucasian, tall dark but not black, sorry.
I literally leaped out of my seat at seeing Richard Armitage on this list. YES PLEASE.
M Giar
Aidan Turner
Tom Hiddleston, Clive Owen, and Michael Fassbender are top for me. I think Clive and Michael would make a great, classical bond, but I'd love to see how Tom Hiddleston might pull it off cuz I don't think he's really the typical Bond type of guy. I would also love to see Idris Elba in the role, but there is some merit in the arguments for the fact that Bond is... well, white. However, Hollywood has a looong history of casting white actors to play characters of other races, so why not vice versa?
Chris Hemsworth.   He is the most gorgeous man alive.  100% Bond!
orlando magic
clive owen would definetely be the reasonable choice! for me aside from of course sean connery, pierce brosnan was the perfect fit to ever played the role of bond! bond is not about muscle but looks, charisma and the confidence to have that swag!
Joan Hammond
Definitely Richard Armitage. He's so versatile! (And totally dishy...) Idris Elba a close second, then Clive Owen.
Rayhan Sajib
Hugh Jackman 1st choice for 007 Clive owen 2nd choice for 007
Clive Owen for me - Daniel Craig has always been wrong for the part - what happened to Tall Dark and Handsome???? Craig has a tight physique but, his skin looks like hamburger on screen - better buy the old fashioned filters and pancake makeup to smooth him out for today's technology.........
What about Gabriel Macht....Harvey specter:)
Tom hiddleston or Richard Armitage ... best of the list!
amr khaled
Michael fassbender Jason statham Tom hardy And maybe Clive owen They all deserve to play as James bond But your list well you should name it top 10 actors shouldn't play james bond
Tarkovsky Tarr
Michael Fassbender is perfect for 007
Lars Armbrecht
Bale would be great, or Tom Hiddleston
filipa miranda
I think Simon Baker would be great as James Bond
Ammar Jafar
Tom Ellis. Fresh to Hollywood, British, black hair & looks good in a tux.
Vampir Tara
No.1! Here we go again with the social justice Warriors and their political correctness. Okay Mojo I'm done with you!
Keith Kimmel
N. C. Waldo. ~ Young enough for several films and a whole lot like Daniel Craig. Idris Elba would make a greater M! Whenever Ralph Finnes decides to retire!
colin logue
I don't think it could be Idris Elba he is a fantastic actor but I think that Ian Flemming described Bond as the quintessential Anglo-Saxon naval officer and I think that do's not describe Idris.
I hope whoever the next Bond is, he brings that edge of roughness and ruggedness Craig brought to Bond. All Bonds before Craig were too smooth and cheesy.
doc morridge
Fasbender 10 years ago. Now , Henry Cavil. Could of seen Clive owen now to old. Tom hardy would be right up there to.
They have to be British.
Maria Kritikou
Richard Armitage!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💘💘💘💘💞💞💞💞💞💋💋💋💋💋💋💓💓💓💓💓💙💙💙💙💙💙💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
The James Bond Show
Goode...Matthew Goode is the only true choice to replace Craig...These Mojo twits have no clue...
I'm gonna say Dominic West ... but in his best sort of irreverent way. He was rather great in The Wire, he's from Yorkshire and a bit scruffy as we've departed from pressed and polished 007s in the modern world.
Tom Hardy, Richard Armitage and uncredited Gerard Butler.
Daniel Aptekar
Aidan Turner is who I would choose as the next James Bond. I don't agree with this list.
The NO 1 list for James Bond is bollocks.
L G Cl
The list should have included Henry Cavill and Luke Evans. Either of them would be well-placed to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond.
Michele Cox
Idris Elba would be fantastic. I would also vote for Clive Owen and Richard Armitage.
Queen Wolf.
The Bond actor should stay British as it has been for the last 50 years, it is what makes the movie proud to be British. So give the part to Tom.H.
Peter Herrington
Fassbender definitely good shout . About the right age too
Daniel Fronc
My choices, in order of best to worst, would be : 1) Clive Owen - the natural #1 choice 2) Henry Cavill - a great actor and a chameleon in that regard. Plus he's big and tough. 3) Sebastian Stan - YES! A very veratile actor and a hunk. 4) Daniel Bruhl - for the same reasons as above. 5) Tom Hiddleston - He'd make a great, suave Bond who could be absolutely vicious if need be but we'd be watching HIM and not James Bond, however still a great choice. 6) Michael Fassbender - Ehh, see above. Cumberbatch, Hardy and Elba would be great if they weren't already too famous. As with HIddleston, we'd be viewing the all too famous actors and not the character of James Bond. I think Henry Cavill, Sebastian Stan, and Daniel Bruhl would be great choices.
Tom already has established his own niche and 007 will never be it IMO.
Antonio Ramirez
Ok im gonna say what EVERYONE is thinking and put the argument to rest the next bond MUST be Nicolas cage hahahaha
Will Butter
Clive Owens is the best choice to play bond
Wanda Hudgins
lezley douglass
How about michiel huisman with the beard!😚🤔😍
Gary Moore Jr.
Do Idris Elba as a 00 any agent. Introduce him and do spin offs.
I think u people should consider HRITHIK ROSHAN
Carmen Villarroel
Benedict Cumberbatch 😍😍😍. Tom Hiddleston would be my next favorite.
Antonio Ramirez
Yea i would have to say fassbender and tom hardy would be the top runners clive owen woulda been a perfect fit about 5-10 years ago
Timothy Torres
Jason Spisak has played a lot of protagonists in animated shows, but in real life, I think he’ll make a good 007.
lezley douglass
Why not, he fits all the criteria of a James Bond... Tall, dark, handsome, confident and dimples. Plus, he could work his way into the hotel through the kitchen. He already has on a text just grab a tray and walk straight through. Hide in plain sight. I right past the bad guys . It's like that scene with the Daniel Craig at the hotel valet parking. The next thing you know he's at the baccarat table, shaken not stirred.
Michael Fassbender of course. Too perfect. #4? Lol get out
Raden Payas
Henry Cavill is perfect for this role
Top 3: 3 - Charlie Hunnam 2 - Garrett Hedlund 1 - Dan Stevens
You people have No idea what your talking about but ROGER MOORE is perfect for 007 HE IS JAMES BOND 007