10 Kids Products That Should Be Recalled!

10 Products From The 90's That Are *NEVER* Coming Back! ➡ I Bought a Credit Card for $14... | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets ➡ /> Welcome to the first DOPE or NOPE episode EVER! Today we're looking at kid's products that should be RECALLED, due to their dangerous, inappropriate, or just plain weird nature - let us know in the comments which one you thought was the most bizarre! Vote On Upcoming Videos! Vote Now! ➡ /> Found a product you'd like us to review? Post it on our subreddit! ➡ /> Click here to check out our merch! ➡ ⬇️ FOLLOW ME! ⬇️ Matthias' Vlogs ➡ />TWITTER ➡ />INSTAGRAM ➡ Check out some other awesome channels at Hi5 Studios with the links below! Battle Universe ➡ /> REKT ➡ /> Get Good Gaming ➡ /> Fail Time! ➡ /> Check out these other videos you might enjoy! DISCONTINUED Baby Product! | 10 Strange Shark Tank Items ➡ I Bought Nothing...Again?! | 10 Strange Amazon Products ➡ /> Painting With Spray Can Explosions! ➡ /> VAT19 MYSTERY BOX....UNBOXING! ➡ /> The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup ➡ /> $125 Fake iPhone X - How Bad Is It? ➡

Channel is still called “Matthias” for now so we don’t confuse people who might think “when did I sub to this random channel”. It will soon change to DOPE or NOPE when we feel people are familiar with the new name. Glad you guys are enjoying the new show. Means the world to me.
Angel ina
Am I the only one who clicked on this when it said “my first vape” ?
Apollo Gold
Who came here for the My First Vape thumbnail.... Edit: Thank you so much for the likes! This is the most liked comment I have. 😁👍
Catastrophic Categories
[-_-] -{ }- ][ You can buy this for a like
Captions: (cool intro music) Deaf people: 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺
Lucas Teague
No one: Literally nobody: Matthias: Luna would love this!!!
Felicia Giordano
16:24 that picture just gave up lol XD
Kade Spills Tea
0:31 just from that one moment I already ship them
If this vape is real I need it 😂 and 2019?
On the cabbage patch doll one *tanner rips the top off* *me takes like 2 hours to get it off of any package*
Luke Maya
Steven Universe fans heard that "Bingo Bongo" 👉👉
Alondra Geronsin
7:53 umm it was recalled cause the doll would start eating girls hair
Creative Sparks
16:50 OMG I USED TO USE THOSE........ never thought of it.... well I did but
So who's idea was it to make the set look like a day care center
Ben Egan
6:20 Then, at that moment, 1,000’s of collectors screamed out in pain
James Dean
Alexis Thomas
When tanner was talking about pranks and new girl I heard new girl and yelled “hey I watch new girl!!!”
Kumquat Lover
I had a bubble pipe when I was little but I accidentally sucked up inches of blowing out bubbles taste bad🤦‍♀️
I'll miss the desk
*i wonder once Matthias is done rating any kid toys he just hands them to his daughter like welp here’s your Christmas*
Sara Broff
10 kids products that should be recalled, first product isn't intended for kids
I thought this was 4+ then I watched X 21+
Lance Nguyen
Matthias first time say a bad word in DOPE or NOPE
Harry Dickson
Liking the changes made just not 100% sure of the bright red wall, it's a little bit too intense to look at for long periods of time.
16:24 when someone says Vicky (Fairly odd parents reference)
Lucy Weist
At my daycare when I was little I would pretend I was smoking the bubble pipes 🤦‍♀️😂 and I did get some in my mouth
Who else has been watching for years
Jacob Raiber
I had one of those prank boxes, but the outside had a earwax candle maker
that wall is bit TOO bright...
Phoenix Hegemann
16:23 to 16:26 ghost DEMON SOMEONE NEEDS A PRIEST to bless that buliding
criis jordan
Tanner is so funny.. im in love with him already..
Paradox Spicy
16:30 his face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mintess Gamer bros
7:05 :it's like Dora but better!🤣
Justin Y.
"Youtube only allows family friendly content" *Looks at intro*
Luna Moon pack
16:26 me:NO not today *goes to kitchen mat:?? *I walk in the room with holy water get BACK DEVILS*
Payson Kent
I got one of those prank boxes with my real gift in it, so I actually thought I got what the box said 😂
tish white
I love you 💕❤️😘 morning was just
My First Vape is an actuall thing No joke Lol
Wake Dreamwalker
You need a dope or nope series called ‘Pitch About It’ Where you are given random products without explanation and you have to pitch them to each other.
Chara Dreemur
Aaron Sales
We have police horses in Canada and Britain 🇬🇧 🇨🇦
Billy Bob White
My cousin had one I hated it I was afraid that it was going to kill me in my
I don’t have to watch gifts be opened. My sister and I share a birthday party.
!mpact Animations
I’m glad you are trying to make change and do something new, but I will miss the old Matthias. :(
Polly C.
Don't be fooled, guys. Take it outside and you'll find out just how dangerous they can really be. I HAD one of those sky dancers when I was a child. It was simultaneously fun and nerve-wracking to pull the string. You'd instinctively reel back, even if it misfired. They could go SUPER high sometimes, too. Sometimes you'd get hit in the face, sometimes you'd hit your friend in the face, and sometimes it just flew into your hair, tangled real badly, and if you couldn't get it out yourself over the next twenty minutes your mom would have to cut it out with some scissors. Good times.
king kandee178
The cabbage patch kids was recalled cause girls were getting their hair stuck init
5:16 I am just imagining Tanner coming to work with that hair style. Oh dear god..... Love this channel!!!
Fares Sdiri
Michael looks rlly weird without his beard lmao.
15:50 no need for thanks just like
llama queen22
I thought he said I think my foot is organic
Jasmine Huynh
So um I think I got a heart attack when that frame just dropped !! Conspiracy theory the po doll is possessed!!?😂
This is my first time seeing this channel and how was I greeted? 0:01
Anylne else here in 2019 Like
Brandon Topicz
Mathias said that like an old stoner lmao " did I like break your foot dude!?!?"
Salad Fish
7:04. Let me ask you something, Tanner. is there ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY be better than DORA THE EXPLORER?
Random Bish
For the dancing baby one Me: *driving* Baby: *wiggle* Me: nope not happening *drives away*
S Yleen
I watch the full hard block video it inappropriate
Hert Niks
Erin can you color correct the red wall into something more subtle? It proper hurts my eyes!
Bre Bow
Mat: i think thats called depression *disturbed plays*
Destroyer AEA
My brother and I share the same birthday party because our birthdays are right next to eachother. So I always have to share my presents. 😤 [Jk I'm not that kind of person]
carla rivera
I had one of those cabbage patch dolls and stuck my finger in its mouth. I have all 10 fingers and toes.
krystal bonilla
😳 I used to have that po doll.... It was my favorite 😢 the feels
Sienna Nature Girl
"Kids products"...🤔 no
Gucci Loui
I love the new setup of the channel love how it’s like a game
Equine Nima and Nibbles
× × € \__________/
Maaz Syed
Matthias just change the red wallpaper to some other colour....It hurts to look at it🙄
BomerBabe 4Life
I had the bubble pipe when I was younger and I sucked my mistake. Eck
magmir78 kila
me: that looks like matpat from- every one:that looks like matpat me: ..…….Wellcome back to game theory!
I used to have that exact bubble set with the pipes. Nobody saw anything wrong with me smoking bubbles.
macklol232 aj
I like how Matthias is always in the thumb nail
old set up feels more personal. now i feel like im that 4th wheel friend while the 3 talk amongst themselves...
Speghettiman100 YT
Umbreon's Rings
Pee oh? I thought it was po lol
XxDestiny_ ThePsychoPathWolfxX
My auntie and mom had sky dancer so I took them and I had the whole collection 😶 which scares me so I gave them to my cousin XD
Jaiden Passehl
NO Matt gets bullied of than you Tan-Man
Terrill White
Gonna have to give this new setup a heavy NOPE.
Black Star of Star Clan
I think the show would work better with only 2 people, like the back and forth with that dynamic. Mathias and Tanner together really works.
RawrImADinosaur :P
1 point to griffendoor [or something like that]
Ligma Bean
8:36 earliest form of child labor :(
I couldn’t even make it through the whole video. Whole new setup is just awkward rushed and unsettling. Too many people talking over one another. I hate that I just recently found this channel and now this happens.
Ilana Evangelista
What happened at 16:24 was funny 😂 especially when Tanner moved away from it
Fresher Client2
Am I the only one watching this in 2019
Diamond Stripe
How do you think America was made? LOUSIANNSA PURCHASE
Emmy Pup
for the saddle you’ll need a bridle *but how’s that gonna work* *_dad abuse_*
Ambia Rock
Not a fan of pitching the products. I just want to see 'em trashed.
Lukasl Landaverde
16:23 But we did find other stuff having to do with it Ghost: distracts them from showing it*
Fiona Denison-Barnett Cale
Narwhal only use their tusks to fight other males during breeding. They don't hunt prey with their tusks. 😂😂😂🤣
Billy Bob White
Matt I am a red headed
Giovanni Lozano
I miss the old name Channel 😣😣
Eric Sirois
Matthias!!!!!!!! This is my first comment ever, recently I have been watching a ton of your videos ,it's very entertaining . I'm really trying to like this new set up. The red really sticks out and it's hard on the eyes , the blue triangles have an effect being upon the red that's not great on the eyes either. I really miss the design already and I'm only 2 minutes in. I honestly think that the room could of stayed the same, just with the couches. The collection shelf in the back is missed too. Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining your awesome keep it up and keep tanner around!
Random Furby
Happy New Years
They've grown so much!
Adrian Owens
Trebuchet * 10 it doesn't even do the Titans symbol x x nevermind it's not going to type correctly
Crmsn ENDY
Parents put soap in kids mouths? Soap is poison!!
Mallow Fen
Dope or Nope needs its own theme music! Like if you agree!
D2000 love
16:18 vapeee💨💨
16:22 Matthias: but we did find some other stuff to do with *Suddently The Picture Wall Fell* Me: You Should Use My First Vape In Case Than Said that Matthias *BRILLIANTLY*
honored mvr
Dig the change actually 🤘