Luis cuenca
Upload a House tour ? 👏🏻
Name Here
He spent my life savings in one day
Financial freedom is the dream. You're smashing it!
I went to harrods today and what did i buy? Water. 😂😂
The Balenciaga Jacket is crazy
hubgger vfd
It would be dope if you helped a homeless person out for a vlog (get them a haircut, clothes, etc.)
Tom Reacts
Mohamed Salah at 5:43?
Nick M
3k for a jacket?!? Wtf
AmanZYT _
Do a closet and house tour
Kyro Raj
Buy a 2018 e63 s sedan it suits you
Arsene Wenger
Jesus christ £25 for two hours? Lmao this is how i wana live
Please select me for the the giveaway, i'm in debt with student loan - I would take your master programme and graduate from Nat Smith University of G's with first class honours 🙏🏽
Mz K
Ayy love the music you put in every video bro, when I win the giveaway can I get the package to learn the 3 ways of income please
Gucciboy 1234
Can you do spending spree a new car
Ugly decoration for such an expensive store
What does this guy work as? How does he splash dat much
Cem Isiksalan
Dm me on Insta @cem_fx to start making 3-6 figures monthly📲
Domix HD
Respect bro❤️ congrats on how far you’ve come in the past few years! And here’s me saving for just one of this bags😂
"THOSE WHO CAN DO!" live life bro. Be Safe;-).
miguel 14048
Nav 🔥🔥
assem safieddine
Followed on Instagram+liked+subscribed!! Love the vids, something different
C0ldflam3 Gaming
Buy a Mercedeś AMG S63, look it up 🔥🔥🔥
Pablo Schwaiger
Whats your profession may I ask?
Andre Robinson
Hi guy loving watching your videos keep them coming nice 👍 job! 👌🏾
Jack Austin
what job do you have man?! sick video btw
Top quality video and I also know what I'd choose, sustainability.
Sick! House tour?
Ian Seiler
that SINNERS Denim jacket is str8 FIRE!!!!
Laiq Khan
Crazy shopping spree🔥🔥🔥
Elias L
Spent some money on your hair plz!
Yordan Petkov
Amazing videos bro, keep it up. Cant wait to start my own business and be the same as you bro. Lots and lots of respect
Thomas Taylor
Mad video! Would like to see daily vlogs on your channel, keep up the good work man!💥❤
Blake Lerch
New Video Idea, do a full closet tour and kicks. Keep doing what you're​ doing. mad inspiration
Nice video fam, btw your name "Godnat" Is exactly "good night" in Danish.
First time here and I already like your video. Wishing you more success in 2018 bro
Real Music
you are my motivation for success.
Brendan Jonas
You are amazing at what you do you are an inspiration to all and if I would to win the give away I would choose to be part of your learning process to be successful thanks 💚
Freddie Soskin
Can I have the money please I subscribed and turned on notifications
Amon M
Can't wait for you to blow 🙏🏽 we need more London youtubers in the YouTube scene
Nav 👌🏽 new subscriber haha
Watching these videos gives us all inspiration and motivation to work hard and better ourselves. Keep up the videos Nat! :)
Ikram Hussain
Nat you are the boss man🔥🔥
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bro your doing big things which I want to inquire in my life thanks for the motivation!!
Kobe Bryant
bro I just subbed I’ve never seen you on yt before! you’re slept on, keep grindin
Elijah Lopez
Always dropping comments, subscribed, and liking your YouTube videos and IG post!!! So technically I should win every giveaway 😂👏🏽👏🏽
I m a d
Seeing you just spending 12k like its nothing inspires me! I hope I can become successful like you
Would love to win the package for the social media marketing. Keep it up!
cake fudge
I like how you seem humble which is the best trait! :)
Anthony Ching
New subscriber and this is mad bro👏
Ayo Oluoya
House/apartment tour would be 🔥🔥
Ayo Ayeketi
Financial freedom
Jack Adeyinka
Done all best of luck to everyone happy new year and may god bless us all in 2018
Tech Eith Arnav
Bro this is the best video . Just single piece of question How you earned this much money ? Just create a video on your business . Through which you earned this much money . And I loved your jacket.
Ignacio Jimeno
Keep up the good content, you’ll get far! 🤘🏽
Nassim Saidy
“It will be rude not to cop” - GODNAT
Valentin Stefan
Fire brotha'🔥
Jack Forbes
Watching your videos gives me mad inspiration , I appreciate the time you take to help us hopefully get to the level of success you are at. Also your fits are mad 💯🔥🔥
sanjay shaheen
Bro I am stuck with my life can you help me pay my £2500 loan for me if possible? God bless you
L 03
Do a house toor
Maaan... that jacket fits you literally *Perfectly* !
qaif rafique
The OG ❤️🤘🏼 love your content man truly inspired
Youness Fatah
“It would be rude not to cop” 😂😂😂 my favourite line from now on. Mate you a legend.
Car Trend
when are you gonna upload again love your content !
This is crazy Nat! massive inspiration for us younger hustlers! Success is the only option
pranav chavan
Do a video about your sneaker collection. It would be a good video. U are inspiring and awesome. 😀🙏🏻
trey white
$1500 just on gear yeaa (Kollision Space Kadet)
haram bae
I rly enjoy these vids man keep going!
Af Esperança
One of my favourite youtubers!! Keep up the great job 👌🏻💪🏻👊🏻
Peter Orfanos
Damn that goose jacket tho 😍
sami talsi
I would really enjoy seeing a house tour and some hauls! Keep doing videos dude I'm loving the content!:)
MaverickMyers Radio
I have already left a comment but I'm back just to boost my chances of winning just got to say keep up the good work
Go thru you all your stuff and try them on next time. Great Video 👍🏽
Umar Hussain
Bro make your videos longer,love your content and your cars😍 well done bro smashing life
Micah Daley
Meekz47 great video show your apartment next
Saad Hossin
yo brother please release the monthly option for all three of your courses i want to start ASAP
Believer 325
I'd like to win 🙋🏽‍♂️
Romel Ricardo
upload a house tour/apartment tour
Do the sneakers collection or Daily Routine. 😊 I do really love your videos and I want to watch more of your DOPE videos. 🤘🏼 Continue to Be Dope and Inspiration to us. 🤘🏼Balenciaga 😍
Awesome video bro, I'm from Manchester! Damn missed the competition!! I'd love to get the mastery course 💯 How much is course I'm wondering? Thanks brother
Dalvin Sinclair
Can you make a video of the basics of getting Involved in what you do ✌🏽
Gianluca Colonna Galati
Man i just HIT the sub bottom just becouse you listev NAV !!! Respect
Romel Ricardo
its really inspirational to see a young black male do so well for him self. i hope to be like that some day.
That Balenziaga jacket is hideous
This guy is 100% a hoax and I can assure you that. Just like that Crea Tyler kid.
Am happy your helping people out g, some people are really struggle out here keep up the good work🤙
Joe Mustow
Love what you're doing here mate!! It's good to show off what you've worked hard for!! Really enjoyed the vid keep it up
Joey Diru
Rukz 92
Need more vids bro
Harry Norfolk
BRO when you mention crazy how i come from zara, tompan and shit just made me die inside
Carlton Kambate
srsly bro....wer u at
david hernandz
You saying all the brands you used to buy like topman,Zara,hollister all that doesn’t matter just because an item cost more doesn’t mean anything it’s how good your style is, having money doesn’t mean you have style
Dalilah Aguilar
Love your pickups! Keep up the 🔥 vlogs.
Jack Harris
This Video is Lit🔥🔥
Hisam Iftikhar
Nat keep up the hard work up bro. Its been a while since I've seen content of such brilliance. I'd love to see you to a sneaker collection video!
👍👍👍👍😂😇🔥💥💥💥💥 notification hang on yt and insta
Shayne Williams
Really inspiring! I would love to win the course, forget the money! Teach me how to fish so I can make my own! 🙌🏽
George Parrish
Living the lifeee bro🔥🔥
sam rooke
Such sick content keep it up! 🙌🏼
LuisP M
Worth 25k I subbed and liked the vid by the way