Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary

Generation of Sound, the first of the "rave documentaries," shot back in 1992 and '93 during the last wave of techno's mainstream action. Armed with a camcorder and a Radio Shack editing suite, these filmmakers created a relatively accurate picture of the emerging American rave scene, profiling the DJs, artists, and promoters who built the foundation on which Better Living's stars built their careers. You'll catch low-budget, grainy interviews with the usual suspects (Frankie Bones, promoter Matt E. Silver, DJ Ron D. Core), footage of several classic American raves, and some early and all-but-forgotten West Coast dance music. Film geeks will find the production nauseating, but for aging ravers it's a trip down memory lane. Matt Corwine - Dance Spotlight (From the Jun 27 -- Jul 3, 1999 issue)

I was in my 20's during the 90's; they were my 60's. SF Bay Area. I hit the rave scene right away. Years of awesomeness. Before cell phones, before social media, you got a flier with a number, call it for directions to a street corner, find the clue to the next location where there was a phone booth and another number that lead to a new location where some dude hanging out there throws you a riddle that points to the next location and so on, like a quest! Eventually, past the train tracks or down an alley, you hear the thumping and it guides you the rest of the way, to the abandoned garage complex or derelict warehouse. More than once, a cop alert, sent the whole party packing and only word of mouth would lead you to the next location. Good times. I'd still go dancing today if there was anything within 100 miles that didn't cost a fortune.
The underground mood in the early 90's of the electro scene was fantastic. Now it become a commercial business. You can't compare 90's party to nowadays party.
Ammer Reduron
as connected as we may seem nowadays we are very much apart from eachother and desocialized in so many ways. the beginning of house was like a newskool hippie movement, people were open, enthusiastic, sharing, caring.. everybody was house and feeling it. now there is so much seperation, cliques, doors closed.. i stopped going out years ago and realize i'm a guy from another era
Dennis Genova
The scene sucks today.
Ill take 90s rave music over todays club crap anyday.
"It's about the rhythm, and the love."
Thanks for this! I'm sort of a "bedroom" producer planning on starting DJing this year. I'm fascinated by the old rave scenes and late 80's-early 90's dance music culture, so I'm saving all sorts of documentaries to expand my knowledge on it and see if I can integrate some older sounds and styles with my own modern take. Important part of music history here! Thanks again!
Thanks for uploading this. I have a copy and didn't get around to doing so. I actually went on the tour with the guy who filmed it. Went around the country in a Geo Metro. Good times.
I only went to a outdoor rave once in summer of 96 and regretted it since cuz Now I wish I went every week that year! I still remembered the opening theme song -Good life by Inner city, we all went crazy!! I never did drugs nor drink just dance! No I phone's, selfie bitches, angry sexual frustrated men, stuck up women, cliqish people, snobbish people, nor fights. Making friends back then was easy. I still keep in touch with them now. Those days were the utopian years for me (93 - 98). I went to many great clubs but only one rave and I still think about it since. Great documentry.
That promoter "Sparky" was hilarious, I'm sure he was just an actor?
Randy J
THANKS! Been looking for this for a long time - not knowing the title. I knew one of the creators back then - Mike Stein - and I was a raver - still am. Cheers.
Ben shawyer
The music started in Chicago , the brits were the first to combine it with xtc. between us we had a great scene. ididnt understand housemuic untill i was 16 in 1995 i took my first E ,went to a club and fell in love with that shit man.
J Pal
I love this documentary. the DIY vibe, the people they interview, the music.. its all a perfect snapshot of what things used to be like. so glad this piece of history is out for everyone to see!
Bernard voor Oranje
Gabber House is NOT German!! Gabber is DUTCH
Ha ha, "if you want to get down to the place where it all started go to Chicago", cue next scene with the clip by a kid from New York (Joey Beltram - Energy Flash) playing in the background........
Bryan Ketler
Wow. That was my time in the scene. Scott Henry (one of the best Dj's ever!), Donald Glaude, Nigel Richards, Frankie Bones, Rob Sherwood & Mike Filly, Doc Martin (LUV!), etc. All those guys were playing parties in Ohio. Nice trip back in time.
Good documentary. I like how they explain MDMA. They should have mentioned that raves are just one use of E. It was actually considered a helpful substance for marriage counseling. The couple or husband and wife would be given some MDMA and they'd have reignited love for each other. Media has definitely demonized MDMA unfairly.
W. Moore
Thanks for sharing. I had some "Flashbacks" Lol I was into the Rave/EDM scene in Washington DC & Baltimore in the mid 90's. I wish I could go back, so bad. Lol Thanks
Doc Martin unlock your mind, top ten mixed tapes ever. Awesome live dj. Has major skills.
Mike Chedzoy
1989 was a pivotal year but the music really came into its own in 91 -92. Summer of 92 had some epic free raves. Everyone I knew was into raving. This is in the UK. it was huge. Metal and Grunge were still being listened to but this sub culture that came in on the back of Punk's ideology.
@29:08 o.0 I want to make funny joke about today's Hipster.... 90s Dance Culture was tight.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
10:47 those hundreds of thousands of alcohol/tobacco deaths don’t make headlines, the 7 Ecstasy deaths do. It was Dr David Nutt who pointed out that Ecstasy is as dangerous as horse-riding. Yet one is legal, the other is not.
Lebby Leb
This music in this doc is trash..!!! Dj Paul Santana, Dj FBI.....FLA BREAKS SMOKES ALL THIS OTHER GENERIC TRASH!!!! Rabbit In The Moon!!!
Omg that's my brother at the 50 min mark!!!!!
mihael cvetko
Berlin is NOW the new Chicago and Detroid.
"A Stein production", shit's kosher, I'm gonna watch it on Saturday.
The rave scene in the uk was awesome
Jimi glimmer
the late 80s and the early 90s were the peak year's for me soon as it became legal and the super clubs come in it changed the music got too fast and lacked depth hooks fillers and the bleeps and tweets got less and less, the UK was really kicking back in the Very early 90s and I would give anything to go back for 1 night with a 1000 cars heading down the motorway all pumping tunes all heading to a venue we've never been to before,for a brief moment we thought we inherited the earth
P Last Name
They all seemed rather coy / prudish about "drug use" at raves. It wasn't like than in England!
Mitchell Dunaway
So, like Energy Flash is a good song and everything, but I'd like to hear Jamie Principle talk, please.
Alexey Khlopoff
Poor Sparky ;-(
dylan rodrigues
marc fasten
42.47 - Donald Glaude   Masterclass. 
Eddie Martinez
18:42 - 19:36 True to this date.
José Luis Caldas
Portugal here yes in the 90's it was very good and the early 2000.s too
Its funny how proper some of these guys spoke back in the day, all serious-like. now kids would be like 'DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE AGGHHHH!!"
Daniel Enck
17:25 pls tell me the track !
Rodney Dowd
Toronto was the place to be 92-96 Pleasure Force!!
Ammer Reduron
awesome man! thanks for the upload!
Bu Grapthar's Hammer
Thanks for posting this. Brings back some good memories.
At the 15:00 mark, we got snake oil salesladies. Good times.
omg the bloopers!!! hahaha
mike morkowski
anyone have the tracklist for this?
beautifull music
allen schmitz
Your grand parents hitting there groove on MDMA...89-93.
Emil Olsson
song at 17:50 plz ??
Ace Beaty
What is the first track starting in the documentary by the way?
Pupil alert at 2:25
90s such nostalgia
i used to be a techno head in mid late 90s here in vegas/LA, i just like drum n bass n ow, i guess i sold out
Mazer Dervy
taggers. thats all I remember. and Sega genesis. fun times tje girls too!
European Beastmode
house music and techno music came from. Chicago and detroit garage house from NYC but as u know Europe always had a lovely for uptempo music we are more Deffo open minded to musical genres here!!! it was the UK that took this music to a whole new different level as for raves and clubbing even the pioneers of the music said it was a whole different scene here now fast forward UK is 1 of the biggest places for nightlife and festivals aswell as the rest of Europe home to the balaric islands ecstacy was also created by a Dutch chemist
There were a series of parties promoting this doc at the time. I still have the flyer for it.
Big Feet
2:26 John Leguizamo?? He look like him :D
No Rave
last part :)
Gal Gilboa
once upon a time yo!!! what a stupid media!! just think of how stupid it is today and you will have no idea only 10-20 years from now
English Gentleman
The rave scene belongs in England just like football..
Wow remember that Era. I still have one of my Turntables and synths ie modulars, drum machines etc.. in storage even my records.
Great documentary ! thx 4 sharing 👍🌹
Enlightened Tours
What is the first track??
Lailah Reich
what about jungle and drum n bass?! really? terry mullen, you know better.
Lance Love
Doth thou even lifteth thy hands in the air? Perchance that thine even doth not care? As if thine mothers loins had gird us both? As if we were not brothers? Oh ye of little rave...oh generation of ravers! How long wilt thou troublest me!?
song ID that starts at 17:30 mark??
Павел Никеров
Does anyone know any specific information about "I Need You", "Knockin At The Doors" by Mr Kool Aid and "Obelisk", "CloudHead" by My Other Self tracks (credits at the end of the documentary)? Can't find :с If anyone has any conjectures, please write. I am especially interested in 26:20 track All known tracks are: 00:00 - Sandoz - Limbo 04:00 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash 11:10 Joey Beltram - In The Abyss 37:50 Sandoz - Beam
dave guiney
the rave center of the world was the uk what the hell this documntry was about i dont know
War on Raves
rave on!
Paddy Ohara
Life changing.. Free parties in UK and Goa...Boom
what's the first track? PLEASE HELP
Pier Sam
OMG what is the song at 43 min what a nice sub bassline ?!
omg Scott Henryyyyyy! <3 @20:00
Junglist Movement
Wish I would have been around at that time
lee coates
Whats the track at 03:43 please guys?
Koen van Wijk
does anyone know what song starts at 18:27?
any idea what the first track is? would be great to have some kind of tracklist or credits of what's played here.
45:00 Sandoz - Limbo
All those genres and i haven't got a clue. . . Can you put on a donk on it?
T.M. Warren
*House music was born out of the Black & Puerto Rican gay clubs in Chicago! Detroit invented Techno!*
Rizqi Aditiyo
UK. jungle, breakbeat, tekno, acid house, rave on.
What is the name of the first track please?
P Last Name
What are those strange round plastic-looking things those guys are spinning around?
lil Didgeridoo in there around 32:00
Anthony Silva
Wow... Doc Martin, Kool-Aid, Markem X and Steve Loria!! This is sooooo old school right here... Classic!
Harry LGG Gardner
sick visuals 18:00
Jimi glimmer
Anyone know what's 4:00 is I've been hearing that tune in my head since I heard it over 25 years ago lol
5:18 probably FDA approved
JumpinJack Flash
90-93 was the best years for rave in the uk,as soon as it was made legal the magic wasn't as good, I can remember going to 1 in 95ish, people might as well been taped together with pogo sticks, bouncing up and down to a beat of 360bpm just felt robotic,the ecstacy had changed too.glad I was there in the beginning, great times
Nick Volkov
idiots stop fighting and enjoy Techno
Garrison Panyan
Everything sucks today and nothing will be as good as it was exactly 25 years ago from the moment you read this message.
Rap Bst to wst
Tbh I thought that acid house and trance was only in the uk
Terry Kath
christopher james
track at 40:15 anyone?
Shawn Homan
Shadow Rage
What's the background tune at 20:00 ?
Elias DEBS
17:26 what does she say ? 'smth'.... aka as raves . whats that?
adam saunders
The so called rave scene was def started in Britain off the back of acid house. Illegal raves in conjunction with the traveller scene that had been developing since the 60's.Castlemorton common in the Malvern Hills outside Worcester(where I live incidentally) was where it reached it's zenith in 1992.attracted 25,000 people.Belgium? You are dreaming people. New York, Chicago then London and then britain then the rest of the world.
royal nass
molly is quite popular at dance clubs
Cool Waters
I was going to raves in 1993 I was 10 years old but they had a junior rave at my local rave club and adults ise to turn up to all intense and purpose this was a rave, been raving ever since really.
Damn sparky....hahahaha
What's funny to me is first eight minutes into the docu there using a track by a dj from Queens New York but no mention of the NYC club scene yet where shit took off from NYC example some sample house beats were being presented in studio 54 and other NYC spots and just moved on from there where a little while after that there was paradise garage need I say more for those who know know!