Lord Of War - Life Of A Bullet - Opening Movie Scene

DescriLord Of War - Life Of A Bullet - Movie - Opening Scene

That bullet had more interesting life than me...
Hanvin Gavnah
ended up in Chicago, huh?
Charlie Macmillan
hey! children in Africa could have fired that bullet. ... oh wait.
There are over 550 million Nicolas Cage movies in worldwide circulation. That's 1 Nicolas Cage movie for every 12 people on the planet. The only question is: How do we get the other 11 to watch?
that'll learn ya kids to fire from cover
Der Kaiser
It is weird I could tell that was Nicholas Cage just by seeing his back?
I love the shady, vaguely Russian guy inspecting the crate full of loose bullets, as if he was afraid they were smuggling medical supplies and teddy bears on that shipment of gray-market weapons.
Nathan Bigsby
I like how the kid is like completely relaxed, firing an AK in a warzone with no cover, just standing there. Chillin. After he died he was like "whatever".
Kostas Jurkevicius
thats a lucky bullet other ones were a miss
Smedley Butler
BULLET LIVES MATTER, 99% of bullets only hit dirt
Mr. Porter
Hands down one the BEST intros to a movie.
Seth Farmer
I would like to see an entire history of guns and fire arms in this style like it starts with a Chinese alchemist finding black powder to a ship cannon to a WW2 artillery piece and it's always following the projectile
It is interesting to see the life of each bullet.
Children in Africa could have eaten that bullet... Oh, they did
jimbob bobjim
Im still wondering why they poured them on the ground as opposed to just keeping them in the box . . . .
Cpl. Gadway USMC
3:50 This scene is somewhat amusing because he has just flagged every one of his buddies with a loaded weapon.
your average Blood marine
It’s truly amazing that the soviets had a tiny drone to follow that bullet especially at that high of speed
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
This is an absolutely amazing opening sequence
*before checking comments* there's gonna be a lot of people nitpicking while missing the entire point of the scene *checks comments.* yep
That kid in the end saw too much Rambo...
I've never seen this movie, and now im pretty positive that I need to
Gaurab Chatterjee
For some untrained militia firing with iron sights, that was a pretty impressive headshot at that range.
Maybe he shouldn't have stood in the open, firing from the hip.
gali peleg
the song is really addictive
Craig Charles
Great film! And one of the best intros ever takes a place in my top 5
In short, the life of a bullet is to end one.
Fantastic movie. 
Saint Action
That guy at the end has a real peaceful face for being in the middle of a gun fight.
Hello everybody :DDD
Devin Hallsworth
So the bullet wound up in Detroit?
filmed with the new gopro session
Ethan Clarke
The child takes it like a boss!
Koe Cars
After seeing the intro, I want to watch the movie. Again.
SomeRandomGuy OnTheInternet
3:53 *record scratch* *freeze frame* “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation?”
Alfonso Castro
theyre lucky theyre gettting their hands on firearms or else they would be hacking each other up with machetes.
Dr. Gonzo
From Russia to Lybiria, *snaps* just like that.
that guy has terrible muzzle discipline... he flagged like three of his comrades
Bullet 23 looks at Bullet 24. "First Time?"
Neurofied Yamato
I like how the guy aimed at 3 of his friends before firing at the kid standing there casually firing his AK. And anyone noticed the rifling went right but bullet rotated left?
anyone noticed there is no powder in the bullets? or did i miss a step before the projectile is put upon it?
man i used to love this sequence. but now that i know a bit about the manufacturing process i can't help but notice everything wrong. For one the casing can't be made in a single draw as depicted. After the material is punched into the circular disk it would have taken anywhere between 5 to 8 draws to get the right shape depending on the cartridge. It also wouldn't have been a single long assembly line process. once the case was made it would have been transported elsewhere in bulk to be loaded into a different assembly line to load the powder charge and seat the bullet. Then theres also the inaccuracy of material, this shows brass cases, the soviets made all their military ammunition using lacquered steel cases and that would have added another few steps in the process.
O-Ren Ishii
3:53 ohh no this boys hair line needs an explanation
Zahid Khan
Great CGI.... doesn't look dated or shit or old whatsoever ;-)
Some people just live to put the "b" in "subtle".
Watson Delmick
0:50 weakest pull of a cigarette I've ever seen in my miserable life
sick one tap bro
francisco vedoya
for what its worth buffalo springfield : )
David Navrátil
Music: Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth
Ira Spurlock
To the best of my knowledge, the russians don't 'loose' box military ammo.
Ashley Lawton
Why is Brass cased ammo being sold to an African militia? Why not cheap Comblock steel cased?
As awesome as this intro is, that is NOT how brass is made. Not even in Soviet Russia.
2 seconds in and all im thinking is "I wonder if that brass will polish up in the tumbler"
the socialist state of Venezuela
This gives a very eiree image. The bullet is always facing forward, as if it's been waiting to be fired it's whole life. Amazing scene.
Inaccurate, Soviets would ammo in spam cans before the crate.
Rain RedFox
02:27 Russian soldier: *opens up the create* Bullet: "well Hello there comrade" Russian soldier: *closed the create* Bullet: "Cyka Blyat..."
Bya Kuya
When are we going to see bullet "I don't feel so good" scenes from Infinity war
x x
Essential /pol/ core
Whipsters Idle
3:31 What a bad-ass. To be able to load a round in a mag like that without the mag pushing all the rounds back out.
Gumboot Zone
What a waste. Kids in Africa could've eaten that bullet. Oh wait...
Money over morality
So unrealistic, from the ammo production, to the way its packaged and the fact that its brass. An honest attempt by Hollywood standards tho.
When a bullet has seen more of the world than you
Jon Tamura
I'm sorry, but flying sparks in a munitions plant is asking for an accident
Vivian Richards
Life ending bullet brought to via an AK47 compliments of Mother Russia and its people Also work safety is gonna have to look into there safe handling procedures lol
The bullets wouldn't even fire because there was no gunpowder put in them.
Element of Kindness
Oh Hollywood. Can you get anything right?
Opening scene answer Anti NRA protests at the capital with people that think guns kill people
Few inaccuracies, Cold War ammo produced in the ComBloc would not have been brass cased, the ammunition would not have been loosely dumped into a crate.
General Popcorn
sub·lime /səˈblīm/ 1. of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. "Mozart's sublime piano concertos"
All i learn from this is War... War Never changes
Sean Peterson
Bullet: "oh boy! Here I go killing again." I apologize for the bad joke that isn't completely accurate
I'm imagining the opening of this and in his head he's going "How'd it get burned HOW'D IT GET BURNED!?"
I'm an absolute unit, lads
0:14 you expect me to think that none of those shell wouldve stacked up?
charger 4
Great lesson for human that how much struggle made in bullet and what it do
Philipp Christmann
Those animations have not aged well.
‘Home do we arm the other 11?’ MOIST NUGGET
Completely inaccurate. See what I did there?
starving children in Africa could eat that bullet... oh wait
Scott The Protogen
"The magic bullet, It'l be about a little gun searching for her lost bullet, A classic mother daughter tale" Dale gribble, 2009
Oliver Morgan
Great movie Cage's opening is class ✌
Lord of war (PS2)
Carl Fisher
Underrated movie!
7.62x39 lives matter!
Miroslaw Debiec
Over-thinking, sit back and enjoy the ride
George Cruickshank
Gets realer and realer every day.
So the powder and primer just magically appear out of no where out of a circuit piece of brass... Cool
Drone everyone
Bullet gets to go deep in an african boy. So jealous.
Conan O'Brien
It would be much more interesting intro if the bullet factory got the raw material from Africa, mined by some cheap labor African kids.
Robert Smith
It’s crazy because real Russian military made 7.62x39 is very expensive, something like $1 or $1.50 a round since it’s so rare here.
Marcus Duguay
& This Happens Everyday Across The Globe.
This movie is my favorite Nick Cage performance, I love guns so damn much lol
Technically speaking this was the life of a bullet casing. So the ending doesn't really make any sense. It would be like only seeing the the primer go off and fade to black. They should have showed how the bullet itself was made , that would have made it better. But the CGI was sooooooo faAnCy!
Voron Agrrav
A very memorable scene, it was a good movie, that did it's job highlighting the situation in Africa
Best opening ever !! And the music is just perfect
The Reeper
Man that bullet must be so happy to have actually found its mark! And thus it goes to bullet heaven, where all the other lucky bullets who found there marks can enjoy enteral bliss in killing more random people
Buffalo Springfield - worth it (didn't remeber the name)
why did they ship it to odessa if it were to end up in detroit anyway?
Obviously you arm the other 11 with knives 🗡⚔🗡🗡
Sebastian Schwärzel
well If that was his son  he didn't *puts sunglasses on* miss his family