Helios / 摩天楼オペラ

2011年7月6日発売 Major 1st Maxi Single "Helios" [初回限定盤 Type-A] KICM-91348 M1. Helios (A prayer to Helios Ver.) M2. マグノリア Bonus Track  絆 1,050円(税込価格) [初回限定盤 Type-B] KICM-91349 CD  M1. Helios DVD "Helios"マルチアングルPV 《マキシシングル+DVD》 1,050円(税込価格) [通常盤] KICM-1350 M1. Helios M2. Adult Children 《マキシシングル1枚》 1,050円(税込価格) 【Official Web】

I can't find god to pray to Now, we are standing here Feeling our unsure feeling about that It's not something that I should hate And there's no one that I should hate I understand, I have see the path to move forward, so don't afraid anymore I look up to the sky that strike the earth, and I stretch my hand just like to stop it My heart wish for the warmth to change my voice so I can sing Don't let the freezing coldness bury in your heart Please just make those ears to listen to my voice The smile still remain in my mind, in your mind It's okay if you want to cry Because the smile wait you there I look up to the sky that strike the earth, and I stretch my hand just like to stop it My heart wish for the warmth Light of hope that wrap up my body, is feel more preminent than anything All of the sky will shine upon my breath until the end of time I sing just like to burst, screaming for the shining existence of mine Please let it to ring in my body Love and affection My heart know about it My warmth is rising, and my voice is withering It's burning through our identical life
This is pretty awesome... glad I'm getting back into j-rock
Sometimes I forget just how awesome they are and I think to listen to one of their songs and I start loving them all over again. That aside, the comments on this PV are dreadful and embarrassing.
His voice is beautiful, the vibrato is just perfect.
Cαiτιiη βroωηιε
Before the video Me: Pfft. Another ordinary J-rock band. After Me:........What is this feeling in my heart???? ♥
Evie dabubbleflower
もう祈る神も見当たらない Mou inoru kami mo miataranai 今ここに僕らは立っている Ima koko ni bokura wa tatteiru どうしようもなく今を感じてる Dou shiyou monaku ima wo kanjiteru 憎むべきことじゃないこと Nikumubeki koto janai koto 憎むべき相手がいないこと Nikumubeki aite ga inai koto わかっている 前に進むべき道は見えてる 恐れないで Wakatteiru mae ni susumubeki michi wa mieteru osorenaide 地表を打つ雨を見上げ 遮るように腕伸ばし Chihyou wo utsu ame wo miage saegiru you ni ude nobashi 心が望んだ温かさを この声に変え歌った Kokoro ga nozonda atatakasa wo kono koe ni kae utatta 凍えるような冷たさで その心まで埋めないで Kogoeru you na tsumeta sa de sono kokoro made umenaide どうかこの声に耳を傾けて Douka kono koe ni mimi wo katamukete 笑顔は残ってる 僕の中にあなたの中に Egao wa nokotteru boku no naka ni anata no naka ni 泣きたいように泣いたほうがいい Nakitai you ni naita hou ga ii 笑顔は待っているから Egao wa matteiru kara 地表を打つ雨を見上げ 遮るように腕伸ばし Chihyou wo utsu ame wo miage saegiru you ni ude nobashi 心が望んだ温かさ Kokoro ga nozonda atatakasa 覆い尽くせ 希望の陽よ 何よりも天高くあれ Ooi tsukuse kibou no hi yo nani yori mo tentakaku are この空の全て 大地の果て 生きる呼吸を照らして Kono sora no subete daichi no hate ikiru kokyuu wo terashite 弾けるように歌いだす 輝く生命の叫び Hajikeru you ni utaidasu kagayaku seimei no sakebi この身の全てを響かせて Kono mi no subete wo hibikasete 愛せる 慈愛を Aiseru jiai wo この胸は知ってる Kono mune wa shitteru 熱を上げ 声枯らし Netsu wo age koe karashi 僕達は同じ命を燃やして Bokutachi wa onaji inochi wo moyashite.
Deivis Jordan
Matenrou Opera. uma de minhas favoritas. eu a descobri procurando uma musica para min ouvir e jogar um jogo on-line.
Gloria Gogo
I wish ot wake up one day and have his voice in mythroat. don't give a damn if he's a man and I'm a woman...I would love to have that voice!
Gabriel DeGuire
This would make a hella good anime opening theme.
Kakkarot Red
Hmm this could be a great opening song for Goblinslayer Season 2..
Milseki H.
A voz do Sono é o tipo de coisa que eu não posso ficar sem ouvir
Natsume Amano
The singer has a name it's SONO.
Imperium Animes
2018 e nois aqui ouvindo essa obra prima de música ❤❤❤
I have listened to this song on repeat the entire day, and I have lost count how many times it's been.... love this song sosososo much!!!
mariana londoño
Saya Lee Walker
-mindblown- where have i been!?! These guys are amazing!! *-* i love the singer... But i want the guitarist XD
Kim Jong-hyun
I got here through two bands I listen to, one is called The Gazette the other one is called DIAURA. I'm glad I found this band here:)
Red Bird Commentaries
Damn... Did they ever make a song for D. Grey Man? They sound SO AWESOME to not be!!
LLLLLLLLLOVE IT!!! *stares at Manterou Opera eyes full of sparkles* I want his voice and singing ability and others ability to play like that <3
Even with hairspray i'm very confused as to how visual kei bands manage those hairstyles
Olivia Rose
Uhg, J-Rock is the coolest thing EVER.
Vinicius Menegazzo
Essa é o tipo de música que passa pelo teste do tempo, sempre continua excelente em qualquer época que eu for ouvir. ❤️
AYokMizumi kiaiKazeyuki
WOAH!!! *holds up a shield*
Seeing them live in two days, I really really hope they will play this song!!
Carol Corn
Beautiful I love it 😍
Zack Metalcore
intro sounds like Within Temptation - See Who I Am. Might be wrong
black circles
his vocals are truly unique. u know many times we compare bands with each other and vocalist's as well. but his voice isn't like that. their image is also pretty cool. and that fucking guitar solo!!! yeah. i found another band to add my playlist!
mundo otaku
Na Ru
Su voz es de lo mas genial, :D me sorprende que me haya gustado :3 ese bajo de 6 cuerdas vaya la combinación de piano es completamente estupendo!!
Misaki Phantomhive
Escuchando esta canción genial en 2017 💟 la sigo amando todavía
vanee kpoper
Todavía sigo amando está canción 😍❤️
Lexus C
This is one of those songs with amazing vocals but omg the music is fantastic. Probably my favorite song.
Fujiko Fox
<3 <3 your voice is amazing!!
hikaru Jackie 328
再メジャーデビューおめでとう! 2019 1/2 now listening
Fernanda Stilinski
Gentiiiiiiii que voz e essa <3
Jose Leonardo Vazquez Castro
Snowii Nguyen
does this remind anyone of vampire knight,,,? o.O maybe just me...? like kalafina-esque ... XD
Mie Watanabe
♥♥♥♥♥Love Helios♥♥♥♥♥
Coral Reeves
Hey, this is pretty good. Badass guitar riff!
Gojin Yamada
that voice omg
Jackie Ann
someone has been listening to Within Temptation..... :P
Ana Carvalho
olha essa voz, olha esse MV como não amar???
The band is Manterou Opera love this song XDD
Jai Crawford The FireFox
now I really am torn between 4 bands as my 2nd fav Japanese band. 1st place for me will always be DIAURA, 2nd, not sure between, these guys, the GazettE or Ayabie or Spiv states
And just like that I fell in love with Sono I would be gay for him! 😂😂
Ruki TheImpaler
I love how all of their songs and videos are so damn epic.They are fuckin majestic! I can't handle so much awesomeness xD MABUSHIII!
Amanda Fonseca
Thank you for these video clips, I discover another universe of J. Rock... The singer sings maginifiquement well, (' I even chorriste in choirs), His voice has at least 3 and a half tones, what is brilliant....  I become a fan of this group, for, this musical mixture, for the voice(), and themes of the various songs... I am going to buy them singles, and I am anxious to speak about it on my page Facebook in the column(section): Androgyny; known personalities... Dahlia Uzu...
Yu En
i wanna kidnap that kearboard player who wanna help :3
Aeriel Lange
The singer and the keyboard player.. Oh.. My.. Goddess. <3 <3
pille juks
i cant live without this song
me encanto :D <3 <3 <3
💛 Klaus von Wolfstadt 💛
摩天楼オペラはすごいですね 大好きな
What's the name of Sono's sharingan? ;)
here, take my like, TAKE IT.
Oh goodness you are soo right..love that hair!!
Roxana B.
I wanna. IF you help me kidnap the rest of them also. You can keep the singer to yourself.
Rei Kitty
The drummer is cuter.
mehmet solak
susanna savilahti
I love this song:):)
Anybody want to help me kidnap the singer
Princess of alien
I love the Band to Visual kei matenrou opera !!!
<3 wow
pille juks
ooooh my god, just wonderful, just wonderful
Alexander Simmons
I mean its fairly common in power metal too.
Miloud Tendo
he has great song but he is like women why it's not good
Ash Y.
sigh. how could they not.
pille juks
one hour later i still enjoy this song and singer is so ..... cute
pille juks
i just love this song, just love
Brittany Kujawski
Wonderful... Just Lovely... I am Melting to his voice... Melting I say.....
Rapsodia Shlimazel
Mein Sholong
Dat Singer.. I'm melting
Michael O'Brien
I want/need to know how so many visual kei singers can do that ridiculous vibrato.
A Nunny Moose
WHY OH WHY... am I hooked to Matenrou Opera? Now I'll go kyaa kyaa over them... too much obsession...
Αγγελική N.
...I think I just found awesomeness.... :DD
milan magar
and so do you ....
You can listen to this without turning gay, lol. Atleast I do. The music is perfect for me, a epic mixture between epic and relaxing.
D Intia
Matenrou Opera :)
Shi Jerena
how is the group name?
pille juks
and this is why i love music
Nicole Donovan
Best song ever! *.*
Zaje fajna bista nuta polecam.
Wraith Wimba
Lol i await the 3rd part to this little chain.
No, this is why girls go lesbian. Seriously, I love visual kei... but this guy is more femenine than my girlfriend.
Wraith Wimba
No this is why guys turn Visual Kei.
Karol Sepúlveda
*-* <3
the simplified answer is that the visual kei and anime,(and to a lesser extent manga) industries support one another. example: animus often have visual kei bands do openings, which give the bands royalties and publicity.
tiana mccladdie
Love this soooooonnnnggggg
tiana mccladdie
Why do these guys look like guys off of bleach
ashley forzley
i do
Nicole Donovan
Yes Anzi really looks like kuchiki!!! :o