New Bike Day! Overview of the Evil Calling Frame!

Today we're looking at why the Evil Calling is the bike I chose as my new bike. This is not a full bike check, I just wanted to take a deeper look as to why the Evil Calling is a rather interesting bike and why it earn a place in my stable. I'll be doing a full Evil Calling bike check once I have it built up. ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE ▶︎ /> Join the Skills with Phil groups ▶︎ />▶︎ /> ▶︎ Manual Mistakes />▶︎ Bunny Hop Mistakes />▶︎ How to Jump />▶︎ How to Bunny Hop />▶︎ How to Drop /> Social ▶︎ Instagram />▶︎ Facebook />▶︎ Twitter Gear I use ▶︎ /> My Bike ▶︎ /> Email Newsletter ▶︎ /> ----------- Music from Audioblocks ▶︎ /> ---------- Big thanks to the companies that help me support me throughout the 2016 race season. Deity components Cane Creek Components Danny's Cycles Defeet International iXS sports The mountain bike guy with the handlebar /fu manchu mustache Jump over panda Bear

Stu Houchin
Angry Dolphin? I hope you have a whale of a time riding it. 😀 I made that joke on porpoise.
Evil bikes are THE SHIT! Loving my Following
For anyone wanting to know the price of the frame is $2,900
holding a new frame is so much more satisfying than holding a guitar
is your old bike up for sale? and sick frame btw!
Dan Morgan
I kept thinking you were going to start strumming it like a guitar. Cool bike.
Khyren Hoskovec
Congrats man. I'll take your Remedy if you don't want it 😄
Yes! I've been waiting for a video! Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year Phil!
Regular Guy Mountain Biking
Awesome! Congrats on the new bike Phil! Cant wait to see you shred with it!
Oliver Olbert
Can't wait to see it build up😍😍😍
Steven Smith
You played air guitar for the whole vid while holding your new bike.
Jojo Aspi
That looks like a killer build!
Hi Phil I have a trek remedy 8 27.5 2014 but I need a new stem and handlebars could you please help me out I plan on doing races this year I live in Ireland btw I'm 15 and I love your vids
Allen Burbank
Nice Frame Phil!! ;)
Richard H
Wow, that's really exciting. Fantastic looking bike. Can't wait to see the build, Phil.
Andrew Summers
I'm building the calling up right now for my trail bike too, I have all the parts except the frame, not sure if I want angry dolphin or muddy waters yet🤔🤔
Joseph Carter
Heck yeah brother! I've got an Evil Following and it's the by far the best bike I've ever owned!
evil frames are sexiest frames
thats beautiful phil, i would love that, insane couler
is it just me or do the seat stays look like they are at two different levels? or is that for the derailleur cable routing?
Jason Murray
Learn loads from your videos Phil, thanks and keep goin! :D
Da Tången
Hey, great frame! How's the build going, is there a continuation of this? Looking forward to that.. 😉
Ramon Garcia
Nice frame Phil. Looking forward to seeing the build series of videos.
C Boy141
Subscribed. Very interested in this bike! Will you be running it with the 27.5 or 26+?
Jake Carson
il buy your old one off you for £10 😂😂😂
Martin Cantwell
dont ruin it with rockshox stuff now...kashima fox suspension all the way.😍
Edd Arell
Congrats, can wait for the build up! 👍🏼
Looking forward to the full build and review!
Matt Puchniak
About the build kit, will you be transferring the old parts from your trek, or selling the trek as a whole and getting new components?
WICKED! Im happy for you Phil Happy New Year buddy!
599ripper Mx
Hey Phill, you should do a video on different types of suspension pivots!
Tom Pulver
Champion! Looking forward to the build vids.
4:37: The angry dolphin makes itself know :D
ive got a remedy 9, love it to bits its such a well ballenced trail shreder
Derek Brotherton
Dude, I can't wait till get some ride videos on this! So stoked!
Moo Panuwat
Awesome! Unfortunately none of dealer in Thailand. Can't wait to see the building done with your ride demo!
Hank DekForn
give the trek away pls.
Joel__ Ford
phil you should do a build video or series when you get the parts
Hunter Cormack
can't wait to see what components you put on it !!! great videos . keep it up enjoying the videos
Tamas Varga
That's going to be a sweet bike! :)
I wish the evil bikes had internal routing for all the cables
John Broderick
Should we be calling it a "seat stay" On a full suspension ? Or a swing arm
Will you ever ride a GT Saction/Sensor for 2018
Look into onyx hubs. I love mine and the silence makes you feel 10x faster.
Only The Bold Project
Looks Super Rad!!! Congrats!!!
notification squad where you at
david whipple
omg im in love! lol not with you but damn thats a sexy bike!!
Josh MTB
when is your next video coming out
Beautiful lady there Phil - you guys make a great couple!
Cam Ellefson
His frame is more expensive then my next Mountain Bike
Do a give away c:, lol angry dolphin xD
pushkar madan
congrats @phil, I am planning to get my first Full-Sus bike in 3 months, determined to learn manuals and bunny hop before I book one.
The broken brain
"Skills with voice cracks"
I second Evil. I have a Following and utterly love the thing (basically a 29er version of the bike Phil is reviewing).
Kyle V
I seriously thought this was an sb5 at first glance . great review man
ChengEn Chua
Excited for you! Look forward to the build and riding!
its been 2 years already. i thought new year new bike?
Cooper M
R u kidding “Over the next few moths I will be building this bike” I build my bikes the day I get them
JD Walker
Oh that's hot!!!
Hey Phil, i have a Yt Capra AL Comp 1 Is this a good bike for Manual coz i just dont get it right!
please build this beast up as a 26 + I think it will be perfect for your roots and rocks and I am hoping to do the same with one of these later this year
does this mean you are now sponsored by evil? BTW sick bike!
Can't wait, the Calling is my dream bike.
Hey Phil, how was a season of riding on the Calling !? I'm thinking about replacing my SB6C with the Calling and I've had great success with my Undead and Following!
Samuel Pearsall
I've always wondered what it's like to build a bike from the frame up. If you can keep us up to speed on most things (not like "Hey, I got some new bolts for the head tube. Bye!") that would be awesome! Great to see your videos again!
Seth Hamilton
Jesus Christ man finally stepping it up!!
damn that color... Think I might plastidip my black SB5 something close, maybe with a darker blue colorshift
Matthew Byron
Nice video man, liked the details on the frame. Been looking at Evil frames myself.
Alvis Gineika
thanks man learned a lot,,,, and now more confused as dont know what to buy jjejeje
Tommi Kivimäki
Name's what it is, but looks great. Especially when matched against snow in winter rides.
Justo Marenco
Will you move parts form your Trek remedy? or you will add brand new parts
Indaair_finley _
It looked like he was playing the banjo
Ian Docena
Good choice mate I can't wait to hear your thoughts about the frame!
TheMax Instructions
what will gonna do with the old frame???
Flex LCS
So this is why you haven't been uploading videos!! Wow thats a sick frame!! Cant wait to see how it rides
Looking forward to this build! Evil rules
Stance Wørld •
So full carbon fibre frame? Nice frame can't wait for the built
Eric O
Astronaut Dolphin Detective Approved!
Evil should have just given you the frame. As much face time it is getting with you riding it is worth it. Plus you show what it can do in capable hands.
Marek Sumguy
Id take a Remedy over this any day!
Jordi Diego
Wow, nice frame full of good details.
mike byers
Can't wait to see you shred on the new bike!!
Sweet, Evils are super cool. Cant wait to see you shred with that proper.
Arctic Pride
I'd call the bike "Angry Yeti" :D
Qi Gong
seatstays looks crooked?
What height are you Phil ..inseam ? I can't decide between Large or Medium.
Guitar Guy
i like more the trek remedy
Gregor Schweiger
When it will be finished.
Naveen Vincent
Send over the Trek Remedy 😋
I am so freaking jealous
JD Walker
That Calling will look sexy with a set of Nobl wheels attached
yeoj Jimenez
Can I still put 160-170 travel?
Rafael Botero
Todd Stiers
I think you found the 2017 T-Shirt Color and maybe logo - the times call for an "Evil" Angry Dolphin. Needs a theme song for your guitar hold...
Christian does MTB
Meanwhile im in 2019
Luc Albert
rad - congrats on the new bike. Can't wait to see it all built up. What size did you end up getting (and how tall are you again)?
When will the bike be built up can't wait to see it
Sean Boggust
what size of bike do you ride and how tall are you? looking to get into mtb