Toys From The 2000's (My Childhood)

Link To Article: /> In this episode I looked at things that are just as cool as the most unique fidget spinners. Fidget spinners are currently the most popular toy in 2017 so I thought I should go back in the past and look at what the most popular toys were from my childhood. For Video Submissions E-mail: [email protected] Follow Me: Twitter: />Instagram: />Facebook: />Snapchat: TheTalFishman P.O. BOX: Tal Fishman 19300 Rinaldi St. P.O. Box 7356 Porter Ranch CA 91327

Boi it’s 2019 Who sees my comment in 2019
Martin Tokar
Boi its 2019 comment down below if is 2019 👇🏻
Joyce Drake
You can buy slap bands still
I have a slap band and I'm in 2019 and some people still have tech deck and Pokémon and lots of other
Juan Reyes
I remember slap band those thing where you hit at your arms
Miley The Youtuber
I have pokèmon cards lol😂😂😂😂 IM WATCHING THUS AT 2019
Ambar Nohemy Reyes Flores
No it's glue put it on you then peel it off super fun
Freddy Is Da Faz Yo
Tal says,”I actually liked yugioh a little more.” Me,”YESSSS!!!”
ju manji
2019 and we still got mighty beanz fidget spinners water toss thing and multi color pens
Skinnylennon :/
Who here remembers silly bands???
I remember the slap bands bro like if you do as well
KYC playz rgmf
My Friend has the 2 toy the tomagochi?😂😂😅😅idk I was always like what is that?!
Amiya Sontay
I can make the fortune thing I had pokemon cards before I also had slap bands before
Chloe Baillargeon
I’ll teach you tal how to make a fish tale bracket 🤣🙂
Sophia steer
Guys I'm literally watching this in 2019 ! Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jayla Calderon
2019 but I had a tamagotchi my first one was a giraffe and your a giraffe..... ummmmm
Claudia Buzzell
A lot of these things are still around!!!!!!!
Tech decks are 2019... NOW MY FRIENDS IN CLASS USE TECH DECKS...
Nurul Akhmal
I have Pokémon card. I have 2000.(I'm not lie)
Disney Addict
Tal is hungry.😋 One like= 1 piece of food FEED TAL!! Btw luv your vids 👍🏼😍
Ulvu - beatbox
We have slap bands as reflexes in Norway
#erubforever 2019
Who's watching this in 2019 these are so lame now.😂😂
Tal. It’s 2019 right know and I haven’t heard anyone talk about figet spiners
Taher Abedin
You know the mighty beans theirstill selling it today
dolan twins edits
i was born in 2003 but i still owned all of these toys 😂
GameMaster 217
I have 55 Pokemon cards
Amoya Thomas
I had the trading cards for yu-gi-oh, naruto ,Pokémon bakugan ,dbZ
Bad Animations . Inc
slap bands are still a thing in 2019 hehe....maybye cuz im in 4rth grade ;-;
allyYT _Playz
you:i don't know what it's called it's fortune............fortune.......... ME:FORTUNE TELLER
pigeon WP
who remember beyblades
Savanna Barefoot
I still collect pokemon cards Do not judge!
Jayx Official
I remember these toys lol but let’s talk about the shows to that’s so raven, sweet life of Zack and Cody, Danny phantom, and the original Ben Ten oh and I can’t forget Drake and Josh. There are way to many shows to mention I don’t think about that lol.
Jonny Liebenberg
Anyone have cricket cards
Elizabeth Avendano
i do lanyards byw you can do up to 10 colore
I’m an early 2000’s girl... WHO REMEMBERS LOOM BANDS??? Ahh... the original shopkins... the memories...
Zabinski Music Studio
What about Club penguin? They renewed it. Go play it it is really good
Media6914 Geeker
I got Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards!
TGM channel
Bacoogan is back mind my spelling
gamingwith ahil
Anyone 2019 😅 The paper thing you told I loved playing it
Who else tried to push down every color on the multi colored pen? 😂
hardkid deizmay
LOL, Teck deck was around since i was only 3 XD I had a mighty beanz when i was 4
Leori_ Gacha
who remembers gym class and scooter boards????
gaming with abigail
Well i was born in 2010 july so i didn't remember any of this😂
Emily Lubeek
My friend still play with the tiny skateboard
Kamberlynn Murphy
👦 🔜 This is tal 1 like 1 kiss how many kisses?? 💋 👕 👖 👞
Gamercolt Playz
I have over 18,000 Pokémon cards I have 3 big boxes full of them
Crystal McKinley
I still play with most of these things
the lego gul
I am 18 years old and i have i tomagaci 😢😭 i miss my old one but my sis got it T-T
thereallycoolgamingkid Godoy
Who is wathing this in 2019 like if ypu agree
I remember all of them😭❤ And I was born in 2004
Rickey Reid-Owens
Excuse me you call this a toy VVVVVVVVVVV It looks like dang shattered glass
D ë ã t h
I had ring toss and I would win
Daniela Flamberg
I remember so many of these (NOSTALGIA INTENSIFIES)
Jaylom Rojas
When you were looking at the Pokemon cards and said you like to yugioh better I thought that was cool because I think Yu-Gi-Oh is cool
Action Jackson 4236
You forgot beyblades plz like so tal can see
Erin Mazzarella
I love the ring toss games
Mad Wolf
I love bakugan still #2019
Gold Gamer
Are used to do those bracelet thingies
I remember bakugan and I still have tech decks
The mangle_ fnaffer
Tal has a sister confirmed! 4:24
Penguin Gaming
4:05 That slap sound like jacksepticeyes intro
Kinsley BB
i collected Pokémon cards ♥️
Natash Parsnips
My sister has a tamagotchi I havverseon new version
Madison Isgitt
Who else put the slap braclet around everything
Finally someone who remembers Pixel Chix lol. I had a few of them as a kid, as well as a tamagotchi. Some from my childhood include Furbies and Beyblades.
dhdhdhdhdhdhdjfj ddhdhdhdheshhdhejx7
I Know Tamagotchi My Half Brother Owns A Lot Of Retro Stuff
Wyatt’s Corner
You missed Thomas and friends track Master trains🚂
Ledny Sklerpo
I’m amazing at tech deck and I’m in 2019
Fadel Naim
You missed beyblades and yo-yos!😍
My friends and classmates always get in trouble at school for bringing tek dek (yes they still have it) At the online store they still have tamagotchi...
Evie Britton
There r still slap bands around (2019)
Gurdail7 Rattan
Yo tech decks are lit
Who remembers rainbow loom or silly bands!!!
Nicholas Burns
First it is call codey cacheter and magnate spinning rods
crazy cupcake
I know all of these and I was born in 2007 I still use these thing tomagatchi is still popular at my school and I really like tomagatchi.
kale h
I thought they were going to make a fidget spinner when fidget spinners were popular it's 2019 at the time of me watching this 😄😅🤔
Irna Lubis
I have about 960 pokemon cards
MSG Maldo
2018 anybody?
Ketut Astawa
I have one pixel chix but mines is like a bag so...yeah
Caerys Fransen, road to the Olympics
Is stil love the slap bracelet😆😝😂🤣🤣🤣
2028 Matthew Russell
I’m a 2000-2010s kid and I remember all this stuff
daniel kristoffer
i know that i ike pokemon
Things you forgot: Gameboy Pogs Skip-it Gak Furbies Beanie babies Bop-it Moon shoes Etch a sketch Tiger games Beyblades Creepy crawlers Magic 8 ball Skydancers Pogo ball
Patricia Aguilar
Is it wierd that I still do lanyards? 🤔
hey its 2019 we still use slap bands
Foxin The Fox
I killed my tamagotchi and never got another
anime for life
Does anyone know wut a chatter ring is my mum had 2
ahh I remember when gameboys were so popular...
Kittygirl 975
Its 2019.... I have a tamagotchi and I was born In 2010!!! THE TAMAGOTCHI STILL WORKS!
SnØwY_ PłAyZ
I AlMøSt ReMeMbEr AlL Øf ThEm
Pricilla Evelyn
i miss my childhood smhw.. this is so true WKWKW
Katheryn Dimitriadis
2:21 OMG I STILL DO THIS!!! Its so much fun! 3:17 I also have these! 6:23 Lol why do i still do so many of these?! 6:49 xD last one
BoBoiBoy Solar
I’m a Banana
Good thing tamagotchis still are on amazon even in 2019
Ravens 235
I knew 3 of them
I still do those box bracelets 😂
Random Vlogs & Fun
It ain’t 2017 enymore tho Oh and slap bands are still things and Pokémon cards and fortunetellers
Brianna B
Person: tell me about ur life Me: shows this video.
Mariam Tayara
Omg tall you make me feel like I'm am and old girl but I'm just 16