Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due Guitar Cover (Original Drum & Bass Used)

I had to come back to this one again. The first version rhythm parts were incorrect and I thought I'd come back and do it properly. I know there's many mistakes in my playing but the parts should be correct to how Dave played it. This whole album is amazing and one of my all time favourites. I think Dave and Marty are the greatest metal duo, each on the opposite side of the spectrum with the whole fire and ice thing. I used Bias amp Thanks for tuning in again, feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected] Subscribe to the channel and follow on me Facebook

jackson king v
This is crazy close to the original track
You should definitely cover some Death
the riff that starts at 1:32 is arguably Dave's best riff in my opinion.
Josue Avendaño
I've seen this cover like 10 times and I still don't understand how this doesn't have at least 1M views.
White Male.
Awesome Bro even got the nylons out.
I really appreciate how tight your playing is. I don't want to be accuesed of blasphemy but it is possible that you play even more tightly than Dave and Marty. And you do it in one take. I've been playing long enough to know how hard it is what you achieved. Fantastic
David Nix
Man that was amazing. Best cover I've heard of this!
maybe you could cover some of Malmsteen's work next? Like "far beyond the sun", "Black star" or "arpeggios from hell". Cheers!
Joshua Dearing
Hands down the best cover I've seen of Holy Wars. Great job brother!
This guitars here in my country cost around 10000 but this talent you cannot buy. Really incridible.
Fabian Gabriel
Fantástico hermano, te sigo hace muchisimo, desde el primer holy wars que subiste, haz más de Megadeth, saludos desde Argentina
Matthew Kennedy
You played tighter, more on tempo and accurately in this new version, but I can't hide that I liked the old version's tone more.
Ryan Schaffer
Music to my ears
P N fucking gnarly
Chris's dank garage
Love the stuff man you should do another Q&A
As he plays I can hear Dave's vocals. \m/
Liam Ewing
Wish I could like this more than once. Every guitarist should watch this.
damnnnn tight stuff dudeee
Perfect tone. Says you used bias amp but didn't you just get that new Marshall head?
Billy Anggranesta
What age you started play guitar and how old are you ?
Jake Ancil
You by far have some of the gnarliest covers I have ever fathomed. Rock on brother 🤘🤘🤘
Mike C
I can’t play that, and likely never will be able to play that, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching that: GREAT JOB! Ear to ear grin to start my day.
Jonathan Daniel
Nailed it. Absolutely awesome job. How Dave can play that and sing at the same time is amazing.
Аж муражки по коже во время соло...просто отлично!
Metal Otaku Banzai
Holy shit that's your best cover. Outstanding man ,🤘🤘🤘🤘
> " I think Dave and Marty are the greatest metal duo " Hitting Jason Becker right in the feeling :((
flipping flawless! excellent work man
AWESOME JOB! Please cover the entire Individual Thought Patterns album.
idiot x
one of Megadeth's (Dave Mustaine) best song ever. Great cover. Love your playing
A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars
Been workin on gettin that last solo down .. this has become one of my favorite licks to play. I can’t get that sweep down in the 1st solo to save my life. I also just realized you uploaded this today .. glad to see you making new videos.
Jerry Jones
Dude this is absolutely amazing!
Ross Veitch
Man, you rock dude! Pure FIRE! Love the videos.
James Metalarc
A little too perfect if you ask me. I think it’s one of them
Booda Z
wish you never stop uploading videos <3
israel mureddu
Wow!! Cheers bro! Next death cover from álbum the sound of perseverance??
Shahriar Rafique
the cover's good and all. but please use better distortion tones with more gain & attack. ur playing Mustaine for crying out loud!
Geovane Da Silva Pôrto
It's just me,or are you playing it a bit different than the other time? Great Cover BTW.
My point is, it's not performing it, it's all about composing this. So different mindset.
Amy 1980
Oh my GOD! I'm so intimidated! You play just like my guitar teacher. I absolutely fell in love with Megadeth after I started learning guitar and the song you so aptly play leads off the best Megadeth album ever. Thanks for posting this video😍
Mike S
Amazing Play !!! You give the same feeling like Megadeth playing !!!! 100% Pure Gold , thanks man !!!
Kalle Aamuvuori
Perfect as always! \m/
Been waiting for this for ages, amazing cover! Nice tone as well!
Ryan /92
This cover is one of the best on yt. Played very well and accurate to every note. Just a quick question, is there any difference between the Dean AOD and the Dean RIP? I own the RIP but never got a chance to play the AOD so is there any distinguishable difference between the two? Thanks in advance
Marcus Aurelius thing you know,,,they'll take my thoughts away!!!......Beautifully done dude!!!
Markus Hieronymus Vilhelmus
Nice job, you and your twin brother.
Reda Ridati
Both guitars, full song, one take? You legend
Mike G
Awesome! You nailed it.
Yongdeuk Ji
Perfect. Thanks for this one!
Sapridhan Jd
That look easy, here grab my beer :p
Alice Michelle Mustaine Lennon
Omg! This cover is amazing 😍👌
Unreal job🤘 you do awesome work
Melih Alkan
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood cover please!!!
Kris Charlton
Just superb, does mustaine play any solos in the original or is it all freidman? Either way, mint cover 👍🤘
Wesley Sandri
Face melting perfection!
Korey Kinsey
Hey man, I'm sure your busy. But if you get the time, I had posted on one of your other videos the following questions: "Ok bro, long time subscriber, and I've tried to glean knowledge from you where I can in your videos...I would like to know in your honest opinion, between Revalver, Bias, Guitar Rig...any other software-based product, what would be the best to EXACTLY replicate tones off of metal records, like you did with your Metallica "blackened" vid (matching waveforms, whatnot, etc)? Also, as an aside, do you know ANYTHING about products such as Line 6's Firehawk 1500, Kemper, Axe FX, etc, and how well THEY can match something with the precision that you displayed in your "Get Metallica's Exact Tome in Under a Minute"? I would love the portability , as well as to be able to crank the shit up to high db levels, but, ideally, not at the expense of sound quality. Basically, I'm a bedroom rocker, so I enjoy the ability to turn the volume down and get decent tone, but I would benefit from the ability to play at stageworthy sound levels on occasion. I play a 7 string, with active pickups, in a style reminiscent of Fear Factory. I'm sorry for the jumbled -up , convoluted question ( or series of questions, more like it), but YOUR opinion matters to me. Thank you. :)" Since then, I am leaning toward the line 6 Firehawk 1500. How would one go about, assuming it is possible, to accurately match waveforms of tracks from famous bands in general?
Asfol Shah
The best cover 👍🏻
Rafael Romão
Another amazing cover, great work man.
Oxidh Dazoth
wow you improved very much on the solo !
K Steam
Amazing. Just fkn amazing.
mark h
Absolutely incredible!
mr beard
Props for playing it as close to the original as possible
Adnan Sabljic
Such a good preformance
Chopper you are getting better and better
Arnav Sawhney
Awesome! I wonder how this song will turn out if you had used the Boogies at the background??
Ainz Ooal Gown
HOLY SHIT. I remember watching this such a long time ago lmao. Thanks for revisiting.
GashadoKuro Official
Coma of souls of Kreator or City of god of Sodom! 🤘
That was massive! great job mate!
How did you get the original drum and bass parts?
Dustin Ruth
Wow this could serve as an audition into the band it's so good. Thank you for these covers! Now I'll rewatch in 0.25 speed to learn the tricky parts haha
You absolutely nailed the tone. Killer cover!
You've probably heard this before but, you're not too shabby.
jayce keffer
our band actually just got to open up for megadeth!!!! we are Traitors Gate from boise Idaho
Josh Newsome
Wow man this is awesome great job
Marshall Zingkhai
This is absolutely the best Holy Wars cover on the youtube.You are awesome man.
The Table
Darren Diggle
Another master piece of a cover once again, Love it \m/
Aaron Kendrick
You are a legend.
this is sick! you made me wanna play guitar again. arguably the best cover on youtube, not to mention the tone and, most importantly, playing. please keep 'em nice covers coming! :)
I was just learning this song and your video helped me a lot, sweet tone and accurate cover thanks!
Blaine Ludeman
how do you get the original drum and bass tracks?
Riki Guitar
saranga bora
Really great cover man!!! Can I have your backing track please?
Robert Fosmire
So. Damn. Good. Really impressed. It would take me months, no years to play this that well!
Chris B
Unreal dude. Good work
Lord Susano
Great cover it almost sounds like the original -well done
Nomad MF
fret noise (((
Dave n marty use jackson right when recording this album?
Sebastian McFate
Best cover ever \M/
Symphony Of Speed
That was awesome guitar playing! You even reproduced the rust in peace sound pretty damn closely.
Great cover! However, the intro isn't 100% accurate to how Dave does it. Do a google search for the intro tab he wrote himself and sent to Ultimate Guitar to see what I mean.
STIGMA custom collectibles
Daaamd!, nice lead. I can see your improvement. Very good.
Great job as always! Solos were spot on!
Gadgetron Guy
3:37 gave me those goosebumps man
nick givent
Seriously Dave sings over some of his baddest riffs, so you might miss the badassery, thanks for excluding the vocals
Of course riffs are played in a different way by numerous of guitar players that’s what make the guitar instrument unique , nice vid keep up !
P r
Absolutely beautiful
Cool leg-biceps😎
the king
That was powerful
Yo Boy Andersonn
Please cover flesh and the power it holds