Texas school shooting suspect identified

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said. Pagourtzis is being held on capital murder charges with no bond. More charges may follow, the sheriff said.

"He wore a trench coat every day to school " "there were no warning signs"
Not being racist but how come when a school shooting happens the person is always white and claims they were bullied???
Reading Hooked Stories
Stop making murderers famous.
FYI the next school shooter will likely watch this video right here on YouTube, seeing what he/she will become. I wish news outlets wouldn't romanticize infamy like this.
Skullbelly Orr
4% of teachers step in when witnessing or hearing about students getting bullied, *THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IS THE PROBLEM.* Not guns, video games, movies, or books.
"He wore a trench coat everyday" there it is
Why should a shirt that says “Born to Kill” be a red flag? Has no one seen Full Metal Jacket?
Show bobs and Vagene pls
Build wall around schools.
levi langmade
The comment section is cancer. I've never felt so bad after reading comment section
zakuro mews
Honestly, I felt like this was forgotten.
Aaaaaaand theyre blaiming video games.....
Happy hours
I'm not trying to offend anyone but why are alot of white young males shooting up schools.....I am scared
Wild Wolf
"He wore a trench coat, he wore a trench coat today, 90 degrees" Looks like the trench coat mafia sent another one
HeyItsMaddy x
This was by our school my teacher non stoped talked about it. Rest In Peace to the ones who died they didn’t deserve it. 🙏🏽✨♥️
; ‿;
*its fun and all until they reach into there Smurf lunchbox*
"Typical Teen" Wtf this boi wore a trenchcoat with nazi pins everyday
Death penalty please.
Kord Chandler
I love how CNN goes straight to blaming video games instead of blaming the parents for not raising their child.
T.J. Gregory
If he were from the middle east, he would have been on a watch list a long time ago, but sadly since he is Caucasian everyone simply ignores him. There was plenty there to begin to investigate this poor kid.
No red signals: *1:44** - Has a Pentagram as background*
you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together
why do school shooters always look like school shooters EDIT: these comments under this thread are atrocious, i wasn't talking about their race.
kregg 34
Stop posting shooters faces and sharing their name
Yes. Keep posting their faces all over the place. Making them martyrs. You're part of the problem, news. But luckily for you, the more tragedies that happen, the more views and clicks you get.
CZ Media
Thank you for focusing attention on this animal instead of the victims. You're great and that's why you're top in the news game.
I'm so blessed that my school has never had a school shooting! ❤️😘
My name is Hugh
He copied columbine 121100% And I live in that state *Yay*
Joseph Gasner
Columbine 2019?? (;
Cakedomination Cookiez
"Pumped up kicks playing in background"
Moldy Goat Cheese
I know this isn't the time or place but, why does he have a creeper mug? IS HE A CREEPER MURDERER?
King Randall
Avengers blew a 5-1 lead on infinity stones
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG
The church group he attended obviously did a lot of good....
OMG 420
You can tell the media wants this to keep on happening..
Think About It
Don't give to much details about this shooter, or else it will encourage others that they will get the same fame and attention out of wrong doings.
Don't Touch me
Okay but that Minecraft creeper mug @ 3:11 was probably the only thing that took me by surprise
Sister Fuchi
Terrible. He can kill other people and not himself
When the white kid silent kid in class is watching the Columbine documentary and he says “i can beat their high score”
idk if its just me, but am i the only one tryna find his music??💀
Dillon Littlefield
Huh it wasn't an AR-15 #guncontorldoesnotwork
Bapǝr x Towǝl
Its sad that stuff like this has become the regular. R.I.P 🙏
Cortani Park
no1 is going to talk about the pentagram on his FB post
I remember last year my family went to the beach and we went to go eat somewhere and I seen this on the restaurant tv and was shocked like damn another one?
Prince Rupert
Get his face off the thumbnail! You are giving him exactly what he wants!
Frisky Bottomsuuater
What is a tay k?
These shootings will continue when the media continues to glorify the killers.
Love49 Love49
That boy is the Devil
SCP Foundation agent
Robert's got a quick hand
Spiffy Gonzales
So are y'all gonna start saying no shotguns now? Hate to say we told you so, but we did.
Frisky Bottomsuuater
*JUNEBUG!!!!!* Where did you go, Junebug? Why did you take down your post, Junebug?
Frisky Bottomsuuater
Green Eyez
They always say the shooter had no warning signs yet wears a trench coat lol trench coats should be banned and anyone who wears one needs to be looked into therapy
Buy showing his face, saying his name, and talking about his life, you are giving him exactly what he wanted. By doing so, you are encouraging the next school shooter as well. You should be ashamed.
The west has fallen.
Andrew Evenson
WHY DO THEY KEEP NAMING THESE PEOPLE! Seriously, idk if it would help, but stop glorifying these school shooters by giving their life stories. Edit: Just cause people keep saying that the media isn’t influencing shooters, I’ve got to add this info from the National Center for Health Research that has an article that has been peer reviewed and has at least 10 references listed for research. http://www.center4research.org/copy-cats-kill/ Now I know it would help if the media stopped covering the shootings so much. They are literally profiting off of inspire people to shoot up schools and it’s disgusting.
STOP covering details of who, what, how of these incidents, it only educates the next wanna be shooter of what to do and not do to increase carnage. >:(
3:09 Why is there a minecraft-Creeper on his desk? It it a sign that the news-reader is going to blow up the studio????!
David Martinez
Like a school shooter named Toby
Shame on youtube for trending this video. The thumbnail boldy displays the shooters face proudly. Shame on youtube for trending the shooter. You gave him exactly what he wanted
Cynthia Haley
Born to kill t-shirts and wearing a trench coat in 100 degree weather. How did this guy get by his parents with this stuff??
Frisky Bottomsuuater
1800 teens have been killed by texting since 14 Feb 2018.
Ethan Chen
Please stop showing the shooters face 😩
Did they just call the Iron Cross a Nazi symbol?
Stan K.
He tried to blame it on an Xbox
Trevor H
So shotgun and a revolver, that's why this has died in the media already because it doesn't follow the assault rifle monologue. Convenient
ChipOn MyShoulder
"If these kids were only home schooled"😂
Nom DePlume
Youtube should take this off trending. Very irresponsible. Videos like this that give infamy to the shooter only increase school shootings by inspiring more.
“No red flags” Mkay.
Alex 1997
"typical teen" no.
Jamesha Jeffries
1 like l heart
Volker Schmidt
Shooter identified as "Tucker Carlsons son" DNA can not lie.
Dee Perdomo
If he was black he would have been labeled a thug. Every time a white person dose a mass killing they are always talked about as being clean, smart, quiet or troubled. I don’t get it! No one took a second look at this kid because he was white, its one of Americas big flaws.
Ugly boi Chino
My teacher would’ve locked me out the class room
When tf did this become so normal...
Riley Klote
CNN is mad that he didn't use a shotgun so they can't yell at (assault rifles) or modern sporting rifles for it
Zavier Rose
Obviously he was inspired by the Columbine shooting. Trench coat and pipe bombs
Bryan D
"He's white" If he was black he would've already dropped out of school and killed people on the streets while selling crack. 3 rap songs on his facebook huh?
Comments : 101% : he is white
Ian Atkinson
Nazi and Communist badges together? That doesn't sound right.
Chris Beach
I hate to say it, but if all these news stations would stop covering these School shootings. Then I would about guarantee that we would have less and less of them, they sit an talk about them months on end and these kids gets ideas in their heads. I'm guessing back before tv existed that there were hardly any school shootings at all. The world we are living in is being torn apart my race, politics,and social media. It will only keep getting worse. The big problem is there is nothing at this point anyone can do to stop it... If a person wants a gun they'll get a gun, gun control isn't the answer.
My school cashman middle school, there was suppose to be a school shooting because our school got threats from a Clark high school student from 12th grade he said he wanted to shoot it up His Instagram account is cms_stalker In one of the comments it said he had guns in his locker and there is going to be undercover FBI's at my school looking out
Bumpier bag
Nazi and communist Russia images is a sign btw... makes me laugh so hard
Mr Wonderful
No warning signs is a complete lie.
Jona !!!
Imagine you’re looking for the answer about why he did it and then finding a 40 year old man blaming a gaming device
Black Panther
It's always a white male kid lol
mini draco
ahsan alam
And they call Pakistan a terrorist state! SMH!
HAHAHAHAHAHA.. nothing alarming so you say CNN, what about the demonic backdrop on that Facebook page, and the ANTIFA weirdo get up.
Da Real Starbet
My condolences to all the families
Jack Soxman
Maryland school shooting: School shooter killed by cop. SO No vigil, no student parade and no CNN or BSNBC.
Tyler Dockery
So i was doing some research and "BORNTOKILL" scrambled is tornillo and tornillo means screw and is also a county in texas. LIKE SO CNN CAN SEE THIS
Alejandro Dejesus
When u find the nigg who beat you in smash ultimate😂
Jaylene's channel
Hey I live in texas!! *Wait a minute*
Thank you CNN for making the thumbnail the face of the killer, and thank you Youtube for getting this video and that face trending for the world to see. I'm sure giving people like this recognition won't inspire others with nothing to lose...
I like how they blame video games but the guy has a Creeper mug right beside him
sensei Ayhan Cetin
Do you think all these people wake up go to work and come back home to something broken
Irunyew - Gameplays
Pray For Florida 😢🏄
Gidwens Moline
This never happened back in my day, and I think it has to do with the standards set at home.
Ejah Benesto
Who cares about his honor roll wtf
I seen where the shooter won't get the death penalty.. Sure he can it's called a bullet.. Problem solved. Yout welcome! So now the taxpayers who now have to pay this R-tards 70 year prison stay..
Flocanic Flo
Pumped up kicks lalala:3