Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie

SoftBank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElit (02nd, June 2007 / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, U.S.A.) [ MMA Rules / 5Min 3R ] Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan) vs. Royce Gracie (Brazil)

GTime L
Unanimous? I didn't see a single round dominated by Gracie. That decision was a gift.
The Tree Keeper
Unfortunately Gracie took steroids here while they tested Sakuraba as negative. Such a big stain on the sport.
LOL. This is up there among the worst judge's decisions of all time.
Lucas Lopes
Que safadeza ...os gracie sempre contam com um amiga para ajudar na luta, o juiz Royce foi derrotado sem sombra de duvidas e logo após a luta, foi pego no doping
Robert Rodriguez
Royce saved by the bell. Sakuraba was about to break another Gracie arm.
Humbled Man
Sakuraba clear winner. Rodman freak.
Fuad Farah
Marmelada, Royce apanhou a luta inteira, Sakuraba wins
Spou Daios
Sakuraba, lenda! Terror dos Gracie.
I've never heard of Sakuraba, I'm a casual fan. He made Gracie look like a bitch in this fight. Surprised the decision didn't go his way.
Joshua Stefanick
Dam. Gracie had no stand up game.
Seppo Pihlajamäki
What???! The most rigged decision I have ever seen. Sakuraba knocked him down right at the start, then dominated all the action after that. Easy easy decision, Sakuraba wins.
Bruce Silva
Sakuraba bateu em quase toda família Gracie, só faltou a Kira eo Hélio Gracie.kkkkkkk
Promothash Boruah
Sakuraba is the winner 😍....Gracie lost...poor judge
hudson Ferreira
Esse é o Royce Gracie que se acho o pika das galáxias kkkkkkkkkk
Keith Lane
Royce lost that fight from the opening bell until the end. Total rip off.
iças mieres neto
Foi salvo pelo gongo o roice
Marc Okubuo
Pedro Pedrinho
Sakuraba, caçador de Gracie.💪👊
Nelson English
Judges must have been bought. Kazushi Sakuraba dominated this steroid Gracie.
dustin sussman
Gracie tested positive for anabolic steroids after the match : ) Karma.
mano w.o.
Se tinham dois caras que os Gracies temiam eram Sakuraba e Marco Ruas
Sadahiro Yoshimoto
ganhou aonde nessa luta ? só no nome .
Jan Bonn
Sorry got his name wrong. Must be Roid Disgracie.
Cleynerton Meira
Gracie apanhando não tem preço.
Jeffrey Almonte
On or Off Roids, I still feel like Royce Gracie dead lost this fight lol.
Peace, Justice & Love
Gracie name in fights has the same reputation as the Clinton name in politics
Rafael Ramos
Sakuraba e Mirko cro cop foram os melhores.
Alejandro Rivera
sakuraba was the real.winner!
Lopez Bunch
Sakuraba won this fight and against a steroid using fighter what I find interesting was why didn't this organization over rule the outcome giving Sakuraba his just do especially if the state commission did?  and makes you wonder how long was Roid Gracie (that's funny to whomever started that lol)  was using Roids????
Pablo Jezreel
Eu respeito muito o Royce Gracie, mas, não enxerguei a vitória dele nessa luta.
Elisangela Da Silva
Meteram a mão roubaram feio o Roice apanhou a luta toda e ainda saiu com a Vitória
Carlos E
Royce soberbo demais, não ia nem cumprimentar o Sakuraba...... Sakuraba ganhou de novo..... garfaram!
Cory Ayers
I'm a big fan of the gracie's and have huge respect for what they did to pioneer the sport.... but this decision is a shining example of the corruption that exists.
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
The Asian fighter won this fight Royce was always in retreat mode decision was rigged
Abhijit Misra
how come, royce is the winner??.. clearly he was dominated most of the time, in this fight!!..
Que roubo, o sakuraba venceu!!!
Andrew Tanczyk
Looked as if Kazushi Sakuraba won the fight to me.
He’s ignominious
I like how in an interview before the first fight Royce said something along the lines of “look how much I weigh. I’m 74kg” he loses the first fight. Takes the second clearly roided out lmao. Much honor in the Brazilian sport eh?
Cecil Peoples back at it again, mf scored it 30-27 smfh
Tesshin ryū Dojo
nothing happened so no contest. But I did learn how to frustrate BJJ
Sakuraba caçador de gracie esse era foda
Tiesha Tucker
Sakuraba finish the Gracie Family on Japan the whole 3 brothers tap out and 1 dislocated harm. Lol
Sakuraba looked WAY smaller in this match. Yet, he completely neutralized GJJ (roids & all). That's roots for ya.
Canal do GCM
Sakuraba acabou com a hegemonia dos Graces!!! O caçador de Graces acabou com a arrogância dessa família!!!
Royce Gracie caught on steroids after this, this brings shame on the Gracie name
Vini Pimentel
Esse royce é patetico. Ruim. Levanta filho da puta e luta como homem
jon sertic
damn he made it look easy beating up that whole family.
Luta ruim da porra! De que adianta ter uma faixa preta de jiu jitsu se não consegue levar o cara pro chão? Fica so agarrando por tras igual uma bixa?
Legendary Skulls
Gracie didn’t win that fight he was dominated the whole thing wtf
Gracie tested positive for anabolic steroids after match.
Frank Wiley
Booooo! I just wasted 20 minutes to see what I saw in the first match. Royce being schooled. He didnt win.
These fights are fixed and I have no respect for mainstream sports!
Ciro De Cristo
Concerteza quem ganhou essa luta foi o SAKURABA!
This is a very technical fight, you can't keep asking for action. Morron
Gracie lost this fight, period. Besides being on steroids, he was dominated by Sakuraba.
Andy Swensson
Corrupted referee, that is the only explanation
Gaemma Cherrypop
grazie was outclassed in this fight as all grazies were with sakuraba
Darren Arni
Sakuraba fought all the BJJ professionals, tough opponents but he always dominates.... well at least back in the days.
SEXY white
And the winner: royce gracie, dryest of the humpers.
Sakuraba kicks the shit out of any Gracie anytime anywhere. This decision fight is ridiculous. Everybody knows the Gracies fear this man.
Bboy kidcombo1 salsamoto
How can you win on your back?
Sakuraba's defense against Royce's takedown attempts was excellent.
Morthal guard
Bjj is far from being great as people say it is
Otto Weininger
Kazushi Sakuraba vs Roid Gracie
Fabio Dantas
Mais de jeito nenhum que o Gracie ganhou essa luta
Denise Mitchell
gday luv truth be told Gracies cannot beat him and didn't here luv it Dennis Rodman sitting a row ahead of Tom Cruise love yah young Rampage thank you for Mooring Silva
Beth Johnson
Mcgreger fought amazing in may weather fight! Eddies bravo smoked Gracie three times!
Victor D.S. Man
Sakuraba clearly dominated the fight.
Let the Gracie’s win one... thank you Sakuraba, for me being such a sport.
tooruck ruck
Gracie wins by switching to southpaw and improved his kicking skill and punching sakuraba's palm??
Lexicon Capacitor
that's ok, because Sakuraba OWNED Royce in the Pride FC with no rules almost. (as no rules as it gets these days)
Douglas Corzine
Rolling around on your back should be 3rd time disqualified.
dick tracy
I can't see how Gracie won this fight.Sakuraba was clearly the aggressor and controlled most of the fight. Politics, politics.  
I use this fight, and Kazushi Sakuraba's record as proof that the gracies are protected and MMA is as fake as anything else
Dough Boy
Looked like Gracie tapped out
James Birk
Gracie wins, it was who could get knocked down and spend most time on their back😂😂😂
Karma Fields
Roid Gracey was very proud of winning the hugging competition 😏
WTF? Another Gracie sponsored farce. All Royce did was throw ineffective kicks and shoot to tie Sakuraba up, then nothing. All that right hook flurry against the ropes was blocked. Gracie was a nasty _urd and wouldnt stand. He clearly lost by way of being in trouble from strikes then turning turtle and just holding.
Royce was full of steroids and still lost the fight
Jin Chang
Let Gracie win because that's his pride but he was beat up bad in Tokyo.
Pierangelo Baduini
Saku..il mio preferito anche per la sua correttezza
James Haughton
i know nothing about this sport, but it looked to me that sakuraba was faster and a better athlete.
Dan Smith
I don't see how voice won that fight sakuraba dominated on the feet dictated the pace I mean through the hardest strikes I just don't see it
The crowd wanted some other type of action as if they werent both master grapplers smh lol And damn Gracie needed some roids for this fight huh? 😂 Another decision that was fumbled, surprise lol They give points for surviving now
jeff savoy
Royce tested positive after this fight he weighed 184lbs never that much previously ive rolled w him many times & if he thinks u can challenge him he " ll pair u up w his best students then sparr w u once your tierd ive witnessed this many times alot of his fights were hand picked w the best chance for him to win
Deveriam por choque nestas cordas deste ringue.
Sakuraba wins
Johnny-B Racer
a GREAT chess-match between two GREAT and LEGENDARY chessmasters!!!
Devin Smith
Well, i enjoyed the fight. Two legends right here.
Angel Otero
Gracie's still can't beat Sakuraba in my book they need a fluke decision win.
So what was Royce's strategy for winning this fight? I just saw the same old stuff from the previous fight - which he lost!
chris smith
This fight should have been turned to a no contest after Royce tested positive for banned substance.
Pércio Alves
Só bica de qualidade 😂🤣
Timothy Crosby
What a BS fight Sakuraba could have finished Gracie at any point. Out Of respect he didn't, to allow Gracie a win at home. Gracie's were owned by this guy!
naomi tienda
Kazushi Sakuraba WON!!!!!!!!
The audience is getting mad at two grapplers for grappling?
If he cant fight sakuraba standing up how much if this guy is bruce lee.
Kevin Z
Terrible robbery. Saku controlled this whole fight. How does this end up a unanimous decision?? Ah well even in wrongful defeat Saku was still the man. LEGEND.
Kenneth J
CHEATER couldn’t beat sakuraba without steroids