The Blaze - Territory - Official Video

The Blaze - Territory - Official Video The Blaze's debut album "Dancehall" out now (Stream/Download/LP) : />Click here to subscribe to this channel : Click here to subscribe to The Blaze's newsletter : /> Music video directed by The Blaze Produced by Iconoclast Production service by Deux Horloges Director of photography : Benoit Soler Producer : Roman Pichon Herrera Actor : Dali Benssalah Stylist : Juliette Alleaume A huge thanks to Yacine & Hugo, the '2 Horloges' from Algiers The Blaze - Official Videos : />The Blaze - Territory EP (vinyl/stream) : />The Blaze - All songs : /> The Blaze's social media Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram:

The Blaze
Our debut album "Dancehall" is officially out ! 🔥 Stream/Download/LP :
The actor is incredible ! Camera work is stunning This clip is a masterpiece
Chris Tibits
I feel like we are extremely lucky to be able to view such perfect art at the cost of nothing
I feel something special watching this video
That dancing on the roof is fucking amazing. This is the most beautiful music video i have ever seen
Agnieszka M
Whoever directed this video - you're doing it right.
The main actor (Dani Benssalah) is going to be in the new James Bond movie. Insane, mad props to the guy.
Zrage C
damn this song makes me so lonely. I miss my friends, driving till the sun rises, smoking cigarettes, drinking or doing all the crazy shit during long summer nights. now everything seems lost, we are divided by countries and oceans, everyone moved on, just I am the one who are stuck in the past.
A Normal Band
Ce putain de chef d'oeuvre... Cet acteur est incroyable. En trois regards il te file plus d'émotions que Nathalie Baye en 45 ans de carrière. Incroyable film, et superbe son tant qu'on y est. Mille bravos
Paul Oketch
Music discovered by accident has the most dopamine.- Paul Oketch
melany almonte romillanca
my respect for each one of those who don'tt have a return home, my respect for those who decided to leave also, life is hard...
David P
Long live each of our territories (homes) thank you the Blaze from a Venezuelan in USA. Respect to Algeria
Adrhiel G
someone 2019? Ahh, I'm wrong, it's recent.
Algiers, a mixture of cultures, nostalgia beauty and pain...thank you for this video ❤🇩🇿
It's a weird feeling, wanting to go back home but there's no home to go back to, a child without a parent, a citizen without a country, a traveler that lost his destination. I've visited about 40 countries, resided in 10, and none seem to fill this need of home. I went back once but home was gone, there was nothing left, just dust and ghosts and memories that now haunt me. The room I used to share with my 8 brothers and sisters doesn't exist anymore. It stopped existing the second I left. I was there some years ago and I could almost picture the house back together small and brown and the dog and my grandfather smoking and smell my grandmother cooking for all of us. People told me there were explosions on the horizon but I couldn't hear anything, I just screamed. This is a marvellous video, I wish we could all be so lucky. I'd give my limbs to be the man in this video, back home with my parents my grandparents my brothers my cousins my friends, my kin my blood my family. I'd trade it all. But they're not here and I'm not there and you can't interrupt the flow and ask why it is. It just is. They don't want me there, but I don't want me here. Fuck man, I've never been this homesick.
Andrei Pricop
I love this song. Greetings from Romania! Algeria is an amazing country, incredible...One of the world's greatest creations...i hope to visit it One Day...One day....
Izzy Shafey
I think it touches all of us who've ever left our homes, I'm an Egyptian born Canadian and I miss the Sun and the smell of the Mediterranean. I've adapted in almost every way and love Canada and my Canadian family but my body still craves that desert heat, and the warmth of the people I was born to, this song and video gives my heart some of that warmth
pepirey san
From the blaze to shooting a 007 movie, congrats Dali Benssallah
Street Food Tour
LYRICS: We've waited for this day We shared some tears of love now Like a desert in the rain When the sun of the day went down There's nobody like my mom There's no place like my home since I was born When I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long now These people are my heroes From distant sky They light me up with flying clouds This ever gets me high like a cool blunt smoke I'm shining like the moon I'm feeling like a bloom in the black sun I remember when I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long
Esmael Bara
the realism and cinematography of this video is top notch.
Alex alex
im from russia and this is a so gooodd song!!
Chris Honninger
this should be made into a feature-length film. just watch this actor for 2 hours straight, with the environment, the music, and the blazing. wonderful work!
We love Blaze.Greetings from Turkey! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
I don't know if it's telling me something profound about masculinity or just mindlessly celebrating a narrow view of it, but the energy is impressive.
khaled sakhri
this video was shoot in my city and the rooftop of my grand father 😨🌌🌕✨
Kimo Ab-Ga
Wow, terrific track. How did they get such genuine emotions in this vid. Solid solid solid!
Marta Moore
Lol! I looked up this video because I saw a clip on Instagram and thought it was a trailer for a movie. Damn I wish this was a movie.
qui est la car Dali Bensalah est dans le futur James Bond ? one two..
this is one of the best videos ive ever seen
Im watching this everyday, thank you for this job
November Thirteen
Biboz The Joker
Algeria Baby, No 5 In my country, Viva La Vida
Rohff Housni
Bordel , j'ai des putains de frissons , plus on regarde le clip plus on kiffe. Chef-d'œuvre de malade mais quel acteur putain !! il a résumé toute une vie d'Algérien en 3 minutes !!!!
this video rec in algeria
Nadera abuzneimah
I am obsessed with this video. this is the 1000th time I watch it and I am still enjoying it
I have never seen more honest video about the Algerian life until I saw this...bravo sir.
Yaser Abu Areesha
This video caused my addiction to "The Blaze". Stunning art pieces are being made by this couple.
That boxing scene is epic with the music
도윤이가 그랬어요
This will give me dopamine for 3 days Thanks :)
Abraham Salazar
This is the kind of art that deserves awards and international recognition. Lead actor, script, cinematography, music, art. Everything. This is amazing.
Jad Nashaat
Much love from iraq ❤️
sigara üfleyip sürekli izliyoruz yapana büyük rispek
Romain Faure
Territory, parce que c'est le retour du mâle dominant, du mâle alpha dans sa jungle natale. C'est là qu'il y retrouve ses amis, sa famille, et qu'il peut y exprimer sa joie, sa tristesse, sa force et sa foi sans être jugé. Territory, parce que comme dans Virile, The Blaze a pris le pari de décrypter la masculinité dans sa plus grande intimité, de son apparence la plus impressionnante à sa faiblesse la plus humaine. Du pur génie.
the kardinator
We've waited for this day We shared some tears of love now Like a desert in the rain When the sun of the day went down There's nobody like my mom There's no place like my home since I was born When I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long now These people are my heroes From distant sky They light me up with flying clouds This ever gets me high like a cool blunt smoke I'm shining like the moon I'm feeling like a bloom in the black sun I remember when I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long
salim bahadur
One of the best video I ever seen The best part 4.47 the dance in the roof Can't stop watching it His dance wow 😳 I am amazed with his act So real , From Afghanistan, Kabul
Jamie Hennessy
Love the visuals in beat with the music. When we were kids my father was tired from working poured wall, and rarely played or acted silly with us, but every once in a while if we bugged him enough he would pretend to be a gorilla or bull and chase us around, acting so well in character that I’d think he really became an animal! Lol 🤣
We've waited for this day We shared some tears of love now Like a desert in the rain When the sun of the day went down There's nobody like my mom There's no place like my home since I was born When I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long now These people are my heroes From distant sky They light me up with flying clouds This ever gets me high like a cool blunt smoke I'm shining like the moon I'm feeling like a bloom in the black sun I remember when I was young The flavor is so strong I've missed it so long
Remember 1st Time I went to Algeria ... so much love ❤️
Xenofontas Stavrou
Respect from Greece, a nation of immigrants. Respect the freedom of others do your part, do what makes you full and happy without judging or hurting others, always live in peace brothers, because under our skin under our different cultures we are all the SAME. What really matters in life is being happy and full, surely not in a materialistic aspect. PEACE. GR.
Riyad Ramdane
Top quality content this 👏🏼👏🏼🇩🇿
Oskar Krebs
amazing music, stunning video. everything works so perfectly together, well done <3
Mehdi Riah
Vive nos frères Algériens ! BIG UP DU MAROC
Gautier Le Sann
TERRITORY, from Sepultura, is much mooooore better!!!! ;-)
L'attrape Coeur
In the mood for Algeria
Cherif ATTA
This scene is epic I can feel it I can smell it it resumes my life in somehow since I quit my country Algeria (by the way the city here is Algiers). Thanks for sharing this art with all of us, PEACE.
George Bezverhov
Truly spectacular video. I definitely feel your vibes. Hats of to Director,actor & music 👏👏👏
Corbeau Subtil
Magnifique ce clip, l'esthétique est parfaite, c'est ennivrant et prenant, je sais pas mais il y'a quelque chose de profondément touchant dans cette vidéo. En plus ça donne envie de découvrir Alger, l'Algérie. Moi je suis issu d'une famille Française, je suis né dans les années 90, toutes les guerres, les haines, les rancoeurs, les violences du passé entre la France et l'Algérie je ne les ai pas connu et j'en suis bien heureux. Nos générations devraient pouvoir s'entendre, faire table rase du passé. Moi je suis pour que la France s'excuse officiellement des violences, tortures, massacres perpétrés par des soldats Français en Algérie. Même si ce n'est pas notre génération qui en est responsable, symboliquement ça serait fort. Je dis ça alors qu'un de mes grand oncle qui a été enrôlé de force dans l'armée Française, conscrit quoi, est mort en algérie. Nous les jeunes, on devrait jamais être poussés à la tuerie par des vieux aigris, par des fous furieux, par des nationalistes, par des fanatiques religieux, par des politiques avides de pouvoir, par des gens qui n'ont que faire de ceux qui meurent au loin pour des causes qui n'en sont pas. Notre jeunesse a les moyens de changer le monde. Si nous pouvions trouver la force de nous entendre, de respecter chacun, de laisser chacun faire ses choix, tant qu'on ne lui impose pas les nôtres, tant qu'il ne nous impose pas les siens ou qu'il ne les impose à personne. Un monde de liberté impossible à atteindre mais vers quoi nous devrions essayer de tendre, dans un cercle vertueux de progrès de l'esprit et d'intelligence, de compassion et d'empathie. Bref je m'emporte, mais je vous aime tous et toutes.
Marta Siwy
This music and video touched deep parts of my heart&soul. Thank You !!
cudi kixe
God bless you Algeria
Ghoffrane El-ALakhdari El-Saihi
Love you Algeria 🇩🇿
Miguel R.
I usually don't comment, but with this one I just had to. To me this is the most beautiful song maybe ever. This is the one song that carries the most memories of my life. I have cried a lot and laughed a lot along with this song. I heard it uncountable times and still find new interesting things in it somehow. I can't describe how it makes me feel but I always listen to it again to come back to that feeling. It is like a mix between being sad and happy at the same time. To "The Blaze" I love you for creating such beautiful music.
Rayane Kahlal
He join james bond cast !!
Ma Ëva
Une nuit je suis tombée sur ce clip j ai bugger alallalala le kiffffffff💖🔥⭕⚪🔴
Elif Buhara
abi dünyanın en sıcak klibi ya içim ısınıyor izledikçe SEVİLİYORSUN BLAZE
That can't be acting. I can't believe that anyone can act like that. Far too intense man, far too intense ...
When i watch this video I feel something magic in my mind in my soul in my heart . The actor is incredible specially “ the box scene” . I’ve nothing to add just WOW . You got us men proud of ya khoya
The guy in 2:34 still wants his joint back
Jad Nashaat
Much love from iraq ❤️
I believe one of the guys from virile clip (the shortest one) is on this clip as well, at the boxing scene. he may be the one who stands up during the scene. he looks thinner and younger, though
Emer Miedema
wow so much pain and euphoria at the same time
Dion Hanna
first time hearing this song and holy shit im so mad at myself... this is pure perfection! wow <3
Je de Wallis-et-Futuna si vous ne connaissez pas allaient faire des recherches please ! Cette musique me fait voyager encore une fois D'Algérie la dernière fois quand je suis y allais avec mon père !!!!! 😘😘😘😘 A 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Naw Naw
Omg i did not noticed at first view that his moves match perfectly the music tempo starting to 2:52
Sofia Bonaya
I'm glad I got to find this song. I absolutely love it. The guy at the beginning is a fantastic performer. Love from Kenya <3
Dimidia Luce
Cannot stop watching the dance on the roof
Trop bien l'acteur va commencer à percer ! Dommage que ça soit tjrs sous des idées antiracistes pathétiques. Quel clip, quel son, je ne m'en sépare jamais, jusqu'à finir avec, tout seul, en soirée, a danser là dessus les yeux fermés. Masterpiece <3
Victor Tote
caralho muito obrigado por essa obra de arte
Nico Braun
This is so powerful!
Farras Alasad
Tbh this song without the video, would be just like any other song 🤷‍♂️. Brilliant actor 💯
Alice Benhamla
Incroyable !!! Mais qui est l'acteur principal ?? Qu'on le retrouve vite sur grand écran !!!
Hassiko Sngryan
I can't stop watching and listening your videos/ songs! This is incredible man.
Shout out from texas! I needed this in my life!
Niby Nikt
Fantastic tune, superb video, amazing scenes. The magic of #Algiers!
hanane hamidou
just WOW je suis époustouflée jeux d acteur fantastique, mise en scène à couper le souffle, la scène ou il fait le gorille est juste trop trop cool, l'un des plus beau clip que j'ai jamais vue de toute ma vie
Moç'ab Saadi
Parfait! Le jeu d'acteur est tellement juste que l'immersion est profonde, les plans séquences à couper le souffle, les émotions riches et une vraie énergie communicative, bref je m'arrête avant d'épuiser les superlatifs
Victor Rios
I really enjoyed this, thank you. I love the actor's energy on the beat! stellar cinematography
HONESTLY this is one of the BEST videos i've ever seen FROM MOROCCO
L'Algérie qui été un pays francophone devenu indépendant. En a de la chance nous les français je vous mes propre frères d'algérie pur merveilles cette musique.
Enimab Enimab
чувак приехал з польшы
thats one hell of an actor. BRAVO
i miss the algerian weed 😭😭😭
Léo Brigham
never gone from nearly having a tear in my to pure elation in a song like this ever before. think I want to visit Algeria after this.
Virginie Marley
Salut tout le monde ouhaaaa ouhaaaa cette musique est absolument génial je ne pourrai pas ma lasser de l'écouter
seb gel
j'en n'est la chair de poule quand j'ecoute ce morceaux
the main actor is unbelievably great. I cried rivers of tears watching this.
youss cuadrado 31
Algeria 🇩🇿🤛🏽
this song saves my life
Travis Bickle
Klip çok başarılı.
andrew Mcintyre
Seen these live last night at body and soul. I'm still blown away by it
Martino MCML
Quel Bonheur et quel plaisir de voir que la musique et les clips peuvent encore procurer des sensations et de sentiments profonds et purs. C'est encore plus un plaisir de lire des commentaires construits, intelligents, fins et positifs plutôt que l'absurdité la bêtise et la méchanceté gratuite que l'on peut lire d'habitude. Merci aux artistes et un grand bravo, si votre intention était de déclencher des sensations aussi fortes, vous avez réussi a mettre une image sur le sentiment de déchirement profond de ma multiculturalité et du faite de n'être ni vraiment d'ici ni vraiment d'ailleurs mais d'être une combinaison de choses qui nous rendent si vulnérables bien que nous nous en croyons plus fort..