Evil The Offering Custom Built MTB (Worldwide Cyclery's Head Mechanic's!)

Liam as many of you know is our head mechanic. He is also the main guy to test and review most of the MTB products coming through the shop so you bet his personal bike is tricked out with some of the latest and greatest components in the mountain bike industry. This Evil the Offering is decked out with suspension from Push Industries (some of the most expensive shocks on the market) front and rear. Rolling on Industry Nine Enduro 305 wheels and it keeps cranking thanks to a BOX Two Drivetrain. This video goes over every part he is currently riding so check it out to see some products we have already reviewed as well as some we will be reviewing very soon. Consider this a sneak peak! Your welcome : ) Visit our blog for more information: Subscribe to our channel: /> Shop Evil The Offering: />Shop Industry Nine Enduro 305: />Shop Push Industries ElevenSix: />Shop BOX Two Drivetrain: /> Website: /> Instagram: />Facebook: /> What's the Worldwide Cyclery YouTube Channel all about? Demystifying the confusing world of MTB's one video at a time. We eat, sleep and breathe bicycles and love to make videos about them. Worldwide Cyclery is one unusual bike shop on a mission to build the best bike shop on the planet. We are a group of passionate and motivated riders who are all about having fun on bikes by any means necessary. We mostly live in the world of high-end mountain bikes but pretty much just love anything with two wheels. Our content provides riders with the most amount of information possible on everything from new product releases to bike and product reviews. We're here to provide relevant content that will inform and educate our fellow riders/bike enthusiasts so that they can upgrade and shred their bikes with a smile. To learn more about our shop check out - /> Shop online at WorldwideCyclery.com or... Visit a shop in Newbury Park CA or Lancaster PA. Come ride bikes! Or drink a beer, or a fruit juice... #eviltheofferingreview #evilbikes #eviltheoffering

Worldwide Cyclery
What do you guys think of The Offering? Would you buy one?
Ricky Downhill - RDH
Great video but OMG, that crash at 1:58!!! Good way to get yourself killed.
Marc Cox
My biggest complaint is a bike that price should have full internal cable routing
T.J. Webber
@Worldwide Cyclery If you're gonna speed something up a few %, just pitch shift it down a bit. Most people won't notice.
bryan rut
People knock specialized but that swat stuff is pretty cool. Those cages’ are good. That drug box in their frames is pretty nice for a flat kit too.
Liam Hall
A list of things leopard print looks good on: 1. Leopards
I am going to call all Shimano parts the Fishing Reel Company from now on :)
The Middle Aged Masher
And thick..... ‘some would say’ 🤔. Great response
Fudge Dredd
That’s my ideal setup... Nice bike
Mark Jones
Officially tantalized.
Fabian Werth
Sick bike!!! You‘ll love it. Maybe almost as much I love my Wreckoning
Bullseye Fowl
Maybe do a vid on all mountain application, where to put the stuff haha
Crash Video at 1:55. Cant stop laughing at his demise. Is there a link to that video?
I have a couple of Specialized Zee Cages with EMT tool on my bikes, and they rock. I also have AMS frame guard on one of them, and it's been very good at protecting and staying clear; over 1.5 years in, it hasn't turned yellow with time.
Jesper Lund
Whats the travel, does’nt the pike’s max out at 140 mm?
Joe Bullington
So............sell it when you're done testing it?? Demo Discount!! Cheers
daniel charlie fernandez
OMG that looks very thiiick and looong and strong ;) HHAHAHAHAHA that´s what she said, now seriously, I love that bike, if I could get one it would be an Evil, love the color and geometry. Cool bike bro, enjoy it! oh and cool tattoo too XD #nohomo
Easton Becker
this bike is sick, I rode an Offering on Demo once, it was freaking awesome
You look like really serious but I can feel you have fun of making this video 😄👍🏻
No videos No videos
Man I really like this channel. Definitely up there among my top MTB channels. Every video you make is so interesting and fun to watch. Great looking bike in this video. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.
john Cast
Looks like a Staple in that tire at 4:45. Shows you the grip of those WTB tires even inside the shop.
Any recomendations on 3x8 shifters? I bought some shimano 4 months ago, and they broke today, PD Beautiful bike, made of sweet BBQ dreams
I would like to see more of the guy on the right because i am to lazy to read your blog. Merry christmas!
Yeah Boi
Ribbed for pleaser and pretty good for protection!
Adam Englander
That is a pretty cool bike you have there sir
Alex Robbins
My goodness that bike is like an Offering from the Gods, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines
With the Push ultimate upgrades I’m sure that bike rides nice and can fly down the steepest and rockiest descents. Awesome bike!
Good stuff guys! Liam will be building me up another new wheelset after the 1st...... if any of you are thinking about buying a hand built wheelset, do yourself a favor and bypass everyone else... you'll thank me later!
Grim Reaper
what I got from this video was ALWAYS USE PROTECTION
eagle boy
That crash can't be real can it?
G. Donuts
“She’s a big girl”, lol. 34+ that’s some serious badonkadonk.
Chance Seely
Whats that springy thing on the back suspension?
Sparks 701
Wish I had the cash for it. I’d buy one!
Reamonn Ryan
dopest of the dope
Logan Mulally
I would like to be an offering.
Slushy Rides
What do you think about the Evil Dh bikes?
Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines
#1 Evil makes the toughest carbon frames with lots of cool extras like chain guide and protection guards. If you someone that feels that your always looking at larger frames because smaller frames don’t have enough reach, this is your ticket. Evil has been know to set the trend with short travel 29er made low and slack for shredding not steep and light for XC racing. In my opinion this is a perfect bike for a “do it all” from local trails and shuttles to park rides. Definitely for someone looking to go fast and is not timid when the trails get chunky.
ilias sidiropoulos
is jeff the linus tech tips for mountain bikes?
Harold Adams
Is that Ric flair on the screen saver on that computer¿
Casual MTB Rider
have you guys thought about putting a location in the pnw?
Michael Bartovsky
Very well could be my next bike boys
Adam Englander
That bike looks so damn sik!
Matthew Lawlor
Bike porn. Now I want one
Topsey Kretts
..she's nice...i would buy one..!
Dan K
The background music was tantalizing. Ya the bike was rad too. 🙄
Flex LCS
I hope Santa Cruz brings back that pink on any of theirs bikes.
Rob and Josh
Hey Jeff is he running the 140 with the coil conversion???
T Mayberry
Is being pumped better than being stoked. This bike is heavy and evil. What about the yeti sp5 are yo shelving her
I'll be spending Christmas alone this year. Wife left me and even took the dog with her. My bike is broken and so is my heart. Happy christmas everyone !
Manny Fonseca
Give me that bike. Do it now.
Plaickner Simon
Off topic but what do you think about odi f1 vapor grips?
Freeride Quebec
Forgot something guys....How does it ride?!? :D
gnar gnar brah
Say I put the tires on wheel. ?Wil bike drive faster downthe hills?
Have you ever done any builds using the Rohloff Speedhub? = )
Johannes Nilsen
funny voices? sounded normal. just sounded bit fast & exited. but normal.
Valeriy Proklov
Can you please put metric specs in as well?
Mark Smith
What frame size/rider height?
I say consumerism run amok. 34lb Offering, no thanks. It is gadget cool though so high marks there. Rather see that frame with DVO Diamond/Topaz setup (150/140), if the shock is compatible with the Evil leverage.
Everardo Silva
Richard Harvey
Seinfeld music ??
Dale Lakusta
You chose to use a Reverb?
Jacob Farrugia
hell yes I want one but they are too pricey for me
Fat Guy Biking
Evils are so nasty especially with that Push you gentlemen that get to ride these bikes I am so jealous. Like pure functional art love it with the Box as well. I would buy one in a second if I ever had the disposable income for one the geometry on these frames are awesome.
Joni English
Ribbed for EXTRA SENSATION !!!!!!!!!!!!! Boiiiiii Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela Maclean
what fork offset does it have, 44mm???
Sick ride. Off topic but I see Liam has nice taste in bicycles. How about pocket knives? I see he has that folder poking out there. What's he carrying?
Abu Aboobee
How much does this rig weigh?
Juan C Melendez
What’s the price of the bike as spec’d out in the video? Looking at Evil for my next bike. Don’t have a 29’r in my fleet yet.
Paul Malang
Solid build! Dream bike