HITMAN Unleash the Kraken Monster Challenge SA

Hitman Unleash the Kraken Challenge guide Completed. Silent Assassin, Terminus Suit Only. Sniper Sieger 300 Ghost. Hitman Monster Easter Egg. Sea monster ✔️Subscribe for suporting this channel here:

Mora Heden
7:40 to 8:45 unleashing the kraken :)
Sniffie 56
8:40 is what you are looking for
Emerson B-H
He watched a huge kraken destroy a boat then got on a boat half the size lmao
Elijah Sixx
then 47 bravely drives out there knowing the kraken exists. what a badass
Michael Woodsman
8:37 your welcome
Marvin Husbands
The hell is a sea monster doing in HitMan?!?
Mr Pasta
Goddamn dude... I can barley get past the mission let alone in 8 minutes.
Josh Anderson
Dude you really good at this games keep up the good work
Paula Ramirez
Like si ablas español
smokedog number1
U make this game look easy. Sniper best part of hit man. Used to love playing that sniper challenge that was free download for ps3. Wish they had it 4 ps4 now
Anders Andersson
I must say that the "Bad Guys" in Hitman has quite a good deal of civic mindfullness! I mean.. Why else would they hire deaf and blind people as guards! What a nice way to support the handicapped!:D
Dirk Reijmerink
I love THE way you play THE game man keep up THE good work.
Jun Smith
8:00 Here
Glad to finally see someone playing without minimap, but would be complete if no instinct as well.
The Last Ender Recon.
1:35-1:46 sounded like a bomb getting ready to explode BOOM 💣💣💣
The Last Ender Recon.
Yup I am still watching this video I don't know why.
Vinicius Santos
Man you really play nice,i die in Hitman Absolution,this game is impossible to me,you rock
bruhh for me it took 2 hours to complete the mission without help........
Dead Mañ
Cool video bro , keep up the good work 🔥💕
Simón Montero
If I love something about this game are the interesting several ways it got to finish a mission.
ST4ZY d0wn
I like your video,i am a subscriber now,you are the best I know in this game👌❤️ #Gaming Gold
rice eater
Some tom cruise stuff right there
Ab Mistry
Bra this games is so cool
It’s funny how the Kracken destroys the ship with ease
Tony Mind
Glad that hitman is better game than ever before :)
The Last Ender Recon.
Man I am still watching this video but I will still watch your other vids. ☺😊😊
Easter egg Lol
The Last Ender Recon.
Man this is a good video makes my day happier.
Blue BloodYT
the part you're waiting for 8:42
baban xd
Omg you are very good player ı Love you
Second like
Stanley Sandeep
Ok...I'm out of loop...but from when did Agent 47 become so thin...Guess, the devs have to cater to the current gen youths I guess... Also, what's up with ultra slick moves from 47...it's like I'm watching some James bond movie... Seems like all those tense, glitchy, thoughtful gameplay of yesteryears are long gone...😏
David Taha Dayem
Man This Skins are from Hitman Absolution
it took me about 30 mins to complete
damn son you pro at this I like it you just got a sub!
Amaris la volpe
Yay ? First like ?
The Last Ender Recon.
I am still watching this video.
The Last Ender Recon.
Bro what I can't believe I am still watching this video man.
irison Valdemir
Muito fácil o jogo o gráfico muito bom mais o jogo deixa a desejar
Sebastian Prieto
Oliver Alalauri
Miten tuon snaiperinsaa😃
The Last Ender Recon.
Hopefully you reach at least 20 million subs yo keep up the great work and you will get 20 million.
Hozana Barbosa
Its guuys kine master
United States Trump
*Thunder= trovão*
Mafia do café
Why you repeat this mission??
1000 subs No video Challenge
Just keep up The good work i Think you are world’s Best at this game
The Moody
Do you have to complete the targets berore you shoot the bells?
Nicklas Pikhoved
Pro run - Good job ! It's gotta be a pain in the ears to sail that boat in heavy waters.......
mariah vigil
took a long time but was awesome
Pradeep Singh
Hitman aise thodi hota hai
Shady hunter
impressive well done )
Danny Devito
yeah I'd want to drive off in the same vicinity as a kraken after I watched it rip in half a sail boat and pull it under in a matter of seconds
The Last Ender Recon.
No problem gold I will always support you.
Collen Carabajal
May you do red dead redemption If that's available on pc?
Aniket Roy
1:03 reminds of hitman 2 sa level Anathema ☺
Joel Rodgers
Who would win hit man or john wick
Ad Astra
waooouuhh that realism..
Dang. I thought the graphics would be terrible but the graphics are amazing!
Petchen Petchen
Ha ha ha ... how many times did you start that mission ...
dallas. dallas
So jogo pesadao ta ligado nota10 E nois mane
The Last Ender Recon.
I love your vids man I will watch your videos till I die... cause I need too 😉☺☺
Alaa Buhussaien
HI my friend How to get the sniper?
Beatrice Joyce John
Omg u are a master
aldineide santos
everybody pro chest
Mr. Pussycat
I want that suit Where did you get that suit
Cai cranton
I Lobe you
X XManu
You're so good in this game!!
Chabelo :v
How i get that Suit?
Smart electron
The end was cooooool
Man u re so pro playing this, really really clean
Even Margaretha
Shanti Vangapandu
How to I get that outfit? Do I do an elusive target or something else
That was fast... i used an hour on doing that mission.
Tulio Henrique
Awesome stuff
Jeremy Hughes
Great video, but could have been edited down to a minute and a half
the toilet of doom
Problem Child_8687 chop chop
Nice work
Vince Johnson
good vid dude
Patricia Dorado
como se yama el juego parce
You re master
legit confused. did any of the first 8 minutes make any difference to the kraken appearing?
santiago guzman
You are the best
Arthur Morgan
Could you please make videos about read dead redemption 2 ? That would be great
gimli 1
كرار حيدر
Aye Uplink
very well done
Eigher Son
Roachy Raccon
How did he get the key card?
slo fury
Hate that the Terminus outfit is messed up. I'd love a clean version of it.
Assassin Monkey
I need to find the kraken on AC4 my friend said there was one is there??????
Osem Osem
محلاها اللعبة او او او
Mostafa Hany
what is the name of this game the gamer is so intelligent 🔥
Dan M
You sir are badass...this play through is gonna help me get the true assassin challenge...I just don't see where you got the key card from?
The Last Ender Recon.
This was an amazing video I am still watching it.
An Easter Egg ;)
Vendex Horvi
beautiful job