Local Kid Fixes Playground After Getting Hurt

By Jerry Askin A local 3rd grader is giving back to her school - hoping no other child will experience the pain she did.Last April, 8-year old Kailey Buttry broke her collarbone while at her school's playground. Kailey is a rising 3rd grader at Hixson Elementary School. She says what happened to her was an accident, that doesn't have to happen to any one else.On any given day, you're liable to catch 8-year old Kailey Buttry doing what she loves to do..playing hopscotch, jump roping and enjoying time at her school's playground. But, last April, she experienced something she never want to experience again.She hit her head on one of the red poles while at recess."I was running and I bounced off into a little boy and into a metal pole. I hurt my nose and head real bad and I broke my collarbone," says Kailey Buttry.She was rushed to the hospital and It took her weeks to recover. And after nearly a year of planning..."She came to me and another little friend that hurt herself in the playground and was like, "mama we got to do something," says Chassity Buttry, Kailey's mother.And they've been busy at work since Thursday....padding every pole and sharp object at the playground - hoping this never happens to anyone else."I want all the other kids to be safe and make sure they don't get hurt like I did," says Kailey Buttry."We've done 3 swing sets, the playground, the hopscotch, and the little tic tac toe area," says Chassity Buttry.Helping others is Kailey's passion.  It's her dream to work with kids when she gets older."I want to be a pediatrician to help God take care of all the babies," says Buttry.Her hard work is truly an inspiration for her little sister."I'm really happy about what she's doing and I'm happy about everyone supporting her in all of this," says Melayna Buttry, Kailey's little sister.Kailey and her family plans to have the entire playground padded before school starts in just a few weeks.Lowe's and Home Depot in Hixson donated the materials Kailey and her family needed to pad up the playground.