Rone - Gravity (Official Video)

"Tasty City" by Rone: / />GRAVITY // UN RÊVE DE DEMAIN by Filip Piskorzynski Listen to the album on YouTube: /> A young woman wakes up to find that she has become weightless, and floats through life until gravity inevitably catches up with her. Check out Rone's new video "Lets Go" (Wild Edit) /> Une jeune femme se réveille dans un rêve de demain. Elle vole dans la nature. Jusqu'à être aspirée par un monde où règne la gravité. Où on l'oblige à mettre les pieds sur terre. Les gens qui l'entourent se ressemblent tous... Music : "Tasty City" by Rone *** Follow Rone /> /> Follow InFiné /> /> /> ** The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

Guille Arana
I bet this girl ended up with leg cramps after the shooting
Woman:What do I do? Director:Jump
that's... a lot of jumps.
Pablo Ortiz Lopez
This is like that vine of that guy pretending to be Harry Potter, but now as the serious version of it.
Victor B
Gravity doesn't catch up with her, she FALLS from nature into civilisation, sucked in against her will. The first person she encounters literally pushes her down to his level, takes her 'gift' away and dresses her in the same dull black colours to blend in with the rest of the population. Gravity is another word for modern civilisation, both of which weigh us down until we all become a herd of sheep, just as she becomes at end walking among the other 'grounded' civilised clones. Either you live free of the system or you'll be pulled into it against your will where you will inevitably be shaped and molded by society to conform until you strip away what makes you unique.
2:35 - alter Elbtunnel (Hamburg)
Matias Mendez Parisi
Reality is gravity. The pressure of regular life that take away all the fun of actual life and enjoyment. At first i didnt like the video because of the technice that i find quite distracting of the idea of being smooth and floating but the end was so great that i have to love it.
the good side of youtube
HOLY SHIT. IM DYING BC OF HOW AWESOME THIS IS. its so amazing the world has creative minds like this. thanks thanks thanks. im glad i discovered this youtube channel too.
a delight to my stoned eyes my friend, thank you much love
aditya dogra
Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.
Kornél Ladányi
This is what I feel on every weekend,and when I start to work at monday.
Yash Aditya Vyas
That says so many things. Words couldn't have done a better job.
Spruce Lee
leg day
Praveen Rachuti
urban life screwed her..
Amazing! Both music and video!
Edgar Barajas
Who would dislike this? This best is awesome!
Time for Fun
Is nobody gonna mention the fact that she made cold tea with sea water? She's gotta be tripping after that.
Özgün Tunç
Never let someone fall you into the reality
Cindy Hickman
That's gotta be a lot of jumping
Mario Ramirez
I counted about 517 jumps. But i'm sure she jumped more than that of camera.
rouse Amore
Muy bueno...el vídeo estuvo fantástico...!
Xteve Tyler
love it, caught just how my sleeping mind runs. spot on. loved kerala and cirrus etc....
jirapat sipach
really great artwork.
Gintare K
this actually look like my dream.
This is freaking awesome.
zurab paitchadze
Thank! "The Creators Project"
le clip magnifique <3
Magnifique! Et Chapeau pour la perf sportive =)
Her day and life. Morning is like a beach, she loves the forest and is happiest. She's forced/fallen into main stream/conforming, and she loses hope.
Jimmus Maximus
THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING. I cannot imagine how long it took to make it. Great music, as well!
I truly like this video, well done!
185,432 Jumps. I counted! Cool song and video by the way!
the editing in this is incredible
Marine Prost
WOW! Ca c'est du clip! un grand bravo au réal...sublime!
Peter Silie
It's definetely an awesome tune, but WHY YOU MADE IT THIS SHORT?
Younes Boukroun
I think now she have dead feet muscles haha
Great idea, beautiful to look at this. I think many many work and patience for this project. Sorry for my bad english ;)
So good. Really.
"A young woman wakes up to find that she has become weightless" Why do I feel like that's every woman's dream? Lmao
Andrew McIntyre
She's got really nice legs. Must be from all that jumping
Mason Dechiara
Her legs must be so strong
magdalini red
loved the idea and artwork! gj
To Ho
<3 top
Javi Gómez
I wonder how many times the girl had to jump to take all the photos for the video... awesome work btw
Martin Romero
this needs a longer version
!!! Saludos amigo♪*_* ♪*_* ::::
Dean Smith
Kycieim Viraphong
Best break dance ever 10/10 best video+ I think she was drank Starbucks XD
soapy mermaid
Maaaanifiqueeeeeeeeee(mais son petit déjeuner dois pas être bon)
Thing is you don't notice how great the track is because the video is so good!
Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for posting this.. (y) <3
Alan Alpamis
good job RONE Respect from KAZAKSTAN
this video is pure bliss!!!!!! bravo guys! music +++ :D
Pécsi István
Likeable. Reminds me of Animatrix: World Record.
Her legs must be tired from all that jumping.
"So I went to Crossfit to lose all this weight. And, what did you do?" 'Like...a million jumps'
Chunky M
Toujours un plaisir de découvrir de la nouvelle minimale française...:)
Łukasz Pilewski
great, great, great !!! big thanks :)
stefan steinbeck
fies juut!
Dirk Sid Eno
so you better wear black.
Seems like many don't understand the meaning of this video? All I hear is commentary on its aesthic value and none regarding it's genius meaning. Gravity has taken a hold of you...
Henry Frederic Beans
Such great sound starting at 1:30 !!!
Mike S.
Drinking salt water's gonna kill you bitch! Not to mention make an awful up of tea..
RHD 94
Now she dont have to train her legs for the next 10 years
Manola Fuentes
Pricope Ionut
Dude, this was awesome!
Matthew O
I wonder how long it took her to recover from all that jumping
Aria Shanks
alot of jumping i suppose
weird place to take a cat nap!!!!
Awesome track , but hipster video ROFL
And I thought Bye Bye Macadam was trippy as hell while stoned. All music videos should be like this! or Bye Bye Macadam....
how many times do i have to listen to this vid before gettin enough.... nice vid too...on the whole.. an artwork...
Я люблю этот клип!
How many times did she have to jump to make this video ? :o
X sell lent art thou
Luke Smith
Audio's dedz.
Étienne CHANAY
Cette vidéo contenait une piste audio protégée par des droits d'auteur. Le son de cette piste a été coupé suite à la réclamation d'un titulaire des droits d'auteur. SUPER !
Joost Wasbauer
Nice sounds, great clip!
Beautiful! Loved the video
if it isnt a stop motion, what is it then?
Reminds me of a dream I have occasionally. Only it isn't in stop-motion.
She's free and happy in natural spaces, when she's into society everything change, society kills your humanity, your freedom, makes you a copy of a copy, an slave without dreams or hope, she abandons her happyness natural world and becomes one more in this sick society, beautiful video and excellent critic to the world we're living.
Roxana Villalta
Great job!!
Du génie
That shit looks exhausting
a million billion. she probably lost a lot of weight.
was man
Carl Winslo Chipi
Wow what awesome acid tripping video 0_o
Scott Monetti
.:. ***** .:.
Ashish Jadhav
Georges Mounir
Trop fort !! magnifique
Forcecho Dubstep
She lives an interesting life
Clément Leroux Official
Ces vidéos sont exceptionnelles !
I love it...