Lord of War - Nicolas Cage's Speech Intro and Outro

Nick Cage's speech with the bullet floor at the start and end of the movie.

one of the most underrated movies ever
Harold Davidson
Now it's 850 million guns in worldwide circulation. That's 1 for every 7 people on the planet. We're one step closer! We just have to arm the other 6. :)
Buğra Sertel
"Never go to war, especially with yourself". Best quote ever.
One of the best movies ever. And Cage is awesome.
Papa Grim
"There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. Thats 1 firearm for every 12 people on the planet. The only question is... How do we arm the other 11."
ku junmo
"While private gunrunners continue to thrive, the world's biggest arms suppliers are the U.S, U.K, Russia, France and China". The 5 permanent member nations in the United Nations and yet they dare to talk about peace.
Man, I love Nicolas Cage. Such a fantastic actor, seriously.
Dunechka Raskolnikov
watched this movie about 8 times
Troy D.
Lord of War is the best movie
Captain Deadpool
that is the secret to war, dont fight in them, Switzerland has it right, arm every single man and give them a full auto rifle and training, then stay neutral, so far they have had to fight no major battles and even being almost in the middle of ww2 they stayed out of the war and neutral.
"Never go to War." .... "Specially with Yourself."
now this is what a great movie looks like, hollywood needs to make more movies like this instead of the stupid super hero crap.
niyla lovescigs
nick cages best movie not over done and well told
Steve Holcomb
Thought for sure he'd say "declaration of Independence" at some point.
A very good and underrated film. One of Nic Cage's best performances
According to some philosophers of the cosmos, such as Carl Sagan, the most dangerous period for a civilization is when it has become technologically advanced but not enough to control its baser instincts yet.  The last hundred years have been a study in that danger.  WWI interrupted the most peaceful and prosperous era of history ever in Europe, and WW2 witnessed a level of savagery not seen for hundreds of years.  Then we had the nuclear stand-off and the constant threat of global destruction for 45 years, and genocides happening decades after we went to the Moon.  We still have the nukes.  Can we evolve past our disposition towards violence?  I think so.  It all depends on whether we turn our technology inwards, to understand the mind and why we needlessly do these terrible things.
Tegar Aditya
nick was awesome in this movie
David Jones
Theoretically, if every person owned a firearm the power of those who once held a monopoly thereon would be rendered rather powerless against the likelihood of retaliation. We can't cure Man of his instinct to kill his brother but...we can arm the poor masses that would be otherwise defenseless. An well-armed African village is a much harder target than a disarmed one.
Colonel Hart
We have been born into an evil world. But some of us consciously, voluntarily make it more evil. Some of us participate in, and profit from, that evil.
Heath Synnestvedt
Considering the unwritten or unaknowledged criminal records of various nation state regimes, various intelligence services, and police forces globally, it seems odd to me that people protest for gun laws that, far from banning guns, would concentrate them in the hands of the minions of true mass slaughterers.
The thing with guns is that...either everyone in a society has ready access to guns, or nobody in society has access to guns. Switzerland goes for the former by mandating gun ownership, while Japan goes for the latter where the laws are brutal enough that even the yakuza do not use guns as the penalty for illegal gun usage is greater than the crimes they commit. Both countries have extremely low gun crime rates.
I can't believe I went from National Treasures to Left Behind- Nicholas Cage
Regardless of what others think I like Nicolas Cage, good actor.
Why all of the Ammunitions have brass casings ? they claim that they're made in russia.russia have a tendency to use steel ones instead of brass.
PBA porkpies
Brilliant film, very underrated
Koru Banzhi
Thumbs down because it says intro AND outro. False.
Alaiddin Emre Özyurt
My absolute favourite quote ever!!
Mark Ian
I like the "NEVER GO TO WAR " part .
Why not then a discussion centered on all the real world crooked arms deals to countries like Nicaragua, Syria, Angola, Venezuela and Vietnam? This must be how a black guy feels when he's trying to explain racism to a white guy.
And so, in the name of converting a movie about Russian arms dealers into a parable about world weapons trafficking by all nations, the arms dealer becomes Americanized, the general that frees him becomes Americanized, and pretty much everything else gets Americanized too. There's even a bit about trafficking weapons to the mujahedin in Afghanistan. Like I said, Hollywood magic. Not the first time I've seen this sort of whole cloth bullshit either. What a crock.
No his character worked for himself and used others for his own benefit, as of the bullshit protocols book this movie isn't about any nation or race its about what ends people go through to get what they want, and those arms dealers worked for anyone who would pay a good price.
So in other words, instead of being based on one Russian arms dealer, this "American" arms dealer is based on a number of arms dealers working for the Russians. Sorta like the Protocols, only you blame Americans instead of Jews for the world's problems. And make a nice profit too.
One is called semion mogilevich, sarkis soghanalian and his last name is that of a ukrainian who got arrested for arms smuggling, plus I think nics character is a american with ukrainian decent.
Who were the others?
The character in the film is based on multiple characters, Viktor Bout was one of them.
Lex Luthor
Yes this nuclear war has gone on for far too long right?
My favorite bit is how Viktor Bout, a major weapons trafficker for the Russian government, is transformed into an American that sells guns to African psychopaths for the American government. Ah, the magic of Hollywood. Ya gotta love them limousine Leftists and their $38,000 handbags..
may be good reason for not having nuclear wars any more..at least for now and "natural" way to control human overpopulation?
The Wheelie Kid
1 firearm for every 12 people? shiiiiit.... i have 12 firearms, and i am 1 person! fuck the ratio!
Alfred Loo
Good Life Advice: I don't want to work for corporations anymore, I want to be an arms dealer.
Saying that everyone should have a gun is like saying every should fuck. Some people are better of not fucking and some people are better of not owning a guy. You ask why? Because some cannot handle the consequence of either.
Derp Herp
i live in canada i sure do wonder how you are going to arm the other 11
well his comment isn't that smart to begin with, so I was kinda trying to given it more credit that it deserved by responding to it. But ya I know.
you didnt understand his comment
it said suppliers, not owners.
Rohit Prajapati
The permanent members of security council...
Jeremy Beckham
Love this movie ... How do we arm the other 11 .... How awesome . Love how it shows how the Uk are hypocrites on guns . Just their citizens aren't allowed everyone else is
Curious Scribe
oh that's really mature, using the whole treating people you argue with like a child
Go Switzerland!
Titanium Rain
Ahaha, fucking funny. The NRA are a bunch of dicks but they get support because they are the largest organization capable of fighting for gun rights. The NRA is representing the interests of the business but also the interest of THE PEOPLE. 10.8 million new firearms were sold last year. It wasn't the NRA buying them. It was the people.
Titanium Rain
Nice hyperbole. The NRA is composed by people who make a profit out of the civilian ownership of weapons all around the world. Why would they cause a mass shooting that would hinder their profits?
Agreed. Too many humans for the Earth to carry.
in scientific terms theory doesn't mean assumption or supposition. go to school.
he's just a business-man, not a war-monger. not really a pacifist.
Bah Bou
Scrolls down sees a good person who tells the truth about even lower... THANKS MAN! :D
Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that have been corroborated through the scientific method, then try to gather evidence to test their accuracy. As with all forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are inductive in nature and do not make apodictic propositions; instead, they aim for predictive and explanatory force. So it's quite biased. Essentially, they see what they want to see. That is ever-present in the world today, as well.
Malcolm Pagett
But ironic isn't it. A pacifist arms dealer.
You keep using that word "theory", but it clearly doesn't mean what you think it means. Scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of FACTS that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment." You are thinking of hypothesis.
All evidence for evolution doesn't exist. Hence why it is a THEORY. Look up EVOLUTIONARY THEORY and that's your Science. If it was a fact, it would not be listed as a theory. It is a theory because they are not sure. Just like the "Big Bang Theory" is at theory. They can quote how they think the universe began, but they can't get to the "edge" of it and therefore they will never be able to prove it. Therefore, the burden is on Science to prove what it cannot, which is why it fails.
Man you are really a nob arent you. Humans are scientifically classified as The Fifth Ape. All the evidence for evolution exists. I implore you to type in the words The Fifth Ape into the searchbar and educate yourself.
Good movie. Its even better if you get the message. Its kind of sad as well. But still very interesting.
also I am pretty impressed you got the point right away, screw it I take it back now lol
lol :) glad we both understand satire is not always malicious
Billy Sanford
That's the funny thing. You start to see the rest of the world as such, then you look in the mirror and see another crazy ape staring back at you. The worst parts of humanity make a lot more sense when that happens. That's why it's important to have morals. Of any sort. And to try your damn best to keep to them. Otherwise you're capable of anything.
seven billion and one
ProNorden Agrarian-Nationalism
Cage's last line there is a particularly apt warning against tragedies like World War One, and allowing yourselves to be set at each others' throat.
Curious Scribe
where are you from?
I really, really do hope you're an troll because everything else would be a very, very, very sad thing. And yes the Ottomans are about everything when it comes to Turkey. The stuff that was before doesn't count since it wasn't part of their country but of one they completly devasted and destroyed with the people living there either killed or forced to flee.
*Glances down at comments* Yeah, there's political arguments going on. *stops reading comments*
Curious Scribe
first of all we don't have a union dumb ass, and your retarded if you think the Ottomans were the only piece of history in Turkey, and that's why we Americans are better than you because we aren't ignorant fucks like you, tell me where are you from?
And I think you're an troll. The Ottomans were some of the worst enemies of Europe who on several occassions tried to invade and take over the whole damn continent. By the same logic America should let a whole bunch of Muslim and Communist countries join it.
Curious Scribe
so, geographically turkey is in europe and the land has been under the control of europeans far longer than the ottomans and their descendants
Curious Scribe
well i think it's ridiculous, the russians and turks should be let into the union, their history is strongly tied with europe
Geographically it actually isn't since most of it is in Asia. However the majority of people is living in the small European part or extremly close to it, it's basically the same people as in the rest of eastern Europe and they share the same cultural and religious roots. That being said, Russia still isn't part of the EU and most likely wont be anytime soon for various reasons. So how exactly does Russia matter for this "discussion"?
Curious Scribe
by that statement that would mean Russia is not a European country in terms of geography
Turkey is neither geological nor cultural nor from a religious point of view European. Either you're absolutely uninformed on this issue or an troll which one is it?
Curious Scribe
turkey in your mind is not European? and i guess you think Catholics are not Christian
You sir are an troll.
Curious Scribe
they should, they are a European country
Curious Scribe
Turkey is part of Union idiot
And if they're smart enough to bypass that, then it's not hard to find other ways to get in. France and Spain regularly have plenty of illegal immigrants coming from Africa. Cut social program so that only people that can keep up and work hard can survive in this country.
Maastricht Treaty was enforced to ensure all EU members keep their debt in check, and pretty much almost all countries got away with that. I'm sure making additional requirement on the treaty for Turkey is much more pragmatic than creating rules that no one will take seriously. There's only two ways to get into Europe from Turkey; ferry or highway in Istanbul and Gallipoli. It's not difficult to use these areas as choke-point and check their ID before letting them in.
On top of that Turkey is constantly going against basic human rights. The AKP is currently busing undermining their democracy and introducing more and more radikal islamists ideas into their society with the kemalist army being the only thing in their way. Turkey would be a huge safety risk, does not belong to Europe neither geographical nor cultural nor religious nor ethnical into the EU and would weaken the EU as a whole because of that.
Membership of the EU would grant them the right to move to any other country in Europe and they would do so. Not having any kind of immigration requirement is a part of the EU. On top of that Turkey has unchecked borders to the whole Middle East and parts of Muslim Asia. It would become a free entrance to the whole of Africa, Asia and the Middle East into Europe without any kind of way to stop the flow.
Oh, and I guess I must not understand the grave implication if Turkey joins EU. I don't see any good reasons why not, apart from your ethnic theory which looks pretty on political talk shows and news... but again, numbers don't lie. Turkish membership in EU does not mean tolerance to multiculturalism; it means they are smart enough to do business with people with a lot of cash and sound economy. Make the immigration requirement more strict. Make sure they have fluency in English or German.
Ethnic unity works only if their demographic concern is addressed by making a lot of babies. Most of the European nations have declining birth rate, something that the Asian countries have not experienced yet. Japan is in horrible shape. Went through same bail-out procedure to save the incapable people and having low birth rates... and their ethnic-obsessed tradition is causing harm to the country. When majority of population gets old with few young people to support the society, it collapses.
Ethnic unity actually worked quite well for thousands of years and even nowadays does in countries such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. While several of the elites in Europe had to admit that multi culture has utterly failed. That being said. You obviously do not grasp the true implications of letting Turkey in the European Union. It would be the final nail in the coffin of Europe as we know it for various reasons.
Blind idealism in politics (Communism), ethnic unity (Nazi Germany), religious (The Great Crusade) always fail. However they try to justify, stats do not lie. There are very few things that Greeks offer better than Turks. Anyway, seems like it won't matter much as EU doomed themselves. I would rather be in business with productive Turks than lending money to slackers like Greeks with no hopes of getting paid back... even if they dress funny, eat food that smells and have more children.
No force on Earth in history that defied supply and demand survived. I agree that a lot of unskilled and trouble-makers are being allowed to immigrate... so simply let only skilled immigrants with sound background to come in. Turkey has higher GDP, the only Islamic nation that has relatively sound society, economics, politics and sizable military, and is a strategic gateway to take advantage of untapped markets in former Soviet republics, the Middle East and Africa.
Why is being ethnically European a requirement for EU membership? The whole point of EU is to reduce economic barriers between financially able countries to increase productivity and better compete in the world market. Greeks are merely few millions only known for tourism (which is also fading due to their crippling economy and lazy society that relies on social programs) Power follows where the money is at. From economic and demographic perspective, Turks have so much more to offer than Greeks
You sir have no idea whatsoever. Was inviting countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal not the smartest move? Yes. Would inviting Turkey an even more idiotic one? Yes. Turkey is NOT part of Europe, neither geographical, nor cultural, nor religious or ethnical. Inviting Turkey into the European union would not strenghten but weaken it further. Turkey would be a door for unchecked immigration from the middle East into the European union and installing massive fifth column.
Turkey is a superpower compared to Greece. If EU was smart, they would've invited Turkey instead of Greece. Turkey has healthy demographics, at least compared to most European nations and they have been developing strong manufacturing bases and standard of living and savings are increasing in Turkey. They are now spending what they've saved for rainy days like China while most of EU members are borrowing with no hope of paying back. Turks outclass Greeks when it comes with economics. Period.
Turkey is NOT part of the European Union and most likely wont be for various reasons. Turkey is a trade partner of the European Union, that's all Turkey is. And in all honesty Turkey is doing "better?" Turkey is on par with Greece!
Curious Scribe
that may be true but many other countries srewed up because they refused to moniter their economy because everyone is greedy when there is money to be had
Curious Scribe
Turkey is part of the union and is doing better than most of the european countries, your just pissed because a muslim country is being let into the union
Lord of War vs. Wolf of Wallstreet.  Who'd win?
The one who started this whole crisis was the US. In Europe it hit mostly the economic weaker countries and forced the stronger one's to bail them out. At the same time the US was running off it's mouth about how Europe should fix the crisis (because it worked so great for the US) and should make Turkey part of the European Union. How about you guys stay out of our business and actually fix your own problems and maybe, just maybe we stop disliking you then?
There's one little problem with that. Germany is also up there. As of 2010 it was place 3.th and even before that it was constantly in the top 5. and currently plan to sell about 600-800 Leopard 2 tanks to the Arabian Emirates and another 200-300 to Quatar alone.
Curious Scribe
my comments where trying to stop a idiot from playing the classic blame game which is responsible for some of the worst atrocities in human history