Mai-HiME | It's Good, But…

My-HiME, or Mai-HiME. It's got some problems. This has been a VIEWER'S CHOICE video, where you choose what anime I watch and make videos about. Rules: 1) Comment the show you want me to watch! It has to have finished airing, be less than 27 episodes long, and not be porn. 2) Most upvoted comment on 4/23 wins. If someone already commented your suggestion, don't leave it again, upvote that! 3) Repeat next time. Various "find me here" thingies: /> />

Birb man
Watch alien nine, its a really cool sci fi and its a 4 part ova. To finish the story you have to read the manga but on its own the story is complete in its own arc. Sorry if this sounds confusing but im super passionate about the concept of this anime and i would like to see your opinion on it since its far from a perfect show. The characters in alien nine are far from normal and there are some just downright weird scenes in it, just a disclaimer. Dont let that scare you away from it tho because the weird scenes are just kinda cool alien things that happen within the world's fiction. One last thing, watch the sub, the dub has really bad voice acting
You know I already voted for the guy who said Yuru Camp, but I'm gonna add my 2 cents. Ojamajou Doremi... all of it... or Symphogear again. I'm cool with Symphogear. Can't have too many cool scissors, mountain punching, or spaceship suplexing.
Miss Mangas
Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! It's a great and beautiful magical boy, yes you heard it right :D The animation is pretty, the opening is super catchy and full of energy, the characters are charming and funny; same for the villains, the plot is hilarious and a bit weird, the drama is well done. It's an awesome anime, you won't be bored. I like Mai-hime despite the deus ex machina at the end and some strange moments. I find the humor fine, the characters are cool and i could relate to them, the music is magnificent, the animation is good. It's a nice magical girl and the action scenes are incredible, really fun to see :) Nice review of this anime, thank's for sharing your comments on it!
I mean magical girl lyrical nanoha is a show that I like and hey you.could watch that one, it's a magical girl show, it has implied yuri and decent action, honestly it's one of my favorite anime series And then if you like it then perhaps you can move on to the next seasons and/or the midquel movie
YURU CAMP - one of the most comfiest anime ever from 2018~! it's uniqueness will mellow you good
Sara Fontanini
the 'sequel' Mai-Otome/Mai-Zhime is, in my opinion, way better than Mai-Hime. for one thing its a seperate continuty from the previous series so Shizuku didn't molest Natsuki and so their relationship is way less squicky. Also the series is way better at dealing with the antagonists than the first series which just redeemed everyone save for like the big monster dude. Also, Sci-fi magic! I'd also recommend: R.O.D Read Or Die, Hellsing (if you haven't seen it), Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy (though its REALLY REALLY pervy and off the wall) annnnnd....Panty And Stocking with garterbelt, if you haven't seen it? Oh and Big O, again if you haven't seen it.
Melody Bloom
Gakkou Gurashi (It translates to School-Live), its a very fun school anime that I'm sure you'll like. Just don't read the bio or look at too many images because apparently, there's been a surge of people spoiling the ending and stuff in the all the bios and images XD You can find it on Crunchyroll for free, but it has a lot of ads
Sassy Simone Smith
Cute High Earth Defense Club Love plz. Either that or Free
Do Noir, the greatest Anime of all time and my first not a kids a show Anime. It's Dark yet not Nihilistic, and it's Yuri. And kind of a modern Film Noir vibe to it. Everything I love. Also Yuki Kajiura on the Music (who also did Mai Hime's I think) at her best.
The Masked Mewtwo
Hmm..... how about Kiss Him, Not Me. It’s a really fun reverse harem comedy with a fantastic main girl.
Wyatt Epp
Ah, meant to say something about the content itself. Uhm... Well, I think it's interesting that you liked the HiMElander half of the story more than the stuff before Alisa and the Searrs coup, but I agree that it really shows its age in the framing and content. I wasn't at an age where I could appreciate the animation work when I watched it (more than a decade ago, holy damn), but the clips you showed... it's quite lively, isn't it! I _do_ regret to inform you that Fujino Shizuru manages to Kyoto-dialect her way to a pass from a disturbingly vast majority of the show's fans. I wonder how much of that was a niche starved for gay characters who don't end up dea- ... _...permanently_ dead. But yes, I wonder what the "Shiznat" fans would think if they actually looked at the canon today? (To say nothing of the manga, where Natsuki and Mai are openly in conflict over the blonde punk whatever-his-name-is. It was worse in basically every way except for the Haruka/Yukino thing, but they're the best anyway.)
Rose and Alexa Productions
You should do miss kobiashi's (however its spelled) dragon maid!! Thats my favorite anime :3
Remember that they released a 2nd ending where no one was resurected and it just continued as is
Glad someone reviewed this show. I like this show and god damn that OST
Oof, great video. Really throws me belack to see a show as old as this reviewed today; I like it. Have you ever seen School Rumble? It is my favorite goofy comedy from back then. It's a riot.
Do Planetes, please! Deep humanist themes about space exploration, the ecology, neoliberal globalism, with multicultural personalities who all have a lot of heart. It's a show that's genuine and that feels like Arthur C. Clarke could have written it. Also the antagonist is literally Elon Musk.
A Place Further Than the Universe. Knowing your tastes you’re going to love it.
Can you please do Mai-Otome next?
Wyatt Epp
Oh, we're making Tyranno relive gay anime girls of the early aughts? Then next has gotta be Read or Die, right?
A Recommandation would be Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun it's short, funny and a parody of shoujo clichés !