THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. ONE OF THEM TRIED TO BREAK MY ARM! Yo Yo Yo certi fam!!! So this Is actually the first video I've uploaded since we hit 500k. That is insane and I thank everyone of you so much for the continuous support. This video is a bit too much and it got way out of hand, to the point where I felt like retaliating... so I won't be going back there for that reason. (That takes the fun out of it) ANYWAY..... It was an idea that you guys had, so I did it. WHAT'S NEXT? CERTIFAM MERCH: /> MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED! LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! @bmxsnapper - Snapchat /> />

Who else loves this guy
Amy Crew
"Calm down" Jesus they're the ones that need to calm down 😂
Drinking Game: Take a shot every time the security guard says "Calm Down"
Stafgr Uglnioe
next in n out challenge: North Korea
Rikke Brewer
Honestly! The most intense thing. 😂 almost lost the arm mate... nice one rt 😉
09:35 Police officer "Tube station is that way" LOL They think your some broke ass kid, not realising you have a £40k A45 AMG parked in the Harrords underground car park. LOL
These security is overreacting asf
Bored Xox
So glad i found your channel, been binge watching all your videos, your amazing! #CertiFam #NotificationFam 💪🏼
Jamie Kemp
They needed smacking
Fraser Nixon
i feel bad that youve only got 500k, like so many people miss out on content like this
All might Might all
I’m watching this now (March 2019), and you have almost 1,7 million subs. KEEP GOING DUDE
Adam Power
Bro u may have hit 500,000 but you've earned 5,000,000 #CERTIFAM
Leon 7037
Roses are red violets are blue I love Ryan Taylor what about you
Diane Gagnier
4:47 When you hear that music, you know it's going to be GREAT
Fraydee __
What is the name of the song 0:00-0:10 ?
Jay Green
Knock the guard out
Tatjana Michalak
WTF!!!The guy who say's Calm down is so annoying
Ryan Rides
Ryan is even bigger than John hicks now😀
Jake Hunter
Your frisking mad bro I love it.
You are mad haha this is so good congrats on 500k subs my man
You take the Definition Savage to whole another Level Bro ! keep it up <3 support#certifam
homie gjr
Certifam all the way every day
Flynn Erwin
What a savage 🙌😂
This vid in one word : INSANE
samairey 2003
Ayyy 500k congrats bro. 1000% deserved bro. #RoadTo1Milly 😂 Certi fam all day everyday 👌
Fraser Wrightson
Certi fam all day everyday 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
george harper
That is very Wrong you could get them arrested or fired as you never attacked them it was visible you didnt so them grabbing you ok fairs thats reasonable force but in the court of law he would not be able to justify his actions trying to break your arm is not reasonable force.
motion Ahmad
You are the best YouTube or in my whole Life
xp kroniks
Congrats on 500k you deserve it man!
mad p
Certi fan always
E. H.
Hello from Vienna in Austria!!! I Love your content, you should get like 10 Million subscribers!!! Don't Stop doing this content.!
Mikey France
Your a mad guy you bro
Lachlan Rice
Ryan Taylor is sick all day every day
Emci Escabarte
Who else started tensing third legs when the guard went for his legs
This had me laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂
ya know
17k followers in 4 days!!!
ABXE_- 5
Now you have 1500000👀
September 500 K April 15 th 980 K omg watch him grow ( 1 year and 3 Million subs I'm saying
WSYM- Demon
500K is that all you should have 2M or more like 3M
Tie Jj
Who else thinks Ryan should link jay and Romel (tgf) in the go kart thing
Scott Diesel Cameron
Congrats from Australia,for then👍 Love ya Bro,ya fkn mental,lol
Mr ish T
The security guard at the beginning 😂😂😂😂
This guy is f*cking savage! By far one of the best Youtubers and Bmx riders out there! CERTIFAM ALL DAY EVERYDAY GANG BUSINESS
Nothing big or clever about doing this... You should learn what "RESPECT" means !!!
Joseph Goodsell
“Calm down sir”
Tommy 20254321
Next Time Try And Do It With Either Your Car Or A Dirtbike
You’re so awesome and nice, dude. I discovered your videos pretty recently from your in and out challenges, and now and about a week ago I showed you to a bunch of my friends. Thanks for making this amazing content :) ps: You deserve way more than 500k subscribers!
Phoenix Morrison
Whats the intro song
Ella Vlogs
You deserve like 15M subscribers! You do so much for us and people miss out on your amazing content!
Zias Shooter
You are a brave man💯💯💯
Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101
The Sercurtiy Guards Are So mean😂😃Omg
Dunno AName
Ryan: BRO MY ARM’S JUST SNAPPED I CAN SEE IT COMING OUT OF MY SKIN Security guard: cam down sirrrr cam down cam down
Congrats you deserve it for all your hardwork and effort
Lmfao! You got whipped
Mike Serghi
Too jokes bruv you make sure my tax money is spent well on feds! Lol too jokes!! Keep up the good work!!!
Cryptonomy Royale 2.5
SECURITI-FAM 😂😂😂 awesome job bruh that was one in a million been subbed to you since a year ago bro
Orla McMullen
Your videos are so good I love you #certifam
Hasan Haque
U speak English fam?😂😂😂
Lachlan Rice
Alpha Elite Films
Yo my man, just subscribed. Love what your doing. Look forward to the content 👌🏼
Paul O'Brien
Tbh .. the quality of these vids are mad ! Top quality cams .. good editing .. then to top off hes just a mad man 🤣 500k+ earned
Andrew Sexton
Gang businesses.certi fam all day everyday
That was insane!! Great video from one of not many actually genuine YouTubers👍🏼keep it up
Victor Fu
This was a very crazy challenge I’m surprised they caught up that quickly
Jesus Christ
Ryan you're the best man. U deserve much more than 500k subs. I love your content. Keep up the good work. #certifam
Ryan Taylor My G🔥Love from india🇮🇳#gangbusiness❤👌👌👌👌👌👌alldayeveryday
Ashutosh Choudhri
I'm impress your vedio and I'm subcribe your channel
Conor Devins
Who’s been here before 100k subssss
Lesley the potato
5:49 this is basically me when I'm playing cod zombies
Mafia Studios
John Wed
After one year 1 Million more 👌
You should have a side car attached with Charles Veitch on board :)
mochaduck takoja
his sub count in the beginning, look at the last three numbers 420
Harry Barlow
Man I’ve been watching you since 120k and I said to my mate this channel is gonna explode and it has like by Christmas I spect you’ll have 700-800k subscribers, keep up the work 👌🏻👌🏻
Notification squaaaaaadddd Certifam 😝 brah your in and out challenges are insane! Intense as hell just watching them, keep up the good work, 1 Mil next
Lennon Owen
its because your content is amazing dog keep it up (why you got 500k)
Where's my notification gang out CERTIFAM!
i love how polite you are but you do the craziest shit it makes me laugh
Noah Odang
Made it befor it was deleted
Drunken Yardbird
Freaking brilliant certi fam! Those guards were toooouuuuccchhhyyy
You know you can sue them? They had no right to grab you and touch yoru camera, as you were TECHNICALLY not breaking any rules.
Josh Fletcher
i think he wanted to u to calm down x100😂😂
El chapo666
Lmao! No I just gotta go bro! SAVAGE AF!!!
Yes 8:00 crew awesome video as usual mate 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
James Anderson
How they treated you is unacceptable.
mad video my G congrats on 500 k ❤️certi fam all day everyday bro
You shouls have 20,000,000 because you are mad you work and your awesome (unlike Jake Paul and Logan paul)
Sam Reining
this stuff is comedy 😂😂😂
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro to
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro to
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro to
Marcus kelly whyte
Loving the videos always entertainment 📹❤😊 thanks bro to
I've been waiting 4 2 mins u uploaded 2 minutes late LOL