The most dangerous punch | Okinawa Karate | Masaaki Ikemiyagi | 最も危険な突き | 池宮城政明先生 | 沖縄空手

People says that the punch of Okinawa traditional Karate destroies enemy's bones. OK,let's test it. Meibukan Okinawa Dojo 3-22-10,Minami-toubaru,Okinawa-city,Okinawa,Japan Master Masaaki Ikemiyagi If you would like to contact sensei,to join or make a seminar,please mail to the following address. [email protected] Okinawa Karate Federation /> Okinawa traditional karate association: /> Okinawa Karate Kaikan /> Music by OneSoul Nobody

Pororo Pup
I too am a keyboard warrior like you fools
Vinyl Techno Trance Club
2:42 realy spoiled the vid, the boards bend at slightest touch.
LucaUploads Stuff
one punch man
Ravi Prasad
Just look at the grains of the board...that's tells a lot
Edward Leonard
In my humble opion some are missing the point. Its not about the boards, its the techinque. If he delivered that punch to the left side of you rib cage, with that kind of power and penetration; he would rupture your spleen. delivered to the other side he would seriously damage the liver. Yes I would say dangerous describes the techinque perfectly.
A5 Kobe
turn the boards 90deg and try again......
Leslie Forsdyke
Daniel: Mr Miyagi can you break a log like that? Mr Miyagi: Don't know, never been attacked by tree!
Papa Blues
i thought i need to do: 100 push ups 100 squats 100 sit ups 10 km run to destroy someone with only one punch
andrey galkin
Me : Does it hurt ? Sensei : me ? Me : I was talking to the board
spin the wood at 90 degrees und try again...! :-)
"Wooden boards don't hit back"
Kenny Konsam
I want to learn
So many salty people in the comments...
6:02 sorry Mr.Wood.
Orochi Doppo is not impressed.
Orochi Doppo lmaoooo
Timmy Ianni
Breaking the boards is eh... but breaking the makiwara is pretty impressive. It's not stiff and has a fair amount of give to it specifically so it doesn't break.
EC Jeong
Respect those who train over decades... at least better than keyboard blackbelts huh?
that is not a human fist anymore it's a hammer.
Michael Dudley Welch
I lived in Okinawa for 18 months. That guy was my landlord. Rent was always on time.
I train in MMA I can tell you his punching technic is spot on. Yeah, it's impractical when you are up against a wrestler or street fight if that is your only move. But you haters sitting on couch missing the point of Martial Arts if only thing you are thinking about is street fight. I got mad respect for this man.
Matthew Wood
Van dam death touch works pretty well too!😜
ciekawe czy zamyka licznik w boksera ?? :P
Miles Romanus
*He did 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10km run every single day for 3 years*
Jay Shizuran
Boards dont hit back - "Bruce Lee"
This guy should be in Mortal Combat
Monad Pictures
I don't want to be punched by the master for sure but at 05:36 I can see a break-line already where the board breaks eventually..
Sean O'Brieon
An excellent vid brother. While personally having trained as Nak Muay and MMA for most of my martial arts journey, I still contain so much of the Karate that I originally trained within my training and fighting. I credit the power of my striking, in particular, with punches, to Karate as much as to Western Boxing. I have always switched stances, and incorporated a lot of lunge-punches, and Karate style reverse punches into my fighting style, amongst the Western Boxing and Muay Thai techniques, and to great effect, along with Tai Sabake, and other aspects of the footwork also. It would be truly amazing to meet the true lineal masters of the Okinawan tradition. Training with them, even for a brief time, would be an absolutely incredible experience for any martial artist, but most especially, Karateka...(!)... Thanks for posting the video, brother. Peace.
Mohammed Al Nayeem
Wow I didn't know there were so many Grand Masters in the comment section.
2:40 Those weak ass boards were already bending.
Syed Murtaza
Once you break one others follow I love karate I am a karate ka but there is a difference between man's body and wood sand stone iron. Man's body is soft and it's flexible even the ribs. Practice punches on the wall not hard but same as use as makaiwara it's just means conditioning, making bones dense and killing the nerves so get this done anyway.
Street Deacon
Do you know how you can tell someone is afraid? Keyboard warriors. They seek out a martial arts channels to leave snide comments, things they would never say to a person's face. They know they could never do this so they mock it.
darryl jumawan
for those who says boards dont hit back, if this guy hits you like that on your liver, i highly doubt you'll be able to hit back right away. need.. air.. cant.. breathe
Yes, but can he do the five point palm exploding heart technique?
Big Chungus
But can he do fireballs...🔥
"Kids, today I will show you the Makiwara punch. Is there a volunteer ?..." ^^
AJ Rod
Lets have a friendly match between him and Kiyohide Shinjō of Ueichi Ryu.
Dwayne Green
6:05...very impressive. that definetly was an example of E=mc2 :)
Padz TM 1⃣9⃣8⃣2⃣
Lot of keyboard warriors.. Smh!!
NHZUL Studio
Funny . Messing and insult this man don't make you any better . Calm down your ego
Craig Harrison
That's some explosive power...I'd like to see all the shit talkers take just one punch from this guy.
RennZkie Tamala
Wow so powerful.. That punch can broke a ribs..
5:36 you can see where the break is gonna be on the board before he gets the first punch in
asdf asdf
Very interesting to see how many ideas of Kung fu made it to Okinawa and how it’s still in use today. I totally love that
Liquid Zeroth
Don't use that Bruce Lee quote here. This is only a demonstration of striking power.
This guy is a T 800/ T 850!! There's no doubt about it!!😨😨😨
The Chosen Chad
Doppo looks good
Muhamad Iqbal
That master look like takuma from kof
Matt Nobrega
Must be a great honor to be trained by this guy.
Nice try but it's the grain of wood. Try the other way.
Bang from One Punch Man?
SilverWolf ITA
I'm a little scared of this person 😂❤🔥
the woodgrain ? =D turn around vertical and its harder
fascinating Sensei. It's amazing training.
Watch the breakings listening to the song of naruto called "My name anime version"
Sensei Souza
He is a great master and always trainning hard. Thanks for sharing it. Ossu!!
marcus l
respect to this karate master who has dedicated his life to the art!
Constantin Ionescu
The wooden board fibers are horizontal, I dopn't think he can do that if the wooden fiber are placed vertically, not even with only 2 boards.
I love how everyone is talking shit but this guy is 10x healthier than most of you and 2x older and could snap your neck 😂
king L
Instructions unclear, broke knuckle.
edwin serrano
A life time of hard work and dedication !!! Thank you !!!
This guy should play a role in the Cobra Kai series as a sensei.
Ed 1
Now try against the grain.
All of the shit talkers in comment section forget that any martial arts can be destructive if trained and applied properly.
Mr. Muhammad Al Mutairy
Most of the strength comes from the feet and body rotation movement
Amazing Skills!!
Golden Child
People say the boards are easy, you notice no spacers like others do. 5 boards stacked against each other is very impressive. Try it yourself haters with just 2 boards, bet you break your hand. 1 is easy and gives but the second cushions the first making it much harder, this guy did 5.
kirby march barcena
People may not like watching him breaking planks of wood or gets bored..But none of them even considered his age.
Nam Nam
When he broke that Makiwara board he was using almost 2% of his power.
Everyone knocks martial arts. This is just a test of power. He may just be hitting board, but at least he doesn't go around punching women and his own chest. Like every single dude in the comments section. Is that why yall are wifebeaters? They dont hit back either? Maybe yall should try boards.
Muhammad Rafiq
Boards dont hit back but will broke like human's bones. And will never hit back. (M.Rafiq).
Григорий Шмид
пересушенное дерево ломать :) ....у меня бабушка перед топкой печи такие на изгиб ломает.
Shafiek Ismail
Nice display of power and technique
Fred Smith
All u tough guys, this is still good training. Yes boards dont hit back, but men do. What percentage of everyday men walking the streets have been training in the UFC. Also Its usually guys that dont train, that starts shit. So folks training is good. One of those kidney shots to some jack ass with a chip on his shoulder, he's going down. My point, most folks dont train. Keep training folks, but evolve and understand your limitations and what you need to compensate your training. The makiwari is still a good conditioning tool. Believe it or not, folks hurt there knuckles during a fight.
Nishao Nishao
greenwood is a lot stronger / flexible
Bmakg Essex karate club the one to watch karate
Nice great work from bmakg essexkarate club Basildon
True power is in rotation of the hips feet grounded energy transfer mind focused
His name is a combination of Masaaki Hatsumi and Mr. Miyagi 😜
Richard Grosskopf
Red haired Gangstah
Lol that wood is obviously looks brittle. I can easily break my hands hitting those, no sweat.
Spock vs Khan
These boards are a lot harder than the Korean pieces of paper that are used in demos. This man's two knuckles have evolved over 50 years of practice. He has probably a lot of nerve damage , but those first two knuckles are lethal.
ja da
Great skill. Only question is why would a master need to know the true measurement of the center of the boards when he should be able to eye it himself? And why would he punch full force on the second punch on that standing plank he already knows he basically destroyed. He is lucky he did not impale himself going forward and down. Great video though. I was not really too amazed at the five stack board breaking, but I've never seen the post punch before and by such a "small" guy either. I certainly would not want to face him in a dark alley.
bravo 20
i trained in agena city under the direction of sensei ODO,1980 tore my knuckles open on makiwara,trying to put it through the wall of the dojo,the wall is still there
David Miller
This ole boy would knock your head off haters at home
Roshan Manandhar
I will break 7 pics of that board in one punch
Almost impaled himself. LOL. Balance work needed. I guess. Boards do hit back!
tekken ryu jujutsu
you can tell how good the timber is lol
Eang Thai Ngov
Hello, I am not going to Facebook... Please understand transparency about TRUTH in knowledge ... If you attempt to break any wooden board, your chances are greater if you strike with the grain. If sensei can break 5 boards with the grain, he can break all the 5 boards with proper training. I believe that if sensei was to strike against the grain of the 5 boards... Sensei might break two boards striking against the grain. Depends on training. ETN...
Lukas Chytil
If the boards were in height, there is no chance for a theater trick
Play 2:52 at 0.25 speed and get a sun o))) vibe right there.
Roberto richardsen
i really respect the elder people are so vital at this age... really good job
Uplink X64
It is not 7.5 centimeters. It is 5 x 1.5 centimeters... and that makes a huge difference!
TimH Metal
Please show respect. This is an honorable man, not some celebrity selling coca-cola. There are 1000's of combat styles and I respect them all. It is only with humility and respect that anyone will ever learn the true lessons a master can teach...
Davi Caratanasov
Quase perfurou o fígado no makiwara!
Dhiar Syahputra
sensei even bowed to the makiwara. Kinda reminds me the way Lyoto Machida bows after he knocked out Vitor Belfort with his front kick
Dirk Venter
Afterwards he collected all the Dragon Balls
All the bad comments are from cocky MMA guys
Thomas Diep
Bone crushing very impressive!
I think, he should try 10 to 20 boards.
6:03 " before, a single punch would have been enough, but, it took me 2 now..." Boku No Hero Academy reference :3