BEST OF Ask A Porn Star: "Most Sex Scenes in One Day"

We have posted on our website before, but not on our YT Channel. In this BEST OF episode of Ask A Porn Star we ask Porn Stars like Allie Haze, April O'Neil, Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue, Rain DeGrey, Jade Nile, Kimberly Kane, Shane Diesel, Claire Robbins, and more, "The most sex scenes you have done in one day?" *If you are 18+ you can check out the uncensored version of this video at ►SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS /> ►GET WOODROCKET GEAR /> ►FOLLOW WOODROCKET ON TWITTER /> ►FOLLOW WOODROCKET ON INSTAGRAM /> ►FOLLOW WOODROCKET ON TUMBLR

Wow 5 scenes you know what comes out of a guy after five scenes in one day a little flag with the word "bang" on it
Juan José Fonseca Godoy
5 scenes for a guy is a lot. I've had sex 6 times in a day and by the end I shot air
white nigga
"Easier for guys" are you for real?
ron burgundy??
I like Allie haze...that voice
Nilashis Dutta
Allie Haze looks so cute..
allie haze is so cute, her voice and smile melts me and rain degrey i can listen to her talk all day and all night
Hearing this makes me too tired to even Get off to these gals right now xD
Adios Epic
Damn, this really puts into perspective just how much of a JOB and a serious physical strain being a porn actor/tress is.
Man id love to go for 5 or 10 beers with Allie Haze :D such a cool girl.
Mr Chris Carter FX
Hey babe how was your day? Ugh babe it was long I had 5 boy girl scenes let's just hold each other tonight lol
Akhil km
i love how honest they are
Two and a HALF? O.o
that fit Asian
Managed to bust 8 nuts. Had to use a lot of lube and I was sore and tired
my most scenes in one day were zero (yes i am ugly that's why)
9? Insane
allie haze star wars :D
Peter Morales
Allie haze doesn't even need to do porn. goddamn, listen to her voice.
I love these Ask A Porn Star videos. I like seeing adult performers as regular people.
James man
Brandon Moore
1:56 My Own Master is one of my favorite DVDs!
I've done movies but omg THREE ANAL SCENES????!!!! Jesus...
rose prince
claire robbins is SO CUTE
Jay Bee
Does using my hand count?
Naomi Gary
2 and a half
Basher Foru
mick blue❤
E Crouse
The job seems honestly quite exhausting. I couldn't do it. Kudos, ladies ;)
brandon D
Their parents must be so proud! LOL
I don't even watch porn but I love watching these videos :P
i like chimchim nuggets
that guy looked like jayz wtf
Bryce Word
Tyler Knight, go head!!
who's at :50, the brunette with the extremely sexy raspy voice?
Seti Michael Maxwell
Rain Defray looks REALLY familiar. Somebody I used to play with but not likely. Still though.
Tom McKee
Is no one going to explain what he meant by 2 1/2?! What was the 1/2?!
Allie Haze is so beautiful and organic
chester gavieta
everyone loves Allie Haze wtf looks like she have a cough she need to throw that phlegm
Ben Yang
10000th 😂😂👌👌😎😎
The Bosnian
my record is 6 times, i almost died
They have it good. The best looking girls that work in brothels in Europe have at least 8 different partners in one day, 6 times a week, all year. I met a girl at a club that used to do it and she said that she only had 3 partners in her whole life, but on the first week she worked in a brothel she had 49 partners, and 11 on her first day. She stayed for two years and then she quit. She was gorgeous though, so no wonder. She says most girls usually start at age 18, but most quit after 1 or 2 years because they basically don't have time to do anything else during that time.
Thariq Norman
just here for their name :P
Mic Poltergeist
new format is noice
Randy Lawson
Violet Monroe is not attractive..
Anoop Sharma
Allie love u
Shahid Khan
Zoë Ganley
mickey mod looks a lot like jesse williams from greys anatomy
Rameez Tariq
I am a cameraman for brazzers and i bet these all are lying
Vusi Mthalane
Allie Haze could be a perfect voice actor for cartoons
i am not really surprised when some of the guys said 4-5. the number of male performers is way less compares to female performers so
K Khan
Thier parents go to hell first then they
cakne maju
i'm pity with these beauty gilrs. money make them do it. i hope Allah help them in Islam.