Katy Tiz - Famous (Official Explicit Video)

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like if the sims 3 brought you here!! :DD
Twinnie Twisterz
It sounds Much better in simlish
Melanie Burch
Lol talking about sims 3. Gossip girl brought me here :))
Raquel De Almeida
thank you Blair and Gossip Girl
Lisa R
Gossip Girl and Sims <333333
ruhee juvekar
Gossip Girl!
Cess Lavapie
This is my fav song in sims 3 island paradise even though i dont understand it in sims :)
Marissa Perkins
She's so pretty. :3
David Simmer
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Soundrack yee
Olivia Madison
I Only know this song from the Sims, But I Still love it XD
Antonia Bignoux
I heard this on sims
Luana Silva
The Sims 💜
Eden S7
It's really better in simlish ! lol :P
The bitch
Из симс 3,есть русские?)
THE MAIN SYNTH MELODY-LINE IN THIS SONG very closely resembles the synth-line from the 1988 song "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'Arby (... give that song a listen, and you'll see what I mean). Otherwise (as some folks have already commented here), Katy Tiz just sounds a lot like Rita Ora.  In-other-words -, stylistically, a lot about this song seems "derivative". By the way -, since I'm on the subject of "other songs that this one resembles" -, let me suggest also checking-out the 1976 song by the Australian group Skyhooks entitled "You Just Like Me 'Cuz I'm Good in Bed". (I mention that one, just because its "lyrical concept" is similar to this song "Famous".)
Sims 3 xD
Lol If someone wants her cause she's famous it's because they've mistaken her for Lindsay Lohan.
Sun Flower
Heard it in Gossip Girl and immediately thought of Sims3. Good old times
Murilo Correia
tocou no meu spotify e eu fiquei tipo mds de onde eu me lembro disso SIM GOSSIP GIRL 💖
Virginia Rasberry
Isn't there another video for this...
Ella Morris
got it of sims 3
is she actually famous though? kinda looks like lindsey lohan i guess that counts
Julia Gorasińska
" Not even 30 seconds" did I spend watching this shit video and music
Sim File
No wonder why she wants to fuck so much
Is it just me or does she look a little like Lindsay Lohan in this video?
ikr? only here for that XD
William Burgoon
best sims song in the game
This music is so catchy :D, but the lyrics should be better···
Le Tams
Gossip girl
Baby, you're not really famous, but I'd still fuck you.
Kyser Ehrhardt
the sims sure puts a lot of innapropriate songs in their games
Iman Al-Saiegh
you look like Lindsay Lohan !!!!
SylwiaDusia Grodecka
The sims 3 Adventure Island !
Génesis Quintero Amaya
The Sims 3 Adventure Island <3
Los sims 3 aventura en la isla
Pitiens Sam
The Sims 3 !
gossip girl sent me here!
Vanessa Ulibarri
I love this song! Love you! And yes you are, FAMOUS!*-*
Paola Jung
I know her for snsd
She's famous?
dosent she kind of look like Lindsay Lohan in some parts of the song
so true
Jennifer Minor
She's like a combo of Cher Lloyd and Bridgit Mendler.
lucy galvin
Such a good song but it won't let me buy it on iTunes
Mean Kitty
you're trying to insult me by saying I look like this girl at 2:28? you MUST be Katy Piss, too, cus honey that chick not only doesn't look like me but she's 100X hotter than Katy Piss, and she (you) doesn't know it...I've never known a more conceited over NOTHING idiot than Katy Pisshead! even this song is PERFECT for her, really, is why I can't believe she's SO stupid to release it as her first..HA..you can use all the big producers you want to bottle this piss and try to sell..it's STILL PISS!
Cairstiona Benson
Mean Kitty : 2:28. I have nothing to add to that.
Jonathon Cole
Why did you reshoot it? what happened to the first version?
Mean Kitty
chirp, chirp, chirp.... ;)
Mean Kitty
hey Donkey, you can now say someone wrote about you in a song!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! hahahaha....how's the 'diet' going? Too bad your fatness problem midsection is hereditary for 'Troll' types... :(
Lisa Turtle
she looks like a non drunken/drugged up, Lindsey Lohan
Mean Kitty
and I never called her a 'whore'!! to be called that she'd actually have to succeed in seducing/sleeping with many, and at this point I don't see her scoring '1' yet!!!!!!!!! THUS, she is Miss Piggy, whom no one wants....
i don't care , if she is a piggy or whore.. THE LADY HAS SOMETHING , AND I WISCH HER ALL THE best in her future endeavours , and to you too.... BIG UP FROM MORROCO...... PEACE AND LOVE......
E Zed
Wow i do really do want to fork her Even if im gay i want to fork her :-)
Mean Kitty
she'll always be Miss Piggy, even 'famous'.... :D
you are famous already , and YOU WILL BE VERY FAMOUS , if you work with red one
Bl Ri
Looks like Lindsay Lohan and before the chorus sings like Rihanna ;)
Mean Kitty
i bet you feel stupid now.......oh wait i forgot you have NPD so you really believe this!!! at least they reshot the video hiding your ugly body...that's an improvement... :))
winsen lo
Not even thirty seconds, You’re asking loads of questions, You’re killing the connection, Oooh Oooh We kissing in the limo, You pass over your demo, Try to play me like Nintendo, Oooh Oooh Don’t act like you don’t know who I am You just mouthed it to your friend, no question, You only wanna fuck me cause I’m famous, Get your friends to tape us, Do you think that I’m that wasted, wasted?
Katharina Damn
when's your 'fart coming' EP coming out already? it's been FOUR months already since you announced it and put out your 1st (now removed) horrid video. It's amazing how you got signed from this one crappy song only and have had TWO videos now to try to make a Miss Piggy look purty!!! reallllyy? somebodyreally hates ME is all I can say.... ;)) cus you suck....
Nathalia Carvalho
i loved !
Ezequiel Domínguez
Maryam Rafea
great, know i cant sleep, damn cockroach...
Ezequiel Domínguez
*coff coff* /watch?v=_vF0Gmz6zak
Andrea Sanchez
Everybody calm the f*ck down and enjoy the song!Stop judging bitches! Like a boss xD
10 times better than the first video
Jessi Andrade
what about the other video of this song? I liked it better
Kinga Kufel
A ja tam uważam, że wygląda jak Ewa Farna :) Poland!
Nobue Chen
"dont act like you dont know who i am" ....but i actually..dont?
lucas béryl
LOVE this song <3
Harley Carbery
this is awful.
Hhhmmm,she wrote Girl's Generation's I got a boy
Lord Farquad
I Love how you think that anyone gives a fuck about what you have to say! Like your being a bitter and twisted character actually has a posistive or negative impact on anyones day? People just feel sorry for you that you had to leave 3 horrible comments under Katies video, that you took the time to write not one but 3! Poor thing... and unless you are some kind of model which i cant imagine you are 'mean kitty' Nobody probably wants to touch you either.
I'm only here cause I heard that song on Gossip Girl and <3 ed it
I didn't even realise this was released only a few days ago.
Min Hobi
Respond to this video ...
Min Hobi
Hey its me again !! Go look for JB
kelly lecluyse
Love it
calm your titays it was a joke
Eliška Zmrzlá
Wow ! :O <3
Bruno Gonçalves
George Tizzard
Great pop song! who cares what people say good on ya for doing it you're a talent! I'd LOVE to hear the 'negatives' write and perform their own tracks...
Justin Fajardo Reyes
I thought also :)
Kaitlin Cameron
Yes. I will play a Nintendo
Min Hobi
In the other video she said touch me now she's saying fuck me ???! Wtf . But i still3 this song
OMG!!! this song is soo good if it weren't for the chorus!! why!!! it just ruined the song! other than that song is soo good
Alexis Marie
Lol 0:27 she biting her hat ^u^ Lol
Mean Kitty
just wrap a potato sack around her body and maybe she'll be sexy....lol...
ina bringas
Is cuteee
Mean Kitty
don't forget that stupid hat welded to your EGGhead!!! LoLoL...
Mean Kitty
good idea to re-make this video covering Miss Piggy's fat Ass/legs so you can't see what a Troll she really is.. like in the other vid...can't help being mean to this Donkey toothed, narcissist, this has to be the most retarded song I've EVER heard! and it's true...NObody wants to touch her!!! hahaha...
Marco Neto
durval duds
Lady Gaga, Justin bieber, Katy Perry, One Direction e mais um monte de outros artista, há 8 anos atrás também não estavam...Devemos levar em consideração as revelações, caso contrário chegará um dia que os artistas velhos vão morrer e não teremos artistas novos para escutar. Deixa de ser clichê, e se não gosta dela, não precisa vir aqui comentar...
Philip Hayes
I honestly prefer the original video, but still this song is hella catchy! :-)
is it just me or lip sync not right with the song n video. is like a seconds apart.
Trixie Steffens Handler
i like the nintendo connection lol
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