6 Judo moves performed in finals by World Champions

World Championships Baku 2018 1. Daria Bilodid (UKR U48) : O Uchi Gari 2. Naohisa Takato (JPN U60) : Ko Uchi Gari 3. Uta Abe (JPN U52) : Uchi Mata 4. Changrim An (KOR U73): Ko Soto Gake 5. Clarisse Agbegnenou (FRA U63) : Harai Maki Komi 6. Guram Tushishvili (GEO +100) : Seoi Nage Music : Nujabe

Dave Sosa
In judo, you don, t hit People with your hands, you do hit them with the planet
Victor Santos
Ayyy I can appreciate that samurai shamploo music
As somebody who had never tried or seen judo this is a great video for getting people interested in the sport! well done
aldo britt
I know nothing about Judo, looks like a bunch of moving for position, but then someone decides to pull the trigger on a throw and BAM!! , it looks like poetry
Simon Says
The first girl when she won n made that expression like she finally beat the last boss. *I find myself clapping n yelling at the t.v congratulating her, and my friends are looking at me weird* 😂
Vaibhav S.
Japanese would be thinking, why the hell we taught Judo to foreigners!!
Extremely well designed video. Good job!
LOFI yugen 幽玄
Regular every day normal guy
The expressions of relief and happiness on their face as they win is priceless especially with the music and editing
Very good video I trained this beautiful art in my country for 21 years until I have to put it a side to feed my family, I wish I have enough time to comeback and keep training, this sport was what all my life was about, thank you for your channel you just have 1 more subscriber.
I love the music to this video. I never really looked at judo that much. This video shows how beautiful it really is. A very true and pure martial art.
Dani Slot
This is the second of two videos in a row I see with outstanding sound quality, awesome to watch!
Prismatik Animation
Shiki No Uta - Nujabes (Audio Doctor remix)
Siddharth Thakur
Samurai champloo!!!! Oh man you have done a great job...loved it
who else came from vladmir putin documentary? no one? k bye
First Cooommment
Had to put headphones on for this Nujabes
Anil Philip
I enjoy your judo videos. Please also post links to the matches. For judo players, it is more fun to watch the entire match than just the ippon.
Merci pour la musique de SC 💕
Jeffrey Carter
I never have done Combat Sports. But look at the footwork at 4:00 . It was beautiful
1907 GFB
Nujabes makes the video 10 times better
Fernando Condori Vargas
Like Samurái Champloo 🎶
Ah... yea! Nujabes "shiki no uta"
Ash Chaya
2:20 What a smile! :D
Mgl Shows
Agbegnenou's maki-komi counter to maki-comi. Inspiring
Fallen Simba
The moves were art, ty for the editing
Chris Trickett
Ah how sweet it is to come to a martial arts thread to see respectful comments, instead of people bleating on about how martial art A is useless and martial art B is so much better, etc :D
Simjah Katan
Increíble, amazing Judo 🥋
kil koh
IMO the best looking Judo move used in competition is Won Hee Lee's Tai Otoshi... It's nearly perfect. I believe he was undefeated in international competition.
djef ardeur
uchi mata and tai otochi are my favorite techniques!
ciscokid ozeta
even in judo videos you see keyboard warriors on the coments
Has O
Dat chill samurai champloo outro 😍
Marc Porlier
I love the music, the edit is great, the pacing with the slow motion is well done.
guibelson yaras
I find all of them to be really good tho, even the losers, amazing video!
Azyn _Minor
can you break someone's joint or nah
I was expecting to see a judo chop. I confess myself, disappointed 😂
I'm glad you put Clarisse as well.
Oh god, the second one really amazed me...
Alexey Smirnov
Thanks for the soundtrack also! Great video.
I see the music is called nujabe or from someone called nujabe. Can someone please give me more details? The music is amazing and I'd like to know more about this exact version of it playing here.
The beat the same form samurai champloo
Amazing video. Instantly fell in love with the music. Judo is life
People forget there would be no BJJ , without JUDO. I still practice both.
Motion Maker
Im a judoka which means im a judo player
Soumik Hazra Choudhuri
Twist the legs Make them fall
Its funny that I’m watching samurai champloo on my laptop and this on my phone right now
moses jerico
The 4th one has his head banged fist before his opponent
Brian Moore
awesome stuff but i can't help laughing at the first move... picturing someone in a street fight finishing good move then folding hands and getting all emotional about it .... lol
I watched 1:58 about 5 times and still don’t understand how that move works
Nice music. Its seems like that punky style is well harmony with judo's great performance, as well a large audience's responds!! Nice edit and arrange videos. Envy of your skill.
30 kills
I love K1 but judo is the Greatest martial art in my opinion
Michael Galida
Well made video thank you. Not only did you capture the passion of each competitor but you also captured the complexity of judo.
eomer chua
Russian kung fu is better and Realistic
Sometimes I wasn't able to understand who was winning and who was losing :\ It just seemed both of them down .____.
Dave C.
Didn't find my new favorite move, found my new favorite love...Daria Bilodid
Arkai Mangá
E essa música de fundo do animê samurai shampoo....foda..🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🥊❤️💚🤘🤘
4:30 was the best one, absolute beast
Michael Wolff
That uchi Mata brought a tear to my eye
Frederic Mathieu
U could put also one of teddy Rinner best judoka ever
Linoge Z
since when did they stop submitting in judo
Inner Circle
Lovely video dude, I watched all those live. Beautiful stuff
don mega
Samurai Champloo ending music)))
Abdullah Abdulsalam
One of the most underrated arts unfortunately
Neukx L
You forgot Ramo's move on Salah in UEFA final ... or only Olympic finals are counted?
Adzowa Gedjeah
Good job. Great technique.
Ache Prime
Judo vs Thief will complete your day.
Kory Vogel
Trips first then the big throws like Karo Parisyan!
I do judo and i have a lot of issues with my fingers and wrists What can i do?
I've been bounced off the mat a few times. Met some really amazing Judoka in my time. The best Judoka fight standing straight up, and bam!...they're under you, and you're flying lol! Good times!
Joel Ceballos
Video: perfect. Music : perfect.
Legatus Lanius
Is that the samurai champloo soundtrack?
What's super cool a lot of the techniques used are white belt or yellow stuff u learn. Dope to see it work in high level competition
Dude went for the arm bar 💀
Carlos Colon
Just imagine these moves on concrete .. judo is deadly but also a very beautiful sport.
The fact that leg attacks aren't allowed anymore weakens Judo so much
Amazing highlight nice tachi waza..... Imagine this was pre leg grab
You didn't credit the music. Song is "Shiki No Uta" by Nujabes.
juan campos
Shiki no uta!!
God I LOVE Judo 🥋 but where I moved to has no Judo dojo or club.
O. Sanchez
I like how focused on kimei Judo is. Can't catch the ki-oh moments, and you will never get anywhere, no matter how strong you are.
Mahalo for all your awesome vids.. brings back so many memories of my youth competing and representing Hawai’i
The beauty of art called judo. Congratulations and thanks to the author of the video.Bow the champions.
Awsum - used to love Judo - happy memories - I was there in every throw :)
lol Samurai Champloo music good choice.
Shiki no Uta :D
G. T.
The third one made it quickly.
escalation protocol
Yooo you used that Samurai Champloo song, I see you!
Oggy Oggy
Being on your back isn’t the end of a fight. MMA shows us that.
The judoka in the first clip look like they're completely different weight classes.
α plus β equals γ
Ufc judo ko are awesome
Aj Morris
Considering my middle school fighting days, I should be an 8th degree black belt judo master.
omar ahmed
The first move is qu ohc gari
The first girl😍
land of Lincoln
So any move is judo, as long as it looks cool and in slow motion I guess.😂😂😂
What an art...! Beatiful editing work as well!
Dalton Taylor
Great version of Shiki No Uta
Shayne Williams
ayeee women grappling, reminds me of my bliss childhood
El Joelo
Judo looks good but I don't want cauliflower ear.
Wisdom Calls
When Sport was an art, now it’s a Street fight!!
Oliver Govrik
The only time when music Behind a compilation is good