Evil Insurgent – 2016 Bible of Bike Tests

Read our full review of the Insurgent: bikem.co/GdjsIg

is that Dan Lloyd in the black hoodie ? Whats he doing riding mtb
max poignand
review a norco sight a7.1 pls
Myron Lee
can someone do a video on the Intense Tracer T275C?
5:08 lmao
can you get some proper mics i cant hear what u saying
or move the seat forward. That'll help with the climbs
Darren Lachel
"Impressively lite" 29 lbs.? This is a $6700 plus bike with very light Enve wheels. By the way a quick search has the Enve 60"s - $2717 a set. If these are the wheels they used. That makes the price more like $9417 not $8K.
Please get your hands on a Rose "the Unchained" and review that.
Ed Cope
How can these be such good reviews and yet so aggravating and down right annoying to watch? It's all a compromise when it comes to mountain bikes.
doopy noo
Hibbity hobbity doo hobbity dit. Translation; He did what he had to do that's what he did...
scott wilson
Flipper to da flopper
Bo Chaban
Stop wearing that npr shirt... you look very uninformed.
Mateo Cuesta
This bike is definitely not the best pedaler for huge uphills, but I can say it DOES climb better than my 650b Slash. I live in area with massive climbs that are steep as hell. The insurgent takes me up those just fine, and on the way down.... you better hold on! The bike is amazing. Forget the useless comments about chainslap, there is always a solution to tiny problems like that, mine is running stealthy. No noise.
Alexei Pavlov
The guy in NPR shirt looks like SpecialOps/assasin from seal team 6 LOL.. Bottom line too much talking, where's all the chicks?
yeti lover
Got one, its the greatest bike i ever rode. Spurred me on to do bigger faster things with more grins!
Scott Wilson
I had the following and loved it but as for a 120mm travel trail bike a simply found it to slack for all round use . I found the rear end dragged and it was really killing my rides . I've since sold my following and got a bike with 130mm rear travel with a steeper seat tube and I'm flying again )) I just think evil went to slack for a trail bike in the bid to make 29er more playfull whitch did work but climbing it suffers with rear wheel drag and front end Stevie wonder . if evil made the following with a steeper seat tube then the following would be the best 100% trail bike around . happy I've changed bikes
I like how Evil and GT took style cues from the 2014 SC Bronson. :/
mike Bussart
Man it is so difficult to watch your videos the audio is crap and its just so difficult i dont know how to describe it but i think i have made it thru 2 of your videos partly because of the audio and i guess mainly just because the format sucks. Sorry i want to try to watch but i just can't take it more than 45 sec maybe a minute and i know im not the only one that feels this way.
I want to buy insurgent but ist sold out
Can I get a beer ?
carbon this carbon that carbon carbon carbon..when carbon gets a large ding from a rock or wipeout that area of carbon is ruined!..dangerous and more importantly EXPENSIVE to fix..i'll never ride carbon handlebars it just freaks me out when bombing down a hill