The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

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Why am I watching this... What has my life become.
Ravis M Cromarty
2018 my arse. These are old as the hills. I'm surprised this vid didn't include Noahs ark anchor drop.
Some Random Bald Guy
Anchor management issues?
M Lambert
I'm not a mechanical engineer, but if it starts to smoke, then catches fire, it means it is running at maximum efficiency - a job well done.
Karl Ng
You know why all these are being filmed? Cuz it's been reported to management many times that we need a new brake and they say it costs too much. So they film it incase it lets go there's proof that it's not user error.
I'm fairly sure that first anchor fell through the earth.
If they were smart they would have had a roll of string tied to the end so they could pull it back up, everybody knows that.
this is why I tie off the last link with 3/4" manila rope to a sturdy table leg.
Corey Johnson
Excuse me Lucifer I dont mean to bother you but....... Lucifer : dont tell me another ship anchor smashed into hell agian
Nick Andrew
That's one way of sinking the submarine hiding under the ship.
I'm assuming all that first ship was carrying was chains? :O
** the anchor has left the ship **
Peter Yianilos
Is it normal to put a tugboat directly under a ship’s anchor?
This makes me feel better about any mistakes ive made at work
I can’t imagine how loud that must been in person.
Trump-a-Tron 6000
Welll.... I'm glad the guys at the beginning of the video managed to get that weird diesel engine going.
4:35 When you almost die, but don't...the simple things in life mean more... like that squishy feeling you get when you sit down in your freshly-shat pants.
J. M.
Son....that is coming out of your paycheck.
Al - Kafir
What a coincidence I’m dropping anchor while watching this video 👍🏾💩 hahah
Sophie Lever
These aren't from 2018, seen before. Screw you InfoByte and your brand of cheap click-bait.
Matthew McKeon
hah....jokes on you ....we didn't want those anchors anyway.
Mark Holmgren
I had the honor of dropping the anchor from the USS LONG BEACH with a sledgehammer l had to knock away a pin to start the chain falling,the whole ship shakes as the anchor drops
⟪ VBS ⟫
How random... TIL people actually fail spectacularly at dropping anchors...
Ken MacMillan
That last ship is the USS Tarawa (LHA-1). It happened in 2001.
Glenn Polley
"Charlie, you know this is going on your permanent record, don't you?" " And we're going to have to deduct this from you paycheck."
2018? Just some bad copies of videos posted years ago! :(
Danny Coe
Scotty put on the brakes Scotty. !!!!!! We got no brakes Captain we got no brakes!!!!!
Brian Lion
You had one job ONE JOB
That first vid... When you think your girl is almost done arguing with you...
0:40 - where that WD40 when you need it
andrew daley
Captain is the anchor chain out crew member yes captain are you sure oh yes were sure. Andy England
7:20 "tackle lost" it's not lost, it's right there. At the bottom of the ocean!
chip camit
"hala ka no more anchor.." guy is 100% filipino
Jack Anderson
Anchors away *Starts fire and burned ship down
so long story short...damn anchor you scary
Rick Charles
Biggest fear of the sailors is fire. Biggest fear of the owners is, replacement is going to be VERY expensive.
What a maroon
excuse me but where the fire is emanating from is where you need to lubricate the damn thing. You can hear the chain rubbing on the shroud as it rotates and the shroud is bent.
Coming home from Germany on the USNS Patch  my buddies and I were bunked in the Brig because they had no more beds on the ship and when we docked in NY. about 4 AM and we were sleeping they dropped anchor. it was so noisy we thought we hit something and I jumped out of my bunk which was not really a bed but like a canvas hammock and I ran up on deck and we saw the Statue of Liberty glowing green in the dark. it was really noisy
You are the weakest link. Goodbye!
Marc Wouters
These ships now sail more eco friendly with less weight , win win situation !!!! lol !!!!
No chain no problem 😁
Fridgerator Sam
I spent the better part of the summer of '74 in Seattle in Lake Union drydocks wire brushing and painting anchor chains on a Coast Guard cutter. The last shots on the chains- port and starboard- were secured to pad eyes on the bulkhead in the chain locker with some stout manila line. If it got down to there and the chain is whistling out like in the videos if the ends were fastened with chain links to the pad eyes they'd rip the bulkhead out possiby causing structural damage. The manila line would give before the bulkhead did. Don't know how they do it these days.
Yes,, a very weird spectacle to view 3iQ personel in charge of 40 tons of steel rope go freestyle. So, Cousteau,, if you're down there,, our ship dropped its necklace.
Woolworth Jones
That could make a Monkey Laugh his Brass Balls off FFS. :)
Scott Russell
now thats some anchors that went to the bottom of the sea
Even my Nokia 3310 could record in better quality.
Rich Gwinn
That seems to be 1,260 feet of chain. Math check.
Jim W
Sucks to be those guys on the anchor detail and having to explain to the captain how you lost the anchor and chain, and messing up the forecastle as well.
Excellent; Tugboat push point directly under Ship Anchor!
They could of just stopped it with a screwdriver!
Deep Spot !!!! LOL Next time you park yer boat there...park somewhere else.
Dresden Black
Throw out the anchor.....rattle screech done captain.
Larry Slemp
Damn man, it's almost terrifying just watching the video, can't imagine being there!!
WTF! How do anchors even work!? That's what I'm off to find now!
Neville Robertson
Was looking for a sick base drop.... Not really an anchor drop vid.
David Trevillian
Looks like they have anchor management issues!
Haha there is a filipino guy in the first vid he said "hala ka no more anchor" Wich means "screw you theres no more anchor"
perfect stranger
please sir, I want some moor
When you’re approaching the skull fort too quickly
Charlie K
This folks did not apply proper procedure. The drive motor is not supposed to be disengaged during the lowering of the anchor. The ship's captain was probably replaced or demoted. My comment applies to the 1st lost anchor.
Mighty Mystery
In many ships, it is customary for a senior member of the deck crew, an officer or the boatswain's mate himself, to monitor letting go the anchor. Once it breaks free, momentum and the weight of cable can get away unless the brake is eased handsomely. Patience is key. These deckhands did not take that into account, which led to grief. Shiphandling is a matter of patience at start, caution in advance, and anticipatory planning in stopping. Getting a ship--or an anchor--started, requires breaking inertia. Once that breaks, the mass involved already is loaded with momentum, despite the illusion of low speed. Starting has no limit, but stopping has a definite danger point. Anchoring in deep water requires tedious patience. "Rattling out", is to be reserved for emergency, in shallow water. The Watch Officer took way off and backed down long before the anchor point. Patience in anchor laying is intuitively just as necessary.
Radio Wales
A new (and novel) way of winding up enough charge to propel the ship clear across the Atlantic on kinetic energy.
CJ Smith
What's spectacular about an anchor potentially severing a bridge
When you put "2018" in the title and the first clip features a video taken in 2006.
M Natee
มันคือโซ้อะไร ใว้ทำอะไร ? สหมอเรือหรือป่าว?สงสัย
Foxy The Fox
Nobody: Anchor: Gotta go fast
Edward Jones
This is quite a spectacle!! Was this over the Mariana trench??
🤔.... A bungee cord should do the trick, to recover chain and anchor with no problem at all 😂 😂 ROFLMFAO 😂 😂
Kyle M
Lol why does this happen. There HAS to be a better way to do this. Why is it NOT being used?
Mitchell Smith
Ground control to Major Tom, keep turning until it goes like hell.
Anchor: [expletive] It, We'll Do It Live!
Lee G.
This video would have been perfect set to music by Queen dont stop me now
Jefferson Jaca
2:00 hala ka no more anchor! classic hardworking working filipino seaman!
Desidedo Mohabal Jr.
2:00 that's kinda Filipino accent right there " hala Ka, no more anchor " *LOL
Amilcar Valença
Nice posting. ..but the first one is not from 2018...well, almost no one!!!
I would do that job like a man... with no ear plugs
Carlos Rodriguez Von-Samosa de Aquas
Having dropped a few anchors in my time, I have never seen such a bunch of half ars*d amateurs in all my life
LOL 2:10 I swear I saw that on TV when I was about 15 -- now I'm 38!!! 🤣😂
I remember being on a us navy ship and the captain couldn’t get the anchor up it was stuck. In the navy losing your anchor is no bueno so he dragged that rock the ship took forever to get anywhere it took like weeks.
Mountain Drew
I spent most of my time here reading through the comments and am not all together disappointed.
Benjamin Cole
This is the feeling of those dreams as a kid where everything was overwhelming for no reason and you couldn't stop it
James Lane
Early on new ships they use the anchoring system with hydraulic brakes you would think you
Augustus Maximus
imagine it's your First day and you Are one of this guys :D
Bob Dunchad
Holee Crap!! @ 4:00 Don't see how that much flying steel missed him.
"Malaka!!" Alexios? Is that you?
Michael Eugene
The first video reminds me of a track song that sounds like the opening of "flava in ya ear"
Joseph Patton
Hold my beer man,, I got this... Famous last words
anchor: "i feel like bustin' loose, i feel like bustin' loose"
Peppa pig
That happened on a ship I was on. The anchor just ran away and there's nothing you can do about it. We couldn't even slow it down using the brake so we could put it in gear.
mad ass
I'd go for the carbon brakes next time.
Drover Moore
Perfect....Third World Navy.
Peg James
Bloke in white helmet must have his hands stuck in pockets not a lot of help in an emergency every occupation has one.
Late January the AIDA MAR cruise ship lost its starboard anchor just having left Lisbon harbour (was on board).
Itachi Uchiha
A Megladon clearly had hold of that first one.
edson daniel
Por que não usa cabos fe aço , não seria melhor ?
kool vid,, only 85 items blocked lol
Why did it happen? Isn’t there a way to lower the anchor slowly or an emergency brake?
*Looks like my grades are falling down so fast*
Logan paul
Saw it on LiveLeak first. The more chain that releases, the heavier it gets.
Really? The whole anchor and chain relies on a guy with a wheel? Surely in the 21st century they can update the system.