The Last HOPE: Ghetto IDS and Honeypots for the Home User (Complete)

Have you ever wondered what the heck was pounding on your Internet connection? Or what exactly was making your cable or DSL connection's activity light blink wildly when you knew there was no traffic from you? If so, this presentation will shine a light into the dark corners of your personal tube, showing you the unending stream of junk that comes across your Internet connection as well as how to pick out the good, the bad, and the ugly. This presentation will cover the steps involved in setting up a poor man's IDS and honeypot. Using open and freely available tools, strategies of IDS deployment on your home LAN and the setup of both low interaction and high interaction honeypots will be covered. Learn what you can expect to see, how to pluck out the signal from the noise, and generally be aware of what is flowing in - and out - of your LAN.

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Hi all, would you set up a firewall in front of a honeypot? I would say why not that way a bad guy would thing that the honey pot is protected and therefore must be holding important info . What do you think ? thank you
I have been thinking for some time to set up a high interaction honeypot on my LAN. The way I figure if so one could get access to my LAN they would certainly take notice of my honeypot. I have experimented with GenII honeypot and I read that it can also monitor other computers on the LAN. I have not gone much into this yet and what kind of a criteria it uses to determine if a system has been compromised or not but as a back up plan I would use a daily nmap scan of my LAN!
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His microphone got hacked in the beginning