Billy Elliot (film) - the final scene

One of the most moving scenes in the movie. A very proud father witnesses his son's performance as the lead male role in Swan Lake.

Bread Loaf
His father has struggled so much for this moment. That makes me cry
Was I alone in wishing the movie would have continued......
coatl chis
I cry everytime with this scene...the father`s eyes say everything...
Dad is a great actor.
Jaclyn Schilt
It would have been cool if the dance teacher showed up
Donna Shinall
Oh lord...can't stop crying. My sisters and I have watched this movie more than once. What a scene.
Georgia Leigh
His dad's face at the end will always get to me
Omg... It brang tears to my eyes ! Especially when Billy enters the scene and that face his dad makes.. So emotional and beautiful !
Queen Bloody Mary
he was so talented that he was given the leading role in the swan lake and achieved his dream..his father's face makes me cry..his son achieved so much coming from a low class family..perfect ending..wish it was longer 😢
Gwen Shortland
This last scene always makes me cry with tears of joy.
ferdio riordan
One of the great moments in cinema history from a brilliant film -thank you
Kate Brady
his dad is such a great actor,
Toni Price
I get so damn terribly choke up with this extraordinary handsome touching scene. I cried like a baby when seeing that. I hope my sons turn out to be EXTRAORDINARY in similar situations like that.
Hi diddly ho neighborinos
one of the best endings in film history
Gabo Cortes
Cry...... cry..... makes me cry...... always
I cry every time. Great movie.
fashionably sensitive
no matter how many times ive watched this, this scene always makes me cry
Ojos Negros
Me espero toooooooooooooooooda la película para ver esta escena... y SIEMPRE lloro :´)
I think this captures in one leap what Black Swan failed to capture with an entire movie.
ce film est trop bien fait. beaucoup d emotion quand billy lit avec son professeur la lettre que lui a laisse sa mere. j avais envie de pleurer
silvia piñon
los sentimientos afloran¡¡un nudo en la garganta con esta película, hermosa, preciosa¡¡
Katarina Smelikova
I've seen this movie a number of times and absolutely loved every single minute of it. 
So moving, he took his fathers breath away.  Truly a triumphant moment in film history.
His breath is taken away by pride in his boy and sheer awe at how powerful and commanding he is on the stage. All the struggles and the grief, the fights and the despair, all fade to nothing in this moment of ecstatic love. I also like how the only two words we hear from adult Billy are 'thanks', once to the woman who takes his gown and once to the stagehand - shows he's not turned into a twat.
Martha Benedict
0.24: wouldn't miss this for the world ... brilliant one of my fave scenes from the film
angie lopez
Brings tears to my eyes everytime !
*We suppose the grandmother passed away, yes?*
Ella Megalast
It makes cry everytime i watchi it, this is really beautiful.
One of my Favourites and I always get goosbumps when comes onto stage with the best stag jump i have ever seen.
Manuel Negrete
aaahhh que escena tan poderosa y emotiva
Favorite scene. This is so attractive.
Love this movie. Love every bit of it
carmela buonaiuto
Non mi stancherò mai di guardarlo. Superbo.
Marie Bdo
And that's when I lose it. Any tissues for me ?
Jess x
I got goosebumps watching this
what an ending to a film !i have watched this over & over again Adam Cooper is fantastic .Watch his video ,I have always wanted to know who that gorgeous black guy is with Michael in the theatre Brilliant entertainment
tony yanez
Once again !I have watched this movie for the 7th time and still makes me feel so good and brings tears to my eyes! 1st time was 10 yrs ago. Love it!!!
I gasped at the exact same moment
Sassy Sisters
We watched this movie in school... So emotional 😢
I love this scene. always make me cry. it`s one of greatest movie in my life.
this and the scene when Billy leaving at the bus stop always brings on the water works!
Hiram Rosa Jr
cried so much when i saw this
Helena Carvalho
This is really beautiful!!!
Selin Doygun
I get goosebumps and tears every time I watch this scene ❤️❤️
Alessia F
Nonostante sia positiva questa scena io piango come una fontana!!! T.T xD è stupendo questo film...
Karenina Orozco
hermosa película, buen final, muy emotivo y sorprendente.
Vladimir Almonte
For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 17For God didn't send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through him. 18He who believes in him is not judged. He who doesn't believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the one and only Son of God.
Rosita Bianchi
bellissimo e commovente <3
Ana María Villablanca
La veo mil encanta
Janice Shaner
loved it-good things do happen sometimes!!!!!
Giulia Maria d'Ambrosio
Adam Cooper, what a splendid dancer!
Libera amore mio
Que pelicula  tan  hermos  , que  final  tan maravilloso  siempre  me  emociono  siempreeee
Chantelley Pride
the most beautiful scene :-)
Rusty Y
Went to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake a couple of weeks ago, and this was the reason why; the final scene, not a lover of ballet but I sat enthralled.
Anna König
Gänsehaut pur
Toni Price
My youngest 3 yr old is Autistic it hurts like hell so would you know ANYTHING about raising a child that you without a DOUBT would give your very life for, yes it doesn't matter at all if my children doesn't turn out to be perfect in the eyes of ignoramus people their still my children regardless and love them just the same and more. I can't help but want them be happy and their lives protected even over mine. So don't misunderstand what I've said earlier and please above all don't tell me how to feel, i'm not selfish by along shot. My children are already extraordinary!
I thought the camera stayed on his dad's face longer than that and he proper gasps! Memory didn't serve me well lol
RickK RocKStar
aw! guess circo sole isn't that bad... but I didn't see Billy dance, guess I just have to assume..
Τζίνα Παπαϊωάννου Gina Papaioannou
One of my most favoured scenes!!! 😊❤🎵🎶🐥
Eliana Vettorazzo Hanna
Filme maravilhoso !!!!
irma gg
<3 :´)
Nathan Tunnicliffe
I love the film
One of the best scenes ever. Tear always.
This scene always takes my breath away. He truly is a swan.
Devrah Scott
Never saw it
Tears......this is so.... beautiful....
bluespirit vomero
Pray why not available on mobile phones? You are missing out on a lot of hits..
Jane Clarkson
Astounding and heart-rending and beautiful!!! Thank you through my tears! XXX
Alicia J. Bianchi B.
I always begin crying when the father goes in the elevetor and finish 10 minutes after it finishes.
billys a full blown tankarooni
Joseph Panaro
the best movie all times and I am 10i cry every time😱👬
Elli Girl
OMG !!!!!!!!
Peace Lover
Takes my breath away every time
karthika murugan
is it just me ? I really wanted to see his Dance. 🙄
Elli Girl
Joan Escofet
Wow, wow, wow, wow!
bellissimo film
Amazing scene 😮❤️
Billy 😭he’s growing up in this sense I remember BILLY getting yelled at 😭😭
suzuki no1
Beautiful last scene, great full of life, loved it....
Sydney Nemetz
Why was he barefoot and not wearing ballet shoes? Just wondering
oh my god. that scene.
rebeca alvarado flores
grandioso final ¡¡
Jo Moody
this movie makes me cry JHBDMQEBFRHJQE
I love Billy, but his dad is the hero of this story, so is his grandma, and then his dad again, for that big reason. What that guy went through.. the christmas piano scene, my god
Esra Can
Omg...l just fall in love with 11 year old boy 😍
Ollie Struthers
Musical is much better
Z3R0 M13DO
Just look the other dancers, when billy show up..GREAT ENDING
One of the most spectacular moments in cinema. The look on Billy's face when he's told that his family is there. The look on his father's face, trying so hard not to weep and yet does with such pride that his child is so talented. And the leap itself. As a former dancer, I watch this clip with only the most remarkable memories of days that have long since passed. Keep dancing--everyone!
Claudio Rini
un applauso
Nazarena Diaz
Lloro antes, durante y después de está escena.....
2:16 WOW 😲 I’m crying 😭
Silent Damfino
I hated that the movie ended there 😂 it gave me chills with no calm afterwards.
here for tomorrow's English speech...body language, symbolism, over shoulder shot etc
Jaclyn Schilt
Why would the father cry when he was against this whole thing?
Stephen Caulson
Ended in the right way....Spot on....extending it would have taken it too far....was edited well and cut to a crisp...Great film...
Mike Juggins
makes me cry every time - joy of the black swan x