HIstory of House Music

Some of the greatest hits of House Music from 1986 to 2018: 1. Mr Fingers - Can you feel it? (1986) 2. Frankie Knuckles - Your Love (1987) 3. Inner City - Good Life (1988) 4. Lil Louis - French Kiss (1989) 5. Bizarre Inc. - Playing with knives (1990) 6. Cece Peniston - Finally(1992) 7. Hardrive - Deep Inside (1993) 8. Carl Craig - Paperclib People (1994) 9. Everything but the Gril - Missing (1995) 10. Daft Punk - Da Funk (1996) 11. Eddie Amador - House Music (1997) 12. Isolee - Beau mot plage (1998) 13. Moloko - Sing it Back (1998) 14. Junior Jack - My Feeling (1999) 15. Octave One - Black Water (2000) 16. Celeda - The Underground (2000) 17. Rui da Silva - Touck me (2001) 18. Tim Deluxe - It just won't do (2002) 19. Martin Solveig - Rocking Music (2003) 20. Michael Gray - The Weekend (2004) 21. Âme - Rej (2005) 22. Bob Sinclair - World Hold on (2006) 23. Fedde le Grand ft. Ida Corr - Let me think about it (2007) 24. Deadmou5 - I remember (2008) 25. Pepe Bradock - Path of most resistance (2009) 26. Digitalism - Blitz (2010) 27. SBTRK - Pharaohs (2011) 28. Andrés - New for U (2012) 29. Disclosure - When a Fire Starts to Burn (2013) 30. Lily Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer in C (2014) 31. Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar (2015) 32. Paul Woolford - Mother & Child (2016) 33. Joe Goddard - Home (2017)

ISpillBlood ForSatan
House music soothes the soul 👁️❤️🏡🎶
Peter Richards
Love the effort, but missing so many tunes that defined the scene but still stayed true to 4 on the floor. Some of these late 80s and early 90s are acid/aceed precursors that shift towards the more manic but structured speed of that genre. Not sure I would have picked some of these really obscure ones as a historical jump in house music’s historical timeline. But then, art is in the eye of the beholder.
like for stardust in beginning
mauro Pineda
where is marshall jefferson - move your body, cmon!!!
Bastian Priegnitz
Marshall Jefferson ? Where is he ?
Yung Rembrandt
i loved this! What other ones will we get in the future?
I knew daft punk was coming up lol my favorite house DJs
Bizzare Inc. - Playing with knives = Peter Gelderblom, Randy Colle - Got to be Good (Original Mix) Cece Peniston - Finally = Mr. Belt & Wezol - Finally
Touch me is probably the biggest house classic
Lucía Lidia Ruiz de Galarreta
Do psytrance hahaha <3
Víctor S
historia del breakbeat por favor
Marco Favero
Very nice! But I think that without Renegade Master it's incomplete!
Ale-blaze WDM :v
No Show Me Love, No Another Chance??
Araz Muradyan
Thx for video❤
Lucky GamerBR
Great video, keep up the good work
L1me Ade
Prayer in c isn’t house, more like like pop
Jayy Sonata
Ugh. Seeing house music go from being black as hell and gay as hell to like a global phenomenon is interesting.
João Teles
Nice video. Really nice showcase of quality house music over the years. Great job. ;)
Julian Sanchez Harris
where is all the sub genres over time? Example: Progressive house with Dinka, shingo nakamura and Mango? Tropical House with Kygo and Sigala? Not to Mention all the Deep/Lounge house and Big Room House Artists??!! instead u added some barely recognizable songs...
dan Era
no david morales?
2008-2011 wtf no
Sir Pedroza
Excelentes vídeos me gustaría ver la historia del drum and bass. Te recomiendo la pagina de "dnb radio" es una radio muy buena
Imran Jallow
love seasons of jack!
FPS Addict
This is just house music, not prog, electro or deep
Great Video! Ah those were the times...
Lotor D. Zarkon
Loved many of these songs since I was a child, and I didnt know that they were house, thank you for shareing this info. I didnt know that deadmau5 - i remember was house, and this of prayer in C. Some music genres confuse me
Dragonic' Kell's
Who are the Legend Avicii?
Peter Richardson
17. Rui da Silva - Touck me (2001) Touch. Not Touck.
Salute to the Godfather's!
Damachi mitosu
nightcrawlers push the feeling on ?
Where tf is Don Diablo at???
Dante 0891
The 1st and 2nd music at the GTA San Andreas :p
Micro-house :)
Oğuz Araz
Are we sure that all of the songs in the list belong to house?
Iannis Iliadis
If that's your history of House Music, sorry for you, you wasn't born at the right place at the good moment!
ForestGWolfy Productions
The weekend meme
Traulen Malina
No Robin S- Show me love? No Faithless? No Avicci? No David Guetta? Also there was lot of tracks that wasn't house music.
U. Melon
Whats the intro song called?
Noe Cordova
Waaaaaeww!!!! Lo mas!!!!!!
Jorge Alberto Sanin Palacios
Despues del 2009 el house perdió su camino según esta lista....
Arislanbek Kosnazarov
bad list
Emiel333 Official
Great vid.
Ottima selezione! Complimenti
Faltou didi agostine
Ricardo Oyama
very very nice!
tino urbina
es lo peor que he escuchado en mi vida, sin mezcla, sin transicion, fue buena tu idea pero te quedo culera
Mert 2Balls
Wow Ame 06.57
александр егоров
Where is Gigi..
Tara Webster
House was good until the early 00s but I dislike how upbeat and whitewashed it got. I love the deeper and darker tunes
Rui Da Silva is more trance than house and this one from 1994 is actually techno. Poor chosing btw so many tracks missing like 808 State "Pacific", Felix "Don't you want me", Rythm is Rythm "Strings of life", Ultra Nate "Free", Mousse T. "Horny", David Morales "Needing you", DJ Tonka "She knows you", Phats and Small "Turn around"...
No Name
Intro song name?
Spînu Eva Alessandra
00:20 - 00:54 GTA San Andreas SF-UR
Palms Collector
Nómada Maya en Cancún
Very nice list.
Muhammed Gabriel
The list missed so many important key figures. ..just you like these songs doesn't mean this is the true house music history
freddy andres acosta rosado
oye no vengo de otro video no confundas pop con electrónica, una cosa es que la musica se esta metiendo en la cultura pop pero no es musica pop me entiendes no confundas terminos un ejemplo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exJlapzPnlc, esto es electronica esto no https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGwWNGJdvx8 esto es musica pop no hagas videos falsos aunque algunos que ponias is eran electronica
Gena Zhukov
2nd track IS NOT Frankie !!! This is Jimmy Principle. And 1984 year. This is first house track actually!!! Man, that is a stupid mistake