Rafer Alston AKA Skip to my lou

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Jay Monee
If Van Gundy would've started him in the NBA finals in 09.....they would've won more than 1 game
Jus Me
this made me remember street hoops and cry
Christopher Husbands
He is one of he best player's trust me i know. I play basketball. Goat. Signing. Out ya dig. Ask about. Me 😈
All the cross overs..I remember when I was young everyone wanted to do cross overs, I think Allen Iverson made the cross overs big.
He played college ball and was drafted in 1998.
Jordan was born in Brooklyn but raised in NC.
go back to your cave hill billy
the only time i liked street basketball and now its too much.
Jawayne 224
Yea they did make it seem like Green was a NC guy! Jordan claims both because he was in a few music videos reppin Brooklyn
Sean Norfleet
true. guess I shoulda just said ohio.
Darrick Rutledge
Lebron is from Akron. Totally different place.
Jawayne 224
Sean.....Michael Jordan is from Brooklyn, Danny Green is from North Babylon NY ima UNC fan
Sean Norfleet
I got nothin but love for NYC. So to all from NYC please do not take this the wrong way. But Chris Paul is from NC, Michael Jordan is from NC, Danny Green is from NC, Carmello Anthony is from B-more, Allen Iverson is from VA, Lebron James is from Cleveland, Dwyane Wade is from Chi-town, Derrick Rose is from Chi-town, Isiah Thomas is from Chi-town, Kobe is from PA, Tim Duncan is from the Virgin Islands and Blake Griffin is from Oklahoma. But NYC has the best ballers?? Please explain that to me.
Anthony Morales
even though I'm happy with what point guards my Rockets have, I still want Rafer back on the team
Robbie Murdock
yea and even his dribbling was low kinda bs.. they may not be able to do all these moves but there crossovers n shit r still nasty
they only gave alston average stats on the NBA games i had :|
V'shawn London
average? hes is a basketball legend basketball goes further than the nba he played at rucker park in ny where a guy scored 135 points and left with 5 minutes left in the game. he has major game man.
SDS Overfiend
No.... We don't know,
Thanks for sharing this mayng.
Kyle Twood
As far as the dribbling and ball handling go, I think I would rather watch a Pistol Pete dribbling technique video haha. You know, those old ones from like 1980
he was a very solid NBA player. but his stardom shines on that concrete.
Tejano Ray
Yall just gonna view an arm, Swing ova Roc like im Skip to my Lou - ave
Giosue Mancini
it was every bit of 30 people in the Heat's arena lol
Legendary Status by Ying Yang Twins (ft. K).
I wish he was still on the Heat :(
I think you might be right.
Joey Mungoi
Never in my life have i heard a worse song holy shit...
song name thx
Easy Mac
to old now he had his time :s..36 age Raefer Alston
Kennet Thurman
how bout the nba
Miguelito MG
He should of been a GlobeTrotter.
Mark Guanta
Homebwoi - Legendary Status
Gilbert Gaballo
whats the backround music?
Easy Mac
He Need to go to the Harlem Globetrotters
reminds me of watching and1 videos back in middle school :}
Boomba64 Channel
Rafer alston just amazing
Look at the name of the team at 3:23. It doesn't get more streets than that.
Eldon Pe'a
I don't think 2:12 is Skip To My Lou. Unless I'm mistaken that dude's name is Future from And1 Mixtape Vol 2. I could be wrong tho.
Evan Black
@sshaqq32 but you forget he was rated the best PG in the NBA 2 years ago
@MrMellaz yea
is he the one of and1 that played in the nba????
@MrGalactoseify "Legendary Status" by Homebwoi, Kadalack Boyz & Ying Yang Twins.
his nephew go to my high school an he play just like him Elkinss
Mars Maramba
name of song pls
"On the streets I'm a legend, in my hood I'm a star" is the worst lap lyric I've ever heard! :D Not much cred there.
Some vintage And1 Mixtape Vol 1 footage but Skip's girl got slapped by Real World Tammie aka Kenny Anderson's ex! Lol!
Aydol Ruel
i love this video :)
Lol if you ask me is Streetball like Basketbal on steroids It's just so awesome :S
hes crazy
THE SING IS Legendary Status - homebwoi Feat. Kadalack Boyz
@Atalbi94 who ? that lakers cheerleader?
Johnson Jnr Olowookere
love the way he walks 1:45
Daniel Wong
damn that was crazy at 1:00
Santos Rodriguez
Does any1 know what year was that he was playing for the heat
Anthony L
during the playoffs with rockets and lakers, at the end of the game. alston was making sasha look like a bitch
If I carried the ball like that, Id be a street legend too.
Wait, so he's a legend in his hood or on the streets ? I'm a little confused. I think he's a star on the streets.. yeah., that's it.
@droplo i was gonna say the exact same thing
IDK .Why
Keno R
IMA SET ALL THIS STRAIGHT, Alston is a legend in streetball AND the nba, BUT the nba will never acknowledge or let him shine due to the fact he was a streetball player. Hes a well rounded player and was said to be the best point guard in the nation or watever when he was in college BUT the nba used him for ratings and such because streetball was a hit at the time so they brought him in. then started makin nba street games and shit. now that no1 really watches and1 and such now they down play him
Keno R
@cocopopscrunchy09 hes a nobody cuz the nba dont want him to be. the nba will never recognize players that truely originated in the streets and made a livin off street ball as true basketball players. nba always bad mouth streetball but then when streetball is popular, they bring skip in and then make some nba street games. now that streetball at poppin like it was, they can care less about a streetball player.
Farrell Medina
skip to my lou haa :)
Robin Van Dessel
1:03 SICK PASS!! skip it to my lou was the inspiration for many streatballers of today like hotsause, truballer, proffessor, etc etc. nice vid !
Brian Hope Jr.
@celticz26 im still in my draws
Marshall Ulrich
bad song
JaNeil White
@carlfifty calm down. hes not from where u are, so he just doesnt know
@zhouhan8211 are you stupid? aka means also known as and it has nothing to do with "streetball culture" it's called an abbreviation
jr madness
what s the song
@sshaqq32 he is a legend everywhere. you have no idea what you're talking about. your comment is just absolutely retarded. He'll always be a legend to the rucker.
Alan Lu
streetball equals gangstas nba rehabilatized gangstas
@RapsOnRs ay go to sleep rafer da best der eva was.....u dnt know nuffn bout rafer cuzz bakk n da day when he was crossn niggas u was prob in yo draws. man just go to sleep
Brandon Green
his daughter is sick, that's why he look that way
he was but he got traded some time ago now he plays with the heat again
shaq plays for the cavs now but in my opinion no one of the "old guys" is doing to well right now except kobe bryant but he's not that old carter seems to do better but he's not consistent and well rafer hasn't been playing great in the last two years but he still got game and awesome moves
well yeah you never know right xD
in and1 basketball traveling is not payed attetion to because it's about the show dude
he plays for the heat again now and t-mac went to the knicks as you might know
Mike Z
At 1:29 -1:35 is that hot sauce skip is skoolin lol
Mark Guanta
Song name please?
Sam Fischette
Skip To My Lou AKA rafer alston! not the other way around
The song is called Legendary Status by the Ying Yang Twins
could someone tell whats the name to the song please?
#1 Nets fan
now that he back home.. he gonna tear shit up in new jersey. GO NETS!!!
Look at the pass at the 0:56 time
michael jornal
i can break his ankles. i sure i do. he is a clown in nba. i saw you play and it was sooo messy, poser...
michael jornal
hey. is that your idol? haha he can't break the ankles dude. i can do better that your idlo
michael jornal
i can do better than that
any1 in here says they been playin ball their whole life man stupid ass nigga im 13 and i would fuck u up so hard haha hahahahahahahhaah now ur gonna say ima kid but i plays against 15 year old ppl (real ball) and out on the street i do ma thang to man im just bullshitin wid u nigga ;) peace GL with life god is love!! and he love us all black yellow green and white :D hahahha idk why im talkin lyk dis now but w/e dont wanna talk behind screen lyk a bitch .... peace
D-E-F-E-N-C-E stupid ass nigga just stfu and go back to play ur halo3 u freakin nerd u probz dont even play ball how da fuck would u stop theese guys hahahahha go back to sleep nigga u cant stop a shit gaadaaaaamn u got super gamed
yea okay any1 can talk bullshit i know theese sucks at defence but they would still school white boys wannaB'z lyk u punk btw u spelled defence wrong cracka
cmon whats the song name???:)
Once a streetballer, always a streetballer : D
song name??
at 3:20.. that is not skip....
1:47 was sick !!!
i wanna see him on the Nets. excited of the new Nets roster even though Carter is gone.
will teada
i noticed that, there like ear holes...