What To Do On A Lazy Day! | MyLifeAsEva and Alex Hayes

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We Bear Kira
Who else is coming here to tell people that they aren't dating anymore? 😂
Zoe Price
Awwww imagine being her watching herself cuddle with her ex in her video 😖 awkward...
Alex is a guy and they broke up because he used her for fame
Kailey Pallares
For updates: Alex & Eva broke up. He was using her for her followers. Eva came out as bisexual ❤️
I have to clean my room and organize stuff for school but instead I'm just in bed watching YouTube videos and Netflix
Cailin T
When she said she was a night owl I was like girl same, but then she said she stays up to at least midnight...I stay up until like 5 AM what.
Laxative 2005
Im thinking of doing my homework📝 but I would much prefer watching youtube
Saniyah Portee
Eva I love you I don't care if you are bisexual
Izzy Boardman
My math homework It’s due tomorrow
Kamryn Struse
I love you Eva but no one curls their hair or wears makeup on a lazy day
Am I the only one who likes the new Eva just as much as the old one?
Tbh I can't relate to any of your videos...
Emma Flores
I love your nice apartment aesthetic/style
isabelle b.
Her legs... 😑😥😭
This is your idea of a lazy day? 2019 anyone? 😂
Duru Bektas
Did anyone notice how Alex touched Evas leg!!!
Olivia Meehan
Congratz on breaking up with that jerk ♥️♥️♥️
The Tea
Cool thaks for the tipp but I'm lazy every day is this her boyfriend?
Kaelin Kkstyles
Keep this comment at an even number of likes
Just Brit
A good YouTuber is Liza Koshy and David Dobrik❤❤
Maryam Alavi
Does anybody else miss the old Eva and is ok with the new one?
I can't believe he just used her
"I stay up until like 12:00" Me: Ha not me I like to sle- *Checks clock and it says **12:28* Me: ummm Bye!
bethanyyy xo
A good Netflix show is The100 and a YouTube channel is mine ;D
Dear anyone who watches this... She is beautifull and so are you!
Do an apartment tour plz 😱 (sorry for the english I'm french)
Isla Johnson
They are total love birds❤❤💕💕💕❣❣
Rute Brazao
just being lazy and depressed at home because no one of my friends is coming up and school is starting, but i think you gave me the idea of starting to make my bedroom look better and comfy!! thanks, i love you so much! xx
Katie V
ho fricking cares about what happened to their relationship I just want to know WHAT WAS THE SONG THAT WAS PLAYING AT 4:02??!?
Once she said that thing about 200,000 of us being lazy i was shocked I did not know she knew me so well 😂😂😂
Amber Nicole
Isabelle Granda
This lazy day has just becomin to a weekend
Oh good tip!! we'll all chill in our home studios today with thousands of dollars worth of equipment like u! cool! 😩😂😂
Ashley Sanchez
You know what I do on a lazy day Watch Eva
Amado H Iglesias
1:nigahiga 2:D-Trix 3:Brent revara
Remember _me
The difference between her and me is that my lazy day consists of me alone, vampire diaries, chocolate, and pajamas.
Itz Jada
Eva can u start posting more
Emily Avalos
I feel like Eva has changed so much,I don't even know who she is dating anymore?!?!
Its Leo-o
You guys are cuteeeee couples😱😍😍😍😍 I am right
Ava Hogan
I am a lefty and like everyone is a righty
ariel alena
ahhhh does anyone else ship Alex and Eva? I love it when they're together on snap!! 😂😊
she came out bi finally twitter
Casey McGuire
I love to play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-8 on the X-Box 360
Alexis LaFerriere
I am playing with slime and I should be cleaning my room.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
LEFTIE SQUAD!!! Procrastinating homework, unpacking, planning school outfits, going to the library and reading
The Unamoosed Girl
Is it just me or did Eva's channel just turn into her kissing boys,showing the booty,touchy feely stuff? She just went from the innocence to...this girl with tons of makeup on and that poorly bleached hair.Gurl you were the last normal one.
Love you Eva😘 you are amazing, kind and have a beautiful smile :) love youuuuu
Alice Ludvill
uncharted all The wayyyy
Katelyn Bb
I'm a lefty ❤️ and I'm just about to do a video for YouTube xx
this was the best couple.
emma johansson
Alex is soooo cute, am I right?
Rainbow Kitten
wearing cat socks in honor of paris... shes not dead but like... i just like to honor her... all the time. HONESTLY ME
Marian Kenny
is it weird i like other peoples comments because i never get likes and i feel bad for them(p.s plz dont like this comment im not asking for this )
Shannon Findley
My cat looks the exact same!
Miss Baby Bun
bcs of this video my friend is coming over😚 and i love you with all my heart😘
Zuri Scott
I have been waiting for a lazy day forever
BeGirlyWithUs Xx
Safiiyah Rashid
I only disliked cause everything happening on your lazy day didn’t suit me , even though I am sitting at home be lazy , the description of your lazy day didnt really match mine ... But I love your content 🌺💕!
Güneş Ballerina
Aaleyiah Hanshaw
My lazy day is just laying in bed and watching YouTube
Holly Nelson
can you please do a make up tutorial for the look in your when your in your bed😣😊 it's beautiful 😍😍😭
D Buck 123
My favourite is warriors orchoj 3 and mortal Komabat x
sticky mil
Mario 😃 but I don't usually play videogames.this is Lena from Idaho.
I feel like me and Alex need to be friends...
Mollie Hallström
David Dobrik!!!❤
Oni Smith
Did you see how CASUALLY he had his hands on her leg!😅
Grace Franklin
even Paris doesn't like Alex🤦🏾‍♀️
Savannah Corwin-Hall
um... I'm procrastinating on packing to go to NYC and my flight leaves tomorrow afternoon and im a night owl
Liyah The Light
she acts so awkward around him and he's always laying on her and touching her. they're in love lmao
Annie Goldney
I'm procrastinating my homework...(like usual)
Mia Jones
they're dating!!!!!😱😱 man I ship her with weekly chris😥
Pam McCrea
watching u on YouTube due because u are amazing with a capital A
Juliet St. Angelo
I wish i could wake up like that! ( Looking perfactly Amazing )
KJ Eln
Kayleigh D.
I've been trying to figure out who Alex looks like but I finally figured it out:a more girlier looking version of Jaime Campbell Bower.
Anita Kaur
First video I've ever watched of yours...YOUR SO FUNNY OMG MADE MY MORNING JFKVLDKDJCJDN <3
Melissa Style
che risate!!!! bel video!!!! brava EVA!!!
LeSweetpea パリス
I'm procrastinating on sleeping & putting my laundry away 😩
Naomi Kenya
"She is not dead, I just like to honor her all the time" 😂
Angie Ortega
who else misses Jeremy and eva because i do😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I Am Me
I suggest LDShadowLady!!!
amber boo
Alex looks like a girl
tbh her lazy day is like my active day lol😂
Ra Chelle
i love the SIMS 4
Kittykat 123
I'm in bed and it's like 11:58 am so yeah that's how lazy I am
samy ;;
A good youtuber is Wengie she is amazing <3
Michelle Patanella
whats the song playig at 6:20!!!??????
miranda clare
when Eva is lowkey flirting with Alex
Mosqueda Zuniga
Yes 😃😃
Tessa H
They were such couple goals and when he held the cat plus that intro😭
did you see how awkwardly and hesitantly he touched her controller love you eva
Madison Reams
Alex Hayes has beautiful eyes
Emily Shepherd
The moment she got out of bed was the moment I knew there was two kinds of people with two different ideas of lazy days😂😓
Itz Just Lex
Here I am shipping them so hard then I read the rest of the comments my heart just died 😥🙈
Vianny Urena
i played 2k17
daily weave snatcher
pause at 6:11 I SEE A SPARK OF LOVE
Susan Bahner
You are really pretty
Chloe K
OMG I SHIP IT ALL THE WAY! they are so flirty..like alex is touching her leg when they are eating pizza. tell me they are not dating! anybody else agree?
Mimi Simon
ahh I didn't realize you're a lefty! I am too!! aha ilysm!!