Ott Lepland ft. Sandra Nurmsalu - Rändajad

Ott Lepland ft. Sandra Nurmsalu - Rändajad at the Estonian pop idol. Visit

Margaret Rose
Randajad! One of 2 best entries from Estonia! The other one is Kuula! Love both of them!
Margaret Rose
Two amazing singers <3 Yeah, i remember Urban Symphony, they were amazing in Moscow :)
Sergey Kolodchenko
Väga tore!Tubli meie lauljalad
Those two singing together performing a good song (with those voices they wouldn't even need a perfect one) in the estonian language and the next ESC would be in Tallinn, no doubt.
Lovely ! Greetings from Poland!!
Matheus Rodrigues
wtf this is almost close to perfection
I just read that Sandra Nurmsalu will take part once again in Eesti laul to qualify for the ESC 2014. I so hope that the estonian people will send her to Copenhague. That would be AWESOME!!! The only better choice would be a duet with Ott Lepland of course! They're terrific!
Lasse Aartolahti
Hea ja tore laul.
Kalmar Saar
mis siin ikka kommenteerida ,ilus.
you have a point there
you're right
karid oriusm
My god, this is epic. How can it be that tiny Estonia always finds special performers: Maarja, Silvi Vrait, Evelin Samuel, Ines, Tanel Padar, Ott, Sandra, Birgit.... must be an AMAZING MUSIC SCENE OUT THERE!!!!
I fully understand your views but considering the degradating state of musical choices coming from almost most countries (especially eastern europe, Greece, Turkey, etc) and how applauded those awful songs are and how high they are rated in the voting process, having both Ott and Sandra reaching 6th position is to me a complete miracle: had they competed years before they would have been totally ignored due to pure televoting awful taste.
Donney Lepland
Another irony: Both got the 6th place, which is, for my opinion, underrated! They deserve much more!!
Éamonn Ó Floinn
I didn't think Rändajad could get better, but this is just amazing.
Petrik Saks
Man,Ott has lost alot of weight
and if that entered ESC...that would have to be the winner
They should get together again and sing Kuula...
Mare Pallase
ilus *-*
Two most epic Estonian representatives in ESC in one song!!!)))
Этот чувак ужасен... Ни слуха ни голоса. Если бы не Сандра, влепил бы минус ролику.
Mads D
Very good singers, keep coming with them, Estonia! I loved and voted for Rändajad, Kuula and Et Uuks Saaks Alguse.
Jay Jee
aww theyr two best voices we have, and despite i barely understand (shame on me) language - im glad both decided performe original estonian versions. both shouldv snipe higher places and getter jaani as well, and damn letosvet should pass semis as well lol, poor we always underrated since padar won lol (with terrible song and performance and guy with him sucks too they all suck shouldnt win back than whatever)
My favourite song with 2 amazing singers representing Estonia in Eurovision! I love Estonia :)
Kaivo Kadakas
Laur Press
jumalik. andke mulle mingigi võimalus neid inimesi kuidagi vääriliselt tänada.
Прекрасеый дуэт!!!!
Diego Balthier
O M F G!! Such powerful voices... I'm speechless!!
Makenna Cherry
why didn't i know this existed nafdmsafasfdasdf
me too!!!! And I fell in love of the language!!!!!! it's so powerful!!!! and beautiful!!!
These 2: Sweden 2013 = Estonian 2014
I love this much! I didnt a lot about Estonia, until Ott and Eurovision. Im so happy i watched it because if didnt, i wouldnt know about Estonia and its beautiful people. :) Amazing song, two beautiful and talented singers. Long live Estonia! Love from the UK! :)
Ivar-August Kalaus
Sandra looks very beautiful
Heli oleks võinud valjemaks teha..
Christos Mantzoros
Her baby girl was born the same day as me :D Mamma Sandra! :)
Christos Mantzoros
Sandra do a European tour!! Love and admiration :)
Nelson Salgado
Sandra Nurmsalu!! she's so epic!! she's so beautiful and has this incredible huge talent.. great singer, great musician!! I kinda don't like how Ott's voice sounds here, but this song is so awesome!! I'm a spanish speaker, and i took a while to learn the lyrics, but I'm glad I did it
omg, 2 of the most wonderful singers ever!!! So beautiful!!!! its so pretty they make me cry
Magnus Flyborg
Im Swedish and I think this man should have won the hole thing. I sooo love his feeling, he sings from the heart. One of the best singer in the world right now.
So ironic ... the last two most sucessful and most remarkable in my opinion performers in Eurovision originally from Estonia together on the same stage performing the amazing entry from 2009 ... who would have guessed that 3 years later Ott would be doing the same with another amazing song ... :)
Triin-Berit Kornel
Meie kaks rahvuskangelast :) Super!
Krís Qaj
Sandra <3 Did anyone has the notes for piano? I love the song so much!
I just love Sandra so much. Beautiful voice. The original stole my heart a few years ago and this version did it all over again. I love the piano. The new tempo gave it a slight Spanish feel. God his voice is amazing too. Much love from America!
Est Barcino
Ott Lepland to Baku!!
Nadia T
The piano makes this song have a different sound and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kätlin Kivi
Kui originaalis oleks ka olnud lõpurefrään selline võimas, siis oleks vb võitnud ka selle lauluga:D
täiesti ulme, kui häid lauljaid meil siin on. ULME, peaaegu 15 sekki nii võimsalt neid noote kinni hoida, alates 2:00 on lemmikkoht
Lihtsalt ilus!
Thomas Oberlechner
See "rändajad"- versioon on ka väga huvitav..... mulle meeldib! :-)
Piękna piosenka:)))
Lihtsalt uskumatult hea laul, midagi jumaliku!
She's always soooo good. He sounds a tad bit like a hippo being torn apart by an crocodile, though, at times....
God, pop idol has went all over the world lol, knew there was american idol from the british one but not an estonian one as well, everyone copies our shows! :P
Whoa, Sadra held her high notes for like.. 17 seconds, quite impressive.
Well, Sandra totally stole that show! :) She can't help it. She's just so damned good! Ott wasn't bad but all my attention was on Sandra ;)
tavaliselt ma ei mõnita teiste keelekasutust :D:D aga annakas11 pani ikka preagu vähemalt 3 kilo tõrva 0,5 l meepurki. :D:D
Fernando Cuéllar Huerta
I ratter the song in the original version
Ülihea! Ott vääris oma võitu ikka täielikult! Ja Sandra on ka muidugi imeline! :)
wow. Loved it with the strings, love it with the piano. 2 thumbs up from Hungary
Tara Wills
this song is awesome in any of the versions... and he has a good voice, väga hea Ott & Sandra :)
Hando Rand
6ndad euroka kohad koos
Esc 2009 -6 estonia next 3 years 2012 -6 estonia next 3 years 2015-6 estonia
Oh so perfect!!!! Greetings from Greece!
ילנה ספקטור
Beautiful !!! 🌷🌹🏵
andrew croft
:) love it.
Aivar Osjamets
otu rikkus laulu ära!!!