Girls' Generation 소녀시대 '다시 만난 세계 (Into The New World)' MV

Girls' Generation’s 1st single "Into The New World" has been released. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music #소녀시대 #GIRLSGENERATION #GG #SNSD #IntoTheNewWorld #Release #070803 Girls' Generation Official /> /> /> /> Girls' Generation 소녀시대 '다시 만난 세계 (Into The New World)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

Anyone still here hearing the best debut song 1 like = 1 person here
Lynda myung
Back to that time when kpop wasn't about views 😢💔
IMFACT & NU’EST isn’t a bed STOP sleeping on them
*This song.. Always made my eyes like a waterfalls*
Mark Joshua Socillo
Girls' Generation "Into The New World" is an almost 12 years old song and has 31M views only. BUT Y'ALL KOREAN STILL USING THIS SONG AS THEIR ANTHEM SINCE THEN AND NOW. This is something that your god-damned hundred million views can't. well... queens. 😌
Azkiya R.slsbl
This is what you called 'a debut song'.
Lam Anh Dang
"Into the new world " has become the ideal song for every kpop girl group
Hưng Phan Minh
Damn I just watched Dream Concert 2019 Ending Stage and come back here to listen this song one more time <3 <3 miss them so much
Marvin J
The song that became a legend by the legend themselves. Thank You Girls' Generation for all you have given us.
lisa aera
*they are looking so pure in this vid less make up only true beauty and talent* im cryin..
Sivphingg Chong
All K-pop trainees must know this song if they want to debut
TzuYuju SinBiased♡
Gee makes them popular ITNW makes them *LEGEND*
Fatham Magetan
Thank you jessica Thank you sooyoung Thank you seohyun Thank you Tifanny f For you in SNSD😗🤕😢
Into the new world is the theme song for all girl groups. It represents the whole girl groups in kpop.
Aung Kyaw Kyaw
Time flies so fast! It's been 12 years since they first debuted. so much nostalgic in 2019.
Bae Taengoo
Nothing to say, I just come cause I really miss them 😭
Nguyễn Huy
Still cry whenever heard this song, you bring me happy.
WolfDi Wolf
2007 I Love This Song 2008 I Love This Song 2009 I Love This Song 2010 I Love This Song 2011 I Love This Song 2012 I Love This Song 2013 I Love This Song 2014 I Love This Song 2015 I Love This Song 2016 I Love This Song 2017 I Love This Song 2018 I Love This Song 2019 I Love This Song I Love This Song 4EVER, and you?
Myungsoo's dimples
I want them to perform this with all 9 members once again..
Florence Pastores
Sad but true. They won't dance to this song anymore
Who's listening to this song in 2019 OMG I missed them too much😍😍😍
20 years from now, i will wake up from sleep because of my children singing your songs
JingSan Song
Come here after their song got play on Dream Concert! I MISS SOSHI T.T
pequena A.R.M.Y Directioner
2011: This is so good 2012 : this is so good 2013: this is so good 2014: This is so good 2015: this is so good 2016: this is so good 2017: this is so good 2018: this is so good 2019: this is so good 2090: This is so good ♥♥♥
Matilde Patarra
I always get emotional when I hear this song... Is just sooooo good❤️
Infinite Happiness
Back when there are no TOXIC KPOP FANS
kwang bae
Only LEGENDS can only know this song
IKSI Entertainment
Omg i feel so old now.... Im being a SONE almost 10yrs Thanks SNSD, you guys are one and only my ultimate kpop group Forever SNSD & SONE! Whatever's its takes!
Liela Malaque
This song will be always national anthem for kpop forever.
JenRene BaeKim
Good lyric, strong vocal, powerful dance, and less make up. This is the best debut song of girlgroup ever!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
J. B.
wow I couldn't recognize Tiffany until she put the license plate thing onto her motorbike. they've grown so much!
Jack Princeloo
Qayyum Kamil
Anyone come here after ITNW stage at Dream Concert ?
M. grande you're right
You're not allowed to call yourself a kpop fan if you don't know this
eszter papay
it's 2019 and this is still the best debut song
this song is incredibly nostalgic. it embodies my childhood and the feelings attached to this song are ones i can never replace. ot9, i miss you.
ZeZe Soe
Comeback here after watching dream concert 2019 and i remember that 11 years ago, during dream concert 2008, people gave snsd the 'black ocean' during their ITNW performance and now, in 2019, the same song is used as the ending song.... LEGEND😍😍
Fareez Norrazali
The Most Legendary Debut Song Ever!
AvMeii _sc
GIRL’S GENERATION is really a legend!🤪👀 LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!❤️ ~Edit: Thanks for those who liked my comment!👌 Ugh,I really really miss them!🥺 Have a good day everyone💋👋🏻.
Comparing the make up from 2007 to 2019.
Prima Sinambela
now all the members go to into the new world of entertainment
naruto é melhor q dbz
thank you girls generetion, Thanks to this song I took the courage and told everyone I'm gay, thanks for inspiring me to be who I really am ❤️ I love being like this and you let me be like this
Chicille Yesha
I hope this legendary debut song will reach 100m or more....
Into the new world - sone and sky To
Maybe Sone forget the 1st debut video, we should also stream it❤❤❤, 32m-->40m. Lets go
Maria Cristina Wagas
Hyoyeon's dancing skills though! ❤🔥
Eithin Zar
Sone!! please stream to reach 100M before their 12th anniversary
Lu Ju
Dee J
When theyr still newbie, young, pure, and the view 31M?! 😂💕😍😍
Hamilton Amanda
Come after watching the ending stage of dream concert. GG4EVA💓💓💓
Jocelyn Ripoll
I´m criyng, dude this is like my childhood, what a good times in kpop
Foca no pão
The best group! I love my queens 💕💕
I'm here after the abortion become legal in Korea I wait that in Brazil, which is a super "conservative" and religious country, it can be possible too praying for better days
Martin 81
The beginning of new era and only 32mln views this is noth right it should be over 500mln views by now 😠😢
Winny The Pooh
The best song forever of Kpop . The best vocal The best dancing The best charisma
Sung Ji Mun
I can sense japan vibes is strong in this song...
JKJ Cord
2019.....still going strong!!! Best music memories of my life.....I will always comeback!!!
This song will never gonna die ICONIC
ielaf SNSD sone 9
It's my fever song in the world please stream and like
This song just gets me every time.
Soffy VC
Yo no sé qué esperan los coreanos para hacer ITNW su himno oficial. No hay discusión.
wing_ 99
Come here again after dream concert ending😿💗Miss you my queen
Azrach Zachary
Lets make these legendary and iconic song and all their mvs have 100M+ views before their comeback this year... hopefully 💗💖💕💞💙👌
at first I feel so hopeful when the song starts. the end always makes me nostalgic somehow
2018?❤❤❤ SNSD NEVER DIE!!!
STM 47 official
Can we get another Girl's Generation comeback this year?💕💕 Stream Run devil run and Lion Heart to 100M 💙 Hope SME would plan to give our girls a comeback ❤❤
Kana Mizuno
Who comes here after hear idol school singing
Mr. Wan channel
I like the song and the concept of kpop song around 2007-2015.
Kpop World
Come here back after ending song dream concert 2019😌😌
Buddy Miko
A !
Come here after watching 'dream concert 2019' using this iconic song at the end of the show. This legendary song never faded❣
Tino Huang
Why im want cry every listen this song! :') This song keep BOP in 2019!☆ Legend song! Go 100M views!♡
Ommy Wijaya
Into the new world will always to be best song debut... We love u, SNSD 😘👍❤❤❤❤❤ Sone from Indonesia
ajeerah kamis
Dream Concert 2019 ending song without Girls generation! How awesome is that!! #GG4EVA #SNSDLEGEND #PROUDSONE
Jadey Bubbletea
Alot of fans are much older now. We grew up watching snsd and are studying university or working now. We may not have the time to stream for our girls and we may have already surpassed that stages of fangirling. But we will always support SNSD in our own ways because they really formed our teenage and childhood! SNSD will always be great memory for 90s kids!
Dmitry Kim
This son would sound even better in Japanese
Peter Mok
Hope it can reach 100M views one day!!!! SONES, KEEPING GOING, GO GO GO!!!
Margarette Lagmay
who's here after the dream concert AHHHHH
TwiceGeneration DreamBlackVelvet
Who came here after Dream Concert 2019 ending?
Yesterday, it was played for the ending stage of dream concert. Still proud of them, my girls
Cici Lin
Love SNSD, Comeback pls. Girls'Generation.
dc az
This is their debut song. [email protected], we all knew that. Pls pay more attention and love for this. Fighting💪💪💪
Concert Travels with Happyheartslee
Instagram cropped MV since 2007! hihi ><
skadi nott
"today, it's girls' generation. tomorrow, it's girls' generation. forever, it's girls' generation 💕"
Gihon Marpaung
Idk why i'm crying when i hear this song? Is this about Jessica or this song is so memorable? #GG4EVA
Comedy Enjoy
Anyone here Can I see your hand? 1 like = 1 person
i_aries f
Come here after watch the ending Stage of Dream Concert 2019
Nadia Tarisa Putri
May anyone? 2019 and still best kpop song ever I miss OT9😭
oh sehun
old but gold.🤧
Even the world ends its still irreplacable. Even the universe dies. this is legends.
kim minji
*The Start of Nation's Girl Group*
XxxOppa lover
The end song of Dream concert 2019
nur ışıkhan
No one has written words cause everyone knows the all words
last month when i went to korea, i went to visit the place they film this MV( the stairs that Hyoyeon dance alone and the space seohyun dance ballet). It was quite touching and such a great experience
It's been about 3 years since I first heard SNSD, but for some reason this song reminds me of my childhood and I get a lot of nostalgia
T. anan
I have been listening to this song since I lived alone in Shanghai. When I'm away from my family or when I have a hard time at work, I listen to this song and get enthusiasm.
Into the New World, Or not... It's up to your choice.. -7/may/2019
days doss
They have fought fatigue, weaknesses and difficulties to get Into The New World. This makes them stay strong until now. Truly LEGEND👑👍
I i
Felicia Halim
15 May 2019 I still listening this song 😍
Chanel Kim
Even reincarnation can't have another SNSD.
Taeyeon was born to sing lol❤️❤️ (sounding cheesy asf but its true) And tiffany too❣️❣️